Monday, 18 April 2016

Socks Socks Socks ..... Part two.


Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments
on part one of my sock~stravaganza
I was so glad I wasn't the the only one who suffered 'Sock Fear'

Ok, back to it ..... next up were .....

Pair Number Five :: Paintbox Sprinkles
for my Sweet Bee
Finished in February

These are SUPER pretty
I used the same Whirlwind toe and gusset heel as on pairs number two, three & four
for the actual textured pattern I used the 
and the incredible yarn is called 'Paintbox' by Jitterbug.

Pair Number Six :: My Mermaids
Also finished in February!
I was getting speedy by
 this stage!

Guess which toe?
Whirlwind ..... I told you I love it!

I adore this slip stitch heel, isn't it pretty?
 sadly, I can't for the life of me remember where I found this pattern
I need to investigate this as I REALLY want to do it again.
This yarn was INCREDIBLE
BAERfoot sock by Baerenwolle in 'Mermaid'
I need more of this yarn in my life!

Pair Number Seven :: Easter Geek socks
Finished in March
I made these as part of an Easter swap with a sweet friend
I think they're as Eastery as you can get!
Finished on the 18th March.

Luckily these didn't fit me otherwise I'd have had trouble parting with them.

I don't need to tell you what toe I used!
The pattern I used to get the zig~zaggy stripes was 'Geek socks'
the heel I used on these is called 'Afterthought'
which is exactly as it sounds
you knit the whole sock
just like a tube but with the toe at one end
adding some waste yarn at the point you would like the heel to be
and then insert the heel afterwards.

I used YouTube video tutorials again for this
it's in three parts and is excellent and very easy to follow
Part one
Part two
Part three

An 'Afterthought' heel is brilliant if you are knitting in a self-striping yarn
because it doesn't interfere with the stripe patterning.
Clever hey?!

Isn't the yarn incredible?
It is called 'Sherbet dip' from Twisted Limone
I REALLY REALLY love self~striping yarn ..... it blows my mind.

Pair number eight :: Whether the weather
Finished 24th March
(In case you're thinking I'm super~sonic, I actually started these before the Easter Geek socks)

Same toe ..... sorry that's getting dull now isn't it?
It's just a great toe!

Another beautiful yarn ..... this time from London House Yarns
the colour~way is 'Whether the weather'
I added contrasting cuffs and heels using some mini skeins
The heel I used this time is called 'Fish Lips Kiss'
It's another heel that you can use that won't upset striping yarns
this one you knit in as you go
and I prefer it over the 'afterthought'

Pair number nine :: Sweet Bee's Birthday Socks!
finished 13th April

These are SO bright and zingy and I really REALLY love them
and more importantly so did the birthday girl.

Same whirlwind toe!
The gorgeous yarn was from Twisted Limone again
in 'Lotus'
I used the 'Geek socks' pattern again for the wonky stripes
and these ones have a 'Fish Lips Kiss' heel

..... and that's it, you've seen all of my socks.
Well .....I have actually started a new pair for myself
I'll share soon.

And here's some exciting news .....
There's a knit~a~long happening hosted by Kristen of Voolenvine yarns
It's called Box 'O Sox KAL
It started in January this year and will run until January 2017
the idea is that you fill a box with hand knitted socks
at least twelve but as many as you like.
anyone up for it?

 Kristen has a fabulous podcast ..... I'm really into podcasts at the mo.

Have a super lovely week my friends

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Wow! That is a lot of socks, but they are all so pretty!

  2. Bravo!!! I love making socks. I'm going to look up that whirlwind toe. Looks beautiful ; )

  3. i've been loving your socks! is the slip stitch heel the same as the one on the Winwick Mum sockalong? i've been loving that heel and haven't strayed (yet - i plan to try something else for a pair of rose-city rollers i have planned)

  4. They are all amazing Jooles - you are a real inspiration to face the fear! Thank you for all the useful links too! Suzie M x

  5. Awww they are great - it's a shame to hide them in shoes xx

  6. They are all beautiful, I love your choice of yarn each time & the patterns are so pretty ~ I'm inspired & have pinned the page ��

  7. Ooh wow, I love all those pretty and fun socks you made!! Makes me want to try as well... But I never ever knit... Maybe one day I just go for it!!! Lots of love from Mirjam.

  8. They are all so beautiful Jooles, I especially like Sweet B's birthday socks and the paintbox sprinkles. Thank you for sharing all the useful links and info. Love Jane xx

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