Sunday, 10 April 2016

Socks Socks Socks ..... Part one.

Hello my sweet friends
I hope you've all had a happy week
and are enjoying a peaceful weekend

I've been a bit emotionally up and down this last week which is unsettling
but I'm trying to focus more on the 'ups' and the 'now'

Anyway, enough of that ..... Knitting. That's what I'm here to chat about
..... sock knitting to be precise .....
my therapy.

For a LONG time now I've REALLY wanted to try my hand at some sock knitting
 my eyes were always being drawn to the beautiful ones on Pinterest and Instagram
and my heart yearned to have a go
I mean, there is nothing much lovelier than to wear pretty handmade socks.

I'd bought sock yarn and needles with excitement
It was WAY too terrifying to start, you know ..... in case it went wrong
so, in the drawer they went
not to be seen for two years!
Silly, I totally know.

Then came a time when I needed something that I could concentrate on
when I wasn't feeling myself, towards the end of last year.
When I look back now, I don't know how I did it
learning a whole new skill at such a tricky time
I found that having to really concentrate and focus on this one thing
really helped my depression
I guess it's mindfulness.
I could just do two rounds a day if that's all I could manage
but I can't tell you how grateful I am to socks.
They should recommend this as a therapy on the NHS.

I seem to have learnt lots and pretty fast on this socky journey
although I still consider myslef a novice
I've had so many people ask me for advice
so I really hope I can encourage more sock knitters out of you!
Really, give it a go, it's not half as scary as you think ..... pinky promise.

I'm going to give lots of details in this post
(and the next one too)
to help you along if you fancy having a go
although, this is certainly NOT the 'Ultimate guide'
just how I learnt.

My first socks were started back in October
using my original yarn and needles
(I used 2.25mm circular needles with a 60cm cable)
I knit them toe~up.
I tinked back more than I knit
in fact, I probably knit that first sock four times over
It came out with a few small holes and a little bit too big
but I'm very glad that I persevered
I learnt so much and I still adore those socks
I finished them in mid November.

To get started, I used YouTube videos by The Blooming Knitter
Gosh, this made things so much easier
she is absolutely brilliant
and takes you through, step~by~step, how to make a whole sock

Toe~up socks ..... 

Give it a go, don't be scared
really it's only yarn and if all goes pear shaped you can just unravel it!
No biggie.

Pair number two :: For my Sweet Bee

Finished in December

For these I tried a new type of toe
which has become my all time fave as you will see.
The textured pattern I took from Atlantic current socks
I also tried a new heel for these
I took it from this pattern by WendyKnits
It was nice a straight forward and I've also used this a lot.

(Her book Socks from the toe up is also really handy
although there is an error in the pattern for this heel in the book
hence why I found another pattern for it on her website)

I used this pretty yarn

Pair number three :: Freshly picked strawberries

Finished in February
these are MINE!
(as they match my wallpaper obvs.)

Again, I used the Whirlwind toe
and a Gusset heel
(just like pair number two)
for the actual textured pattern I used

Hermione's Everyday Socks

The gorgeous yarn is by Norah George

Pair number Four :: Makiko's Socks

A birthday gift for my very dear friend
with beautiful dainty teeny tiny feet

These are the same as my Freshly picked strawberries
but much smaller for my petite friend!
I used this yarn
and wrapped them in these AMAZING free printable labels
(also in a crochet version!)
They make them look so gifty.

I've discovered that you can use any stitch design you fancy on your socks
just as long as the number of stitches you have in your sock
is divisible by the number of stitches in the pattern repeat of the pattern.

Lots of people use double point needles to make their socks
using either four or five
as yet I haven't tried them
I'm very happy using circular needles
especially these which are my current fave
but never say never, right?

I've also only knit my socks 'toe~up'
although I'm thinking I should venture into 'toe~down' territory soon!

and I didn't stop there, so I'll be back soon for part two!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Ah Jooles, that is a brilliant post and your socks are gorgeous! I have only tried on dpns which led to a lot of holes!! I bought a circular set and some wool last year but bravery deserted me but now with all your brilliant links i'm going to have a go! Thank you so much and hope you keep feelung better, slowly and gently, love SuzieM xx

  2. welcome back. I always learn from your posts. I too am a 'scared of socks' knitter, even though I have the pattern, wool and indeed circular needles which I thought I would feel safer with. Your socks are beautiful. Maybe at half-term I will attempt to knit my first pair. Any chance some of those lovely bags you made for Pink Milk will end up in your shop - they looked beautiful. Enjoy the sunshine.

    1. Thank you so much Adele x
      Go on ..... you can do it!
      Yes I certainly will be adding some bags to my Etsy shop in a few weeks, I'll keep my blog and Instagram updated with progress!
      love Jooles x x x

  3. It took me over a year to pluck up the courage to give socks a try. I used DPNs and went toe down but yours look so much more professional. I'm only on my second pair, but when I've finished them I think I'll try your links. Hope you're on the up now. Hugs. xx

  4. Such pretty socks! I haven't gotten up the courage yet, but I just might try:) PS: Thanks for sharing all the info.

  5. Beautiful socks I think I my be tempted this winter they look so warm and cosy.
    Thanks for the information for the tags.
    Hope you have a happy week sending hugs.

  6. i'm currently on pair 2 using the Winwick Mum Sockalong pattern (cuff down with a reinforced heel flap) and I love it, after this pair I am desperate to treat myself to a pair of rose city rollers and then I plan to venture into the world of toe up socks!

  7. Your socks are fabulous!!!! I am so glad that the knitting therapy is working for you, you are totally right, craft is definitely therapy isn't it! xx

  8. Oh Jooles, I love all these socks! As with all your work they look beautifully made. I love the idea of hand-knitted socks and after this wonderfully inspiring post I think I might give it a try, although my basic knitting skills might mean I have to give it several tries! Thank you for sharing all your expertise. Big hugs. Jxx

  9. Ah, Jooles! So much beauty! I absolutely love the yarns, colors and patterns you chose. Beautiful work, too. You certainly don't knit like a novice sock-knitter ;). Knitting and crocheting are so therapeutic....they're beginning to realize that here in America and recommend it. Love~

  10. Your socks are beautiful and I am so jealous!! I have knitted before but nothing like socks. I am terrified to try to do that. I just need to keep reading your encouragements and do it, haha!

  11. They are soooo lovely! I keep buying sock yarn. It like you am a bit scared to start. One day I will!

  12. What gorgeous socks you've created! I have some new sock yarn. I was thinking of using it for other things, but perhaps....I could actually knit some socks. The trouble is one is no good and that means I need to do two of them - the same! Scary thought.

  13. Lovely socks! I think they're such great projects - easy to pick up and put down, as simple or as complicated as you want them to be and with so many fabulous yarns to choose from, you're simply spoilt for choice! :-) xx

  14. I love, love, love your socks! It really is addictive! Big hugs!

  15. OH OH OH......super super duper post! I so needed this (and your email!). I am desperate to make a start on socks......but I still think perhaps I need a straight head to completely get into it. I have the yarn and the stuff staring at me as I type funnily enough. I have decided today is a crochet day. I walked a stupid amount yesterday, and in the worst boots possible for it, and last night I couldn't actually walk. The bear's poked fun at me, I looked about 100 from behind! So today I have decided it's feet up and crochet day, but the thought of using it to read up on socky related stuff has crossed my mind!

    I hope the sun is shining for you today my lovely, both in the sky and inside xxxxxxxx

  16. Your socks are absolutely beautiful! I am just catching up and am so sorry to hear you have been through difficult times dear Jooles. You are so creative and talented and I am glad that learning sock knitting and using these gorgeous yarns has helped you. Sending lots of love and very best wishes X
    Helen xox

  17. Lisa in Brisbane17 April 2016 at 00:21

    Your socks are lovely! I've been wan ting to try for a while but have felt much too daunted to've given me the courage to have a go :-)


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