Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas makings and doings .....

Thank you for all of your kind wishes
I'm actually feeling a little better again at the moment
I hope with all my heart that it lasts
(I think that's you guys sending all that healing love my way)
I've been trying hard to take good care of myself too

There is SO much to do though isn't there?
It's just Bonkers.
I wrote a list of EVERYTHING that needed doing before the BIG day
(it was LONG)
after I picked myself up off the floor
I wrote them on my daily planner
spreading them out as much as possible
to make it less of a marathon
and that's what I've been doing ..... just working through each day
steadily but surely
and I'm getting there
lots of ticks have been added to the list
I like ticks.

Today I've been in the kitchen
I've made ::
Nigella's brandy butter
Nigella's fully loaded potato skins
(both from her Christmas book)
and Delia's eighteenth century chestnut stuffing
(from her Christmas book too)
It's all been stashed away in the freezer

I've been trying hard to sneak a little me time in there too

Sweet B and I had a crafty play~date on Monday
but we can't take too much credit for these
shamelessly copied I'm afraid!
I saw these little houses on the inspiring junkaholique blog
I nearly fell off my chair in love with them.
I bought some fimo air dry clay and we got busy
LOVE them so much x

My dear friend Chrissie came to play one afternoon too
I'd booked a place on Sarah Moore's Wild Wreath making workshop
with Chrissie and some friends
but sadly I wasn't well enough to go
so Chrissie being Chrissie decided that I shouldn't miss out
she came to me with all the supplies and showed me how it was done
It was such fun!

I've wintered up my mug shelf ..... the pretty holly one at the top is a new addition!

We made our visit to Oxenford Christmas tree farm
to pick our tree

I REALLY wanted to bring that little reindeer home too
He. Is. SO. Adorable.

I love looking in from the outside, don't you?
it's one of my favourite pastimes

I'm REALLY looking forward to the time
when we can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours
We deserve it!

This is what I shall be doing

I've hung the 'Closed' signs on my shop doors
(a little sigh of relief)
and Purdey and I are ready for a good long rest
me more so than her it seems.

I hope to be back with a special post before the BIG day
but if I don't make it
I'd like to say a

  'Thank you'

to you all for visiting me here this past year
you are wonderful
and always light my days

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers
who allow me to do what I love
You are all my angels

Here's wishing you all
A beautiful, healthy, joyous and peaceful Christmas~time
filled with love

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Why not?
 ..... its a lot of fun over there!
I'm @thesweetviolet

P.P.S.  and if you do follow me on Instgram .....
sorry for using all those photos on this post ;o)

Back soon my friends
BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. What a fab post love your mugs and the christmas decorations.

  2. Eu amar as casinhas,parabéns.Feliz Natal.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  3. Fallen in love with the little reindeer.
    I have those mushrooms hanging on my tree and I've strung snowflakes in the stairwell. I also have two very similar mirrors.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. xx

  4. Wishing you a happy Christmas Jooles and good health in 2015!
    V x

  5. Gorgeous pictures, and glad you are feeling a bit better

  6. Your home and all your lovely makes are just so beautiful. Keep ticking that list, it won't be long and you can get your feet up and your yarny project started! Xx

  7. That's one cute little reindeer. Have a wonderful, merry Christmas, Jooles!

  8. Such wonderful photos - I'm so envious that you have seasonal mugs! I love the mini houses too; what a fantastic idea. Your wreath is amazing - and what a lovely friend to bring the workshop to you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. x

  9. your home is so festive and cosy Jooles!!!! Love to hear you are better and that you are almost ready for the big day! Your little homes are just beautiful, indeed!!!
    xxxxxxxx Ale

  10. Jooles, lovely, lovely pics. Your home looks gorgeous and those little houses! I hope you continue to improve and next year is a really healthy happy one. Much love. Xxxxx

  11. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling rather better and I really hope that you are totally well in 2015 - all year! I love those little houses, they are so so so cute!! If only I had time I would definitely make some, perhaps for next year, although they could be for anytime couldn't they - but they are exceptional for Christmas!! Keep taking care and relaxing and doing lovely things. Happy Christmas! xx p.s. I love the wreath that you made with Chrissie - how lovely of her!! xx

  12. So Chrismassy Jooles! Wishing you a very happy & healthy Christmas. xx

  13. Merry Christmas Jooles :-) Lists are definitely a great way to break stuff up into manageable chunks, but no one will be upset if you have to miss off one or two things I'm sure. Sending you lots of love and good health xxx

  14. Dear Jooles,

    I am sending you lots and lots of happy, peaceful thoughts. I honestly think your house in one of the loveliest I've seen. You have such wonderful taste.

    Happy, happy Christmas and please sit back and relax. It changes everything.


  15. I love seeing your Christmas house, Jooles! It's magical!!! Glad you're doing a bit better- hope it only continues! :)
    Yes- I just wrote my to-do for the week and now all I want 'to-do' is crawl back into bed! ;)

  16. I love all of the red and whites. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jooles.
    Happy knitting......
    Anne and family xxx

  17. Your tree and your home look oh so lovely :) It's beautiful.

    Christmas is deffinitely one of the best times of the year, it gives everything a new found lease of life, I love it.

    I've no idea how I have missed you on Instagram for all this time, I'm addicted to that thing, but am following you now :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy 2015 x x x x


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