Wednesday, 25 June 2014

At Last ..... A Kitchen Tour

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to make this post happen
I have been patiently(ish) longing for it to be finished
so I could do my BIG reveal
it's still not quite
well, the kitcheny bit is ..... has been for a while
it's just the painting of doors and skirtings Oh and new pantry doors to be hung
I just couldn't wait any longer to show you properly

excuse the masking tape around the skirting

I feel SO lucky
I had a vision in my head
 of my 
and this is it
I can hardly believe it
I feel SO lucky
in fact it's even better than my dream
I do spend a LOT of time in here
I always did
 but more so now that it's SO pretty
goodness knows how may cakes have been baked
my waistline is telling me a LOT!

My gorgeous (and well used) Kitchenaid that Mr Sweet bought me last year looks so at home

During the planning I had major stresses about the worktop
I always dreamed of having wood but the more I read the more I worried
it sounded like they needed so much love and attention
my family were against wood
they worried that I may turn into a worktop physco
(nice hey? I didn't BTW)

I changed my mind a thousand times
Quartz Wood Quartz Wood Quartz Wood Quartz Wood Quartz Wood 
I never fell in love with quartz or any of the hard stone ones
believe me I tried HARD to love them
It looks gorgeous in some kitchens but it just didn't work here
the poor kitcheneers must have despaired of me
in the end wood won

I'm so SO pleased that I came to my senses and followed my heart
I think the wood makes the kitchen cosy and inviting
and most of all suits the style
and it's so easy to care for ..... not demanding at all
just a little oil every few months
and it's happy
Easy Peasy

We chose to have cupboards almost to ceiling height for extra storage
it's really handy to store those odd things that don't get used very often 
I seem to have a slight over~flow of those

We went for big drawers rather than cupboards
I wasn't totally sure how I would get on with them to be honest
but ..... they're great
 and they save my back from having to hunt around in the dark back of a cupboard

that's the pantry at the back there with only one door knob ..... soon that will be prettied up

We Love the velux windows they let in SO much light
they've made such a difference to the whole energy of the kitchen
and at the moment I can see a rambling rose through one of them
nice bonus

The company who designed it are wonderful
I can't say enough kind things about them

Ben ~ the owner is just Utterly and Truly Lovely
kind, thoughtful, professional, understanding, artistic
nothing was too much trouble
 he REALLY listened too and My he is very Tall indeed

Michelle ~ she did all the techy drawings, such a clever lady
 she's sooo patient and sweet
she soothed my worktop woes
and even when, at the last minute I had a panic fit over the sink
 she sorted it out so kindly and made sure that I had exactly what I'd dreamed of
she is a gem ..... I love her dearly

James ~ kitchen fitter extraordinaire
Imagine inspector gadget and action man all rolled into one
that's James
give him any problem ..... he Can & Will solve it
admittedly I found him a teeny bit scary in the beginning
but he's quite the softie once you get to know him
 in my opinion no better kitchen fitter exists

Matt ~ he's very lovely indeed, Mr organised 
It was he who did all the ordering of parts ..... thats a lot of parts
What a job.
he patiently helped us choose taps and interior cupboard colours too
so many things I never even considered in the beginning.
He visited on site a few times too to make sure everything was going to plan

I miss them all already ..... they really are a wonderful team

A few of my very VERY favourite things 

Number One :: My mug shelf 

I dreamed this shelf up one day
I wanted someway of prettily displaying my mug collection
I explained what I had in mind to Michelle
 who, as if by magic made it reality.

I collect Emma Bridgewater baby mugs
(much to Mr Sweet's dismay ..... 'haven't we got enough mugs?')
well, I say 'collect' but I don't have that many really
maybe twenty or so
I just love them
for me they are the perfect coffee size
I only have a couple of cups a day
I do LOVE a good coffee
as you can see ..... I've had my first cup of the day!
I like the sponge decorated ones the best
you see the one on the second row up on the left ..... the rose one?
that's my all~time favourite ..... and was given to me on my 18th birthday
I am now 43

Number Two :: My sink

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

Oh how I LOVE the sink
When I wash up and it's full of hot soapy water
the heat penetrates through and is like a hot water bottle
I like that
It will be even nicer in mid~winter
rather than mid~summer!

Number Three :: boiling and filtered water taps

Not so pretty but SO brilliant
I would really recommend this to anyone
no more water filters or kettles needed ever again
hot drinks straight from the tap
so quick to fill a pan for pasta too
Just LOVE that
and the filter only needs changing every six months or so.

Number Four :: Cupboard Bin
(Yes I know it's a bit weird to get excited over a bin)

excuse my rubbish

but let me just say that
 it's so nice not to keep stubbing my toe on the free standing one we used to have
it's a double one too
one for general waste and one for recycling

Number Five :: Tiles

I fell in love with these Susie Watson tiles very early on
they are just CUTE

My teeny tiny teacup collection of succulents
Heavily inspired by my lovely bloggy friend 

We inherited the old kitchen when we moved here four and a half years ago
it was pretty much falling apart
there were a couple of drawers which you dare not open
the taps were beyond repair and leaked badly
the worktop around the sink had warped from the annoying leaking tap
the list went on .....

We kept our cooker
 the other appliances were pretty old so they were replaced

If you like you can read more about the kitchen story 
(there are probably more posts too but my eyes are just about to explode if I don't get off here soon)

Here are a few Before & Afters
you'll notice that basic lay~out stayed more~or~less the same

I wonder if you're still with me?
I didn't realise this was going to be such an epic post
my eyes are now on sticks

Well there we go ..... at last ..... my new kitchen!

I'll show you the laundry room soon
promise it won't be so looong.

It has been mighty busy here lately
lots and lots of orders have kept me in my sewing room  :o)

I've also been busy writing my very first PDF pattern

(apologies for drawing your attention to the C word in mid~summer)

and I've been busy worrying about a hospital appointment which is tomorrow (!!!)
I've been in pain recently so I need to deal with it
I will dig my 'Brave' hat out

Before I go

for all of your congratulatory wishes
for Sweet B's degree success
WoW ..... we are still all on cloud 9 with her
she LOVED your messages

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. First of all: good luck in the hospital; i hope all is well...
    Second: what a FABULOUS kitchen!! I loved the whole tour, every bit of it ;-)!
    When I'm grown up I would love a kitchen like that :-)... With a wooden top and all!
    Lots of love, Mirjam.

  2. Wow Jooles it is UTTERLY STUNNING! No wonder you are so in love with it! I love everything about it, cupboards, sink, worktop, colour, tiles......and bin!

    How did I miss the news about Sweet B getting a First? Blogger has been all weird this last week though and the feed was all a bit screwy so I think I may have missed a fair bit this past week. Well, huge congratulations! I bet she is so happy and you and hubby must be so proud!

    Have a super lovely rest of a week

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  3. Firstly I hope that your appointment goes well and that even if it is not good news there is a way forward so that you will not be in pain for any longer than you need to be.

    Your kitchen is beautiful!! I love all the little details, the extra cupboards over the tops are a brilliant idea, it is just wasted space otherwise, especially as you appear to have reasonably high ceilings and you can store all sorts out of the way, but within easy reach. The bin in a cupboard is also brilliant, so easy to use, empty and so on and to have two is even better. I love your mug cubby too, that really is so lovely, and makes a great decorative accent as well which is very nice. The designers obviously took a lot of care to make sure that all of your hopes and needs were taken care of. I hope that you just love it and enjoy spending lots of time in there!

    Take care tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. xx

  4. I love the view from the kitchen window ....I love that sink....I love the mugs......I adore the wood (great wood fan every form) is smashing. I love those deep sliding drawers which I also have and can say they are a boon!!! I don't like the bin in the kitchen ....sorry it is a ME thing and I do live in a hot country.. ...rubbish bins draw flies. I like to have it outside in the galeria (thats the UK equivalent to a terraced scullery. I have to add though yours does look really neat. I'd say that's a 98% rating ..... loving your beautiful new kitchen that is!!!! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Sorry Jooles I was getting totally carried away with your new kitchen admiration and forgot to add .......hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow!!!

      A x

  5. Oooh it'a gorgeous. love the mugs shelf too, it all soooooooo pretty you lucky thing. Good luck for the hospital tomorrow, hope it goes well, I went yesterday, it's no fun is it
    Clare xx

  6. Jooles sua cozinha ficar perfeita,parabéns pelo bom gosto.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).Fiz os marca páginas ficaram lindos,depois te mostro ok?

  7. Oh I love your kitchen. It is so "soft". I know that sounds weird. I love the soft touches. The tiles, mug shelf, little house, dishes. Love it all.
    Good luck at the hospital. I certainly know what you mean. I am waiting to hear today when my surgery is scheduled. I hate the waiting.

  8. Wow, it's fabulous! They did an amazing job and I love all the personal touches you asked for. My kitchen is not nearly so beautiful but I have to say that the thing I love best is the pull-out trash can system. It's really a wonderful thing to have and I cherish mine! Haha. :)

  9. Firstly, I hope your hospital visit goes as well as those appointments can go. Focused breathing is what I use at doctors, dentists and hospitals. I'm a big chicken.
    Secondly, I LOVE your kitchen. The wood countertop really adds warmth and character to the space. I love the two colours of cabinetry and that duck egg blue. Deep sliding drawers are wonderful - I'm longing for the day when we will redo our kitchen, too, and I'm collecting ideas. Do you mind if I pin your kitchen?

    1. Thank you so much Lorrie ..... I will be glad when its all over!
      Pin away! I'm very flattered x
      love Jooles x x x

  10. Wow!! I have serious kitchen envy!! I love the colours you have chosen. Hope all goes well at the hospital and congrats on Sweet B's success xx

  11. Hi Jooles- wow wow wow! Your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous- it looks so clean, fresh, pretty & cosy! It looks as though you & the team really did think of everything to make such a wonderful transformation. I'm a little jealous- my kitchen is old & very tatty...maybe one day....Enjoy yours, Lovely! Hope all goes well for your hospital appointment xx

  12. Jooles this kitchen is really stunning, I think the wooden worktop is marvellous, and all your decorations are wonderful like the collection of mugs and so on.
    Hope you can enjoy this fabulous kitchen for many years to come and baking many delicious cakes.

  13. woweeeeeee jooles such a beautiful kitchen and tour~ i love the suzie watson tiles, oh; i love everything about it!!!!...what a dream kitchen x

  14. So beautiful!!!!!! No wonder you are so happy with it! Good luck with the hospital.
    Maria x

  15. Jooles, you have now got my dream kitchen!! Seriously if I could have anything it would be something like that! Gorgeous.I love your EB mug shelf too, brilliant idea.
    Good luck at the hospital tomorrow.

  16. Jooles, it looks fabulous, you must be over the moon. I love the wood worktop, you definitely did the right thing there and I can't tell you how much I love those bumble bee blinds and, well I love everything else too! Enjoy your lovely new kitchen and good luck for tomorrow, I hope you get things sorted. Take care.
    Jane xx

  17. I am still with you! I have complete and utter kitchen envy. It all looks stunning Jooles, you are right to feel so chuffed. Ah it's lush!!!!!!
    X x

  18. Oh wow, Jooles, your kitchen is just beautiful - great job! And those Suzie Watson tiles are fabulous - just perfect. Thanks for the pics & the guided tour, now when can we come for a coffee? ;-)
    Hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow. Hugs xx

  19. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Jooles, it's SOOOOO beautiful! I am jumping up and down with you!! Very inspiring . . . I love all the details: your mug shelf, your sink, the WOOD (yes! wood all the way, girl!), how light and bright it is. I know I don't 'know' you, but some how I sense that this room is a reflection of who you are . . . and she is lovely!

    I will be praying that your visit to hospital tomorrow goes well and that you are at peace.

    Can't wait to see your laundry room! :)

  20. Wow - it's absolutely gorgeous. You must be delighted! Lots of lovely baking to do there now!

    Congratulations to Sweet B! It's a brilliant feeling to get a First - no one can ever take it away from you. Well done! x

  21. Your kitchen is so dreamy! Good luck at the hospital. Best wishes, Pj xx

  22. What a wonderful kitchen! I've had a wooden work top for 12 years now, just make sure you have mats for hot pans and you'll be fine! Love this Jooles! :) x

  23. WOW!!! This big reveal is just gorgeous!! And don't worry - my kitchen reveal post is still in draft form and has been far more delayed than yours. Finishing touches are so important to the feel aren't they?! I love all of your touches of homemaking. In fact, love your room so much I will be further delaying my reveal post as there is just no comparison!! Excepting I do have your lovely bunting hung in mine! Just gorgeous. Take care of yourself, J9 x

  24. A wonderdul tour of your kitchen.
    It is so bright. I love that.
    Miss. Xx

  25. I don;t know how I stumbled onto your blog but oh my I LOVE your mug collection shelf in your new kitchen it is beauuutiful xxx

  26. Absolutely stunning; I'm so envious! Good luck with the hospital appointment. x

  27. Your new kitchen is amazing Jooles, very pretty indeed. Everything is so well coordinated and goes beautifully together. Hope the appointment went well xxx

  28. Super duper kitchen. The soft colours are so pretty - and I really like the stable door :) hoping the appointment went well x

  29. Not much more than everyone else to say .... It is just gorgeous and it should be featured in a magazine! I'm looking at my ols kitchen now and ........ Oh dear. Reading Sew home and style mag, there was a range of fabrics which made me think of you Sweet as Honey at

  30. Hi Jooles, just catching up after a few days away....your kitchen is stunning, lovely, gorgous....can you tell I like it! Yay your first pattern, it's the way to go.....I need to kick my behind and get cracking with a few more. Hope the appointment went well. Have a lovely weekend, love Sarah xo

  31. Hello Jooles, I am SO impressed with your dream kitchen. Very welcoming and pretty. Enjoy it this summer.
    Thinking of you and your appointment. Continued success for Sweet B.
    ((I even showed my husband your kitchen this past weekend.))
    Lots of love,

  32. Wow. How utterly gorgeous it all is. I will openly admit here that I am MASSIVELY jealous of all that light and space, but it's your touches and taste that make it so lovely. I love the sink, tap, tiles, worktop, cooker, blinds, cup shelf...all of it really. Our kitchen is so small and full to bursting and I dream of a spacious kitchen like yours. with room for a table. One day... I'm so happy for you, I can tell that the kitchen is a place you love to be in and this will make it even more special.

    I do hope everything goes ok at the hospital, thinking of you. xx

  33. How completely gorgeous your kitchen is!! I love the colours and the light and bright feel of it, and all the things you have chosen are perfect! Very inspiring! Hope all went well at the hospital and you are feeling better and enjoying your week, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  34. Oh wow, I have serious kitchen envy Jooles! Looks like my dream one! Love the combination of the pale blue cupboards, wood worktops and white sink - you choose beautifully! We chose oak worktops at our last house, and they were lovely except we did have to take care not to leave anything sitting next the sink in case it sat in water - resulted in black ring marks!!!!
    Everything looks so perfect, and i love the mug shelf, so clever.
    Huge congrats to your clever daughter! You must feel so proud.
    Hope all goes well at the hospital.
    Gill x

  35. Congratulations, your kitchen is utterly exquisite! The wood counter tops are perfect - you definitely made the right choice.

    Hope all went well at your appointment...

    Colleen (hello olive)

  36. Dear, lovely Jooles,

    Your kitchen is a little corner of paradise on earth. I cannot believe how lovely it is! I think I'd possibly spend all day long wandering around it, moving things around, sighing happily.

    It was so nice reading your comment on my blog this morning; thank you! I know your CLEVER, BEAUTIFUL daughter got a First! I was so impressed and I left a comment sharing your joy and pride. on that post. I hope naughty Blogger didn't make it disappear! A mother's pride is hard to match. We are still very much on cloud nine. What does Sweet B want to do now?

    And finally, I'm sending you a huge huge for your impending operation. Do let us now when you are on the other side, won't you, please?


  37. I think your dream kitchen is my dream kitchen too! How lovely. I also love your clock with bunny ears (?) I spotted on the wall :)
    Claire xx

  38. Hello Jooles
    Wow, wow, wow - I'm not surprised you are so in love with your kitchen - its totally amazing - I love everything about it from the bee fabric and the bobbles on the blinds to the gorgeous tiles. I so agree with you on the wood worktops, I always think wood adds so much warmth to a kitchen.
    May you continue to enjoy your scrumptious kitchen for many years to come !
    Kate x
    ( only just realised that I haven't added you in to my sidebar of best blogs - I'm on it straight away !! )

  39. It's perfectly charming! I LOVE it! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  40. Wow that is one very impressive transformation and I am loving that sweet mug shelf and fabulous sink!!! You have done a really beautiful job with it and I bet you love every minute of being in it. I know when we did ours, it felt so so wonderful for a good few months after and nearly two years later now, I absolute LOVE my kitchen. It is going to be one very happy place to be in. xoxo

  41. Wooooo hoooooo! What a kitchen Jooles! Isn't it amazing how your old oven works so well in the new kitchen that it looks new aswell. Also you're not alone; bin drawers are awesome! We don't actually have one but I've fawned over them in Ikea... My kitchen is about as close to my dream as I could make it, the previous owners of my house did a wonderful job, but alas no drawer bin! Drawers instead of cupboards are so much better too as you've probably already realised :-)

    I'm sorry to hear you've been in pain, just catching up and read your most recent post too... Bug hugs x

  42. Jooles I love this post, everything....I cannot believe that even your rubbish is pretty (well actually i can)...
    I am so happy that you have your dream kitchen....BUT I am very sorry to hear you are in pain.
    I hope it all gets sorted very very soon dear girl...
    Bestest d x

  43. I've just found you via Instagram. I love your kitchen- which is no surprise as I'm going thru exactly the same quandary as you. I've picked the same units as you and also really want a Belfast sink and wooden worktops. Unfortunately my husband has vetoed the sink as he's too tall too use it comfortably. I'm now having the same questions about the worktop- you've had yours nearly a year now - do you still love it? I love all the storage you've designed too, it makes it so personal !

    1. Hi Tracy ..... your comment takes me right back, so many decisions!
      I'm still thrilled with my worktop and am so glad that I stuck to my guns with it. I've re~oiled it once since and it's probably due for another go soon but to me it's worth the effort. I am a bit paranoid around the sink area but it still looks as good as new.
      Good luck wit it all
      love Jooles x x x

  44. Moved in 6 months ago and looking for kitchen ideas when I came across your lovely mug display shelf on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.


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