Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sweet B's Sweet Bee Quilt .....

I'm popping by to show you the quilt that I made for Sweet B
(SO exciting!)
I started it back in September 
after a dear friend twisted my arm (!) into helping her make her first quilt
It was certainly no hardship
only a pleasure meeting up for our 'Quilt club' mornings
(aka ~ nattering, coffee drinking, cake eating, occasional sewing & playing with fabric)
In fact, we loved it so much that we are continuing 'Quilt club'
even though we've both finished our projects
we seem to have become somewhat addicted
Oh dear ..... how terrible is that???
(I have an exciting idea brewing in my brain ..... a rainbow idea)
we've also been joined by our fabulous friend Chrissie

The three quilting musketeers no less.

I had decided that Sweet B's quilt should be a Christmas gift
and guess what?
I did, indeed, finish in time!

You may remember this photo
when I had just started cross stitching some little bee's using waste canvas
(Yes that is my nightie ..... please excuse me)

well I stitched six little bees in total and scattered them around
here's another post about its progress

Sweet Bee quilt

 (as modeled by my bed, Sweet B's is a single, mine a king)

I'm very chuffed with it!

I felt the need to make a label for this quilt
to make it extra special
A treasured keepsake for my sweet daughter
(I wish I had embroidered the date on now)

I was inspired by this clever lady
and her GORGEOUS little bee embroidery
which for obvious reasons I fell in love with
such a clever lady and so sweet too.
As you can see ..... I need a little bee practice
but for a first attempt I am pretty happy

Sweet B was tickled pink with her gift
and has taken it back to uni with her to keep 'cosy and warm'

Just before I go .....
here's a little taster of some of my other makes from last year
it's lovely to see them all like this
makes me feel VERY productive indeed.

My head is buzzing (sorry couldn't resist) with lots of new ideas at the moment
so much so, I wish I had a dimmer switch.

Thank you so very much for all of your lovely comments on my last post
and for all of the well wishes for my lovely G
improvement is  s.l.o.w.  but there is definitely improvement.

Thank you too for all the good luck you sent to Sweet B
I have passed it on.

You're so lovely, you lot

Gosh it's Friday tomorrow
Happy weekend!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. My and my ...what can I say but it is fantastic and the Bee very neat all I just love it Jooles!!! I also think the label was a brilliant idea.....smashing!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hi Jooles-

    The quilt- THE QUILT! oh, my that is a beauty. Sweet B is very very lucky! I absolutely love the detail of the little bees and the stunning label you made. And the colors are so cheery in all the icky winter drab! A big congrats on finishing it . . . can't wait to see what else is waiting to be quilted! :)

  3. WOW!! It is amazing, I am sure that it will be treasured for many many years to come, and I love how you added the label. Congratulations on an amazing job. Looking forward to seeing whatever you decide to get up to next! xx

  4. What an amazing quilt. The label is beautiful - Sweet B will treasure this forever. xxx

  5. Oh have done such a marvellous job, what a stunning quilt! I bet Sweet B will love snuggling up in that beauty. Lovely to see your pretty makes all together :)
    Have a fab weekend,
    Caroline x x x

  6. Jooles your work is absolutely divine and I only wish I could do half as good as you have. I loved reading this post Jooles - my goal this year is to attempt a tiny quilt and will be using your blog as my inspiration. Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of love

  7. beautiful Jooles.....just beautiful! :)
    V x

  8. that quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  9. The quilt is just beautiful and the label lovingly sewen.....Im sure it will end up a family heirloom, Ali

  10. Really! Really love the quilt, gorgeous colours, the bees are beautiful and the lable such a lovely inclusion. More than that though, somehow all those things av produced something which relly does feel like love! Sweet B will always feel your love when she wraps herself in it.

  11. That is sooooo amazingly pretty and gorgeous!!!!
    Love in the shape of a blanket....
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  12. What a fantastic make for your daughter, a really special quilt... I'm sure it will be treasured.... Loving the extra details... it's the bees knees! Yes sorry! Cx

  13. Jooles, it's absolutely beautiful and I can imagine the unconditional love in each and every stitch. Oh dear, it's brought a lump to my throat. xx

  14. Sweet B's quilt is so gorgeous, Jooles! I love the buzzing bees embroidered here and there, and the heartfelt label which makes it extra special. Truly a quilt stitched with love!
    Helen xx

  15. Wow- you did have a productive year. The quilt is beautiful- the little bees add a special touch. I bet Sweet Bee loves it.

  16. What a beautiful Ta-Da post! The quilt is an absolute treasure, you always take a project and ramp it up a couple notches into something utterly amazing! I love how the label turned out, too, I'll be sure to add one to my next quilt, which I'll be starting at our next meeting! :-) Cxxx

  17. Your quilt is so beautiful! Sweet B is such a lucky girl! Best wishes, Pj x

  18. Such a beautiful quilt with the bees on it and the special label is a wonderful idea. Keep on buzzing you are so creative and indeed also very productive.

  19. So beautiful ... I'm sure it will be treasured ... Bee xx

  20. What a beautiful quilt to treasure forever and pass on from generation to generation. Inspiring! x

  21. Ooh, such a pretty quilt Jooles...Sweet B will treasure it for sure! I love the addition of the little bees and the label is beautiful...Ashley has one of my quilts on her bed at uni and she actually took it all the way to Portugal with her last year which I will never filled half of her case space but she was determined! (I haven't had chance to add a label and now I'm reminded that I must when it's home again!)...I love your fabrics and colours too..x
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  22. That is one awesome quilt!

    Wishing G a speedy recovery and B good luck in her exams x

  23. Jooles it looks utterly fab and the stitching on the label is beautiful.

  24. The love that you put into this quilt just shines out :)
    It is not only pretty as can be, but a treasure.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  25. Its gorgeous Jooles, I bet she loves it and I'm sure it will be a future heirloom.

  26. Such a gorgeous quilt joules and well done for getting it done in time. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it for the rest if her days. I'm looking forward to making my first this year, well at least I know whom to ask for advice. Your achievement board is beautiful too, you sure have been very productive. Wishing you and your family a happy new year xxxx

  27. Dear Jooles
    What a fabulous quilt and I am sure your daughter will always treasure it. The little bees are so sweet.
    Many congratulations!
    Best wishes

  28. What a beautiful quilt! I have only just discovered your blog & am addicted! How do you do your bees - do you crossstitch them directly onto your quilt fabric, or do them on cross stitch fabric and then transfer them somehow? I am very new to quilting and appliqué, but have been cross stitching for years, so I am very intrigued!

  29. Hi Wilfing mum!
    Thank you so much. I actually attach a little square of waste canvas to the quilting fabric, you can then cross stitch the design and when you are done just dampen the waste canvas and pull out the strands one by one. I love that stuff!
    love Jooles x

  30. Aha! Waste canvas - never heard of it before, but just googled it and will have to get some! Thankyou for letting me know. X

  31. Oh Jooles I am so behind here! Lots of catching up to do. Well, that is one stunningly gorgeous quilt, it really is. You are so talented. It would be lovely with just the fabrics but the addition of the bees and the text makes it really special and unique. Beautiful. x


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