Wednesday, 22 May 2013

an apple for the teacher

Well hello
Thank you for all of your very sweet comments
on my rhubarb post
you made me blush

Now to reveal what all the apple glimpses have been about recently

This rosy apple applique started it's life destined to be a lavender bag
like this one
as requested by my lovely friend Chrissie

a nice teacher gift .....
although as I got stitching I suddenly had a brainwave

How about a teacher 'supplies' pocket?

a special place for a teacher to store their bits & bobs
you know like ..... 
pens, stickers, stamps, glasses and maybe a little choccy number!

Luckily Chrissie doesn't mind going with the flow

The pocket is lined with a pretty co-ordinating fabric 
and the whole thing is edged with handmade
 and hand sewn binding
 I think it gives a lovely polished finish
I LOVE making my own bias binding
I find it very addictive.

I used Tilda fabrics
which, as you may know, are my favourites
and possibly another of my 'addictions'

I added a label with the teachers name
Et voila!

A teacher's 'supplies' pocket

I think they make fabulous 'thank you' gifts
for a special teacher

I've only made a limited number
if you are interested they are in my shop

While I'm nattering on .....
I'd love your opinion, if you don't mind me asking?
I think this pocket idea has 'legs'
I was thinking
maybe a pocket for Grandma to hang by her chair
maybe for children, by their bed perhaps
I'd love to know if you have any ideas
although beware I may have to steal them!

I am having a busy brainwave time at the moment
my mind is in overdrive with new ideas
especially at bedtime!
I know better than not to utilise it
I'm making the most of it
just in case it vanishes without warning

Back soon
things to make!

BIG love 
x Jooles x

P.S If you like the lavender bag you can find them here


  1. What a wonderful idea, I'm sure everyone could use there own "supplies" pocket. Sarah x

  2. I would be absolutely thrilled to receive something like that.Its gorgeous, you have some wonderful ideas and designs.X

  3. These are a great idea ... a simple stylish gift rather than the tat that appears in the shops this time of year ... your are clever ... Bee xx

  4. What a great idea!! And beautifully made, Jooles style....;-)

  5. These are wonderful and there are only so many boxes of chocolates or smellies you can get at the end of term...I would love one! Xxx
    Ps. I don't want that to sound ungrateful for the lovely gifts I do receive though!

  6. Me encantan tus labores y esta es una buena idea. Felicidades!


  8. What a lovely idea Jooles, and I'm sure the teachers would much prefer this to a box of Cadbury's Roses!

    Love Claire xx

  9. I LOVE the pocket idea!!! How clever!!! As a teacher, I'd be over the moon if one of my pupils gave me that as a gift! I like the idea of making a whole range, too. Who doesn't love clever (and oh so pretty) storage solutions?!?

  10. What a fab idea. My mum is a teacher and she'd be made up with a gift like that x

  11. These are a great idea for a teachers gift. I'd imagine there's endless possibilities for these pockets. Xx

  12. Hello my sweet Jooles! You are so creative and talented! I love your lavender sachet and your incredible teacher pocket! You are brilliant! This is a fabulous idea and your sewing is perfect! Oh, I wish I could sew as well! You inspire me so much! Yes, I think you should make more of these pockets for grandma, children, crocheters, knitters, people that embroidery, cross~stitch, etc. Also it is perfect for a journal, sketchpad and a few art supplies (water colors or colored pencils) on the go! I am so excited you are having new ideas! You are so clever, you don't need to worry about them going anywhere! I look forward to seeing more! Love those Tilda fabrics... I admire my gorgeous bunting everyday... and my sweet owl! Thank you dear friend! Have fun creating! Love you, Paula xo

  13. Absolutely adorable teacher's pocket!! I was a teacher and would have loved to receive one!! So sweet!! Wishing you a sweet rest of the week! xo Heather

  14. What a lovely idea Jooles- unique and pretty x

  15. This is just lovely! Mrs Isaac is a lucky lady indeed.
    M x

  16. Jooles, this is genius! Such a good idea. And the way it's executed is very professional and very "you".

    A pocket to go by the sofa for remote controls and reading glasses etc would be very useful I would think, and something people could buy for Grandparents who, in my experience, are really hard to buy for as they don't really need anything! My daughter would love something like this to go by the bed and she would fill it with all manner of nonsense and it would make her very happy! x

  17. I love it! Actually, my husband could totally use something like that. I always find his keys, sunglasses, phone willy nilly all over the house. However, I don't think he'd be pleased with 'pretty' things . . . maybe a beer bottle or poker cards! ;)

  18. I love the supply pocket, so sweet and practial and a lovely present! Something l have thought about making is small supply pockets for eg. pencils and paper as my boys love drawing. My thought was to strap them to the back of the front seat in the car. They do sell supply bags like that, but they are huge and get filled up with all sorts of stuff. Look really forward to see more of all the lovely things you make, very inspiring. Wish you a lovely weekend, Pam xx

  19. Love love love the pretty pocket idea, Jooles! You make things so beautifully, and use such gorgeous fabrics together, I am sure if you put them in your shop you will sell a LOT!! ( Btw, lucky Mrs Isaac!)
    Helen x

  20. Love this idea Jooles and the design and fabrics are gorgeous! (Any teacher would definitely be thrilled to receive such a special and personal gift!) Isn't it funny how ideas come rushing to us at odd times?...My best ideas usually arrive in the middle of the night!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x


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