Monday, 27 August 2012

Sweet Bee's summer makes

At the beginning of summer 
I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with myself
so I created a board on pinterest of things that I would like to make

One of the things I pinned was a beautiful string picture
 which I found on this blog
I decided that I wanted to make one for my new uni room 
and used Dina's great instructions

It has taken me a VERY long time! 
I’m pretty slow at making and finishing anything
and instead of using cork as Dina suggested, I decided to use MDF
 which made banging in the nails hard work and noisy!


I nailed one letter a day which was quite tedious 
but I kept at it, as I was desperate to start my rainbow threading!

 I have finished it now and I’m so pleased!
I can’t stop looking at it! 

Mum also loved it and has decided to copy me he he
 she is making one for our hall
it will say 'Sweet home' once it's done!

After I finished my string picture I suddenly had lots of free time again
so I made some jamaica flower iced tea, I found the recipe here

It was delicious!!!

and to go with it, some yummy chocolate and almond fudge
I found the recipe in mum's huge pile of recipes pages

Dad was pleased and said it was the best fudge he had ever tasted! 
it isn't hard to please him with food though, he likes just about everything
and lots of it.

I hope you've enjoyed my posts
I have had fun hijacking mum's blog
I think this will be my last one
 I'm back off to uni at the end of September
thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous posts

Sweet bee 


  1. Hi there,
    I think your string art is fabulous! I'd love to give it a try. Was it difficult???

    1. Hi Carly
      thanks! it wasn't difficult just fiddly and time consuming but well worth it.
      Sweet Bee

  2. That is just beautiful.I remember doing a simplified version of that when I was at school.Simple but very effective.

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  4. Dear Bee, what a h.... of a job!
    It turned out great though, well done!

  5. Wow, your string art is beautiful! I love it! Em :)

  6. Wow Sweet Bee, that is absolutely gorgeous! Such a striking piece of art work - I think I might give it a go for my little ones rooms. Enjoy the start of your new term.
    Victoria xx

  7. Wow what a fantastic make! I had seen this on pinterest too - but it looks like hard work - how long did it take? xx

    1. Hi Jewel
      It took me ages but i am very slow, only nailing one letter a day, but i think you could probably make it in 3 days, paint one day, nail the next and then string. it would be quicker if you used cork too.
      hope that helps
      love Sweet Bee x

  8. Just lovely!
    The colors are beautiful.
    Fudge and iced tea...YUM!

  9. Now there's commitment for you! What a lot of hours you've spent, it's great! Ada :)

  10. Gorgeous! I want to make one now I've seen that... although, I admire your patience hammering all those nails in - if I do it, I might have to go for the cork option!
    Maria x

  11. It's amazing I love the rainbow colours

  12. Wow, that is amazing, it looks so effective. That fudge looks yummy x x x x

  13. Amazing! :) very beautiful.

  14. Wow ... this is really beautiful ... you must have really worked at it ... it will be something to treasure forever ... well done and good luck at uni ... you'll have a ball ... Bee x

  15. Hi Jooles, that is fabulous, so clever! xxx

  16. Hi Sweet Bee!
    Wow, your string art is completely gorgeous, I love it. Good luck when you start back at Uni. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Maybe a Christmas post? :)

    Love Caroline xx

  17. how lovely...what patience!

  18. this work is amazing!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  19. How I love all the cheery colors!
    Just gorgeous...and, so very clever!

  20. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I just love it and I'm sure it'll look lovely in your room at uni x

  21. Wow- your string picture is amazing- well worth the effort. The fudge looks really scrummy too. Glad you have had a good summer break and I wish you lots of happiness and success in your next installment at Uni.xx

  22. Wow Sweet Bee your project is just beautiful! I LOVE how colorful it is. Best of luck back at University :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  23. Wonderful! I LOVE your string art picture. It's even nicer than the piece that inspired you :0)
    Jacquie x

  24. I love your project, especially the gorgeous coloured threads! The fudge looks yummy too - you'll have to ask your mum to post the recipe. Wishing you good luck on your return to uni, hope you come back and post again soon xx

  25. Hello Sweet B.....I am so impressed with your amazing string looks fantastic, so perfectly made and the colours are gorgeous! Love the look of the iced tea and the yummy fudge too!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday :)
    Helen x

  26. I am in love with this! Love it!

  27. Bee, this is fantastic, really beautiful and striking. I like the way you used a rainbow of colours - so pretty. I showed my Mum and she thought it was stunning, a really clever and modern take on the string pictures she remembers from the 70's. Well done, it's lovely. And good luck on your return to Uni. x

  28. WOW! Your string art is stunning :o)
    Rose H

  29. WOW, absolutely gorgeous, I've not seen anything like that before it would look nice hung beside your christmas stocking, Lucey x

  30. Beautiful work Sweet Bee...I love the style of the font and the colours are so pretty..Hmm, the chocolate and almond fudge looks truly delicious too!
    Best wishes for your return to uni..I hope you have a wonderful year,
    Susan x

  31. Woowee! Youve done a great job. I don't think I would have the patience! xxx

  32. WOW - the string picture is absolutely incredible. What an amazingly talented family you are! Good luck with Uni. Wish you hadn't shown the fudge though - am now in desperate need of something sweet and fudge-like - lol!!!
    Best wishes,
    Paula x

  33. Awesome thread pic! I remember making similar things at much your age, but nothing so colourful or on that scale. Love it! And I'm not surprised your Mum is having a go too. You may have started a trend!

  34. Hiya Sweet Bee
    Impressive work indeed....stands out a lot against the white the combination of colours...very well done!!!

    oh fudge I'm drooling already and I really musn't eat sweet stuff so no thank hoo!!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  35. Blimey - that is really effective.

    I think my mum and dad had a string owl or something like that back in the 70's

    Nina x

  36. Growing up I never saw string art like this!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful job you did...maybe I will have to copy you too;-)

    Wow, that is just amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.

    blessings, jill
    hopped over from cozy things

  37. Hi!! The believe art work is GORGEOUS!! I've not seen one like that before. I remember seeing a similar technique used on artwork in the 70's or 80's (well it was hung on my aunties wall) but this looks so modern!! Well done - it's a fab effort. Enjoy uni when you return, J9 x

  38. Dear SweetBee,
    I grew up with a 1960's abstract kingfisher, black on purple, so your very pretty post bought back childhood memories.
    Your string art is very good, I am very envious.
    Have a good time back at uni. Your pretty tags are going down a storm on my friend presents.


  39. that dear Jooles is brilliant. the tea looks delicious too. I have a tea called Ruby Red Rosehip which i enjoy warm, but will be making it as an iced tea come summer. Jx


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