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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sweet B's Sweet Bee Quilt .....

I'm popping by to show you the quilt that I made for Sweet B
(SO exciting!)
I started it back in September 
after a dear friend twisted my arm (!) into helping her make her first quilt
It was certainly no hardship
only a pleasure meeting up for our 'Quilt club' mornings
(aka ~ nattering, coffee drinking, cake eating, occasional sewing & playing with fabric)
In fact, we loved it so much that we are continuing 'Quilt club'
even though we've both finished our projects
we seem to have become somewhat addicted
Oh dear ..... how terrible is that???
(I have an exciting idea brewing in my brain ..... a rainbow idea)
we've also been joined by our fabulous friend Chrissie

The three quilting musketeers no less.

I had decided that Sweet B's quilt should be a Christmas gift
and guess what?
I did, indeed, finish in time!

You may remember this photo
when I had just started cross stitching some little bee's using waste canvas
(Yes that is my nightie ..... please excuse me)

well I stitched six little bees in total and scattered them around
here's another post about its progress

Sweet Bee quilt

 (as modeled by my bed, Sweet B's is a single, mine a king)

I'm very chuffed with it!

I felt the need to make a label for this quilt
to make it extra special
A treasured keepsake for my sweet daughter
(I wish I had embroidered the date on now)

I was inspired by this clever lady
and her GORGEOUS little bee embroidery
which for obvious reasons I fell in love with
such a clever lady and so sweet too.
As you can see ..... I need a little bee practice
but for a first attempt I am pretty happy

Sweet B was tickled pink with her gift
and has taken it back to uni with her to keep 'cosy and warm'

Just before I go .....
here's a little taster of some of my other makes from last year
it's lovely to see them all like this
makes me feel VERY productive indeed.

My head is buzzing (sorry couldn't resist) with lots of new ideas at the moment
so much so, I wish I had a dimmer switch.

Thank you so very much for all of your lovely comments on my last post
and for all of the well wishes for my lovely G
improvement is  s.l.o.w.  but there is definitely improvement.

Thank you too for all the good luck you sent to Sweet B
I have passed it on.

You're so lovely, you lot

Gosh it's Friday tomorrow
Happy weekend!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy Twenty Fourteen!

Hello there my friends
It feels like so long ago that I last posted
I feel very out of practice
I just didn't know where to start
so I gave myself a stern talking to
'Just get on with it!'
So here I am

~ Hello ~

I hope you had a magical Christmas
and are having a good start to the new year
I for one was rather glad to say farewell to 2013

(I stumbled upon this pin ..... the hunt began for the cutter, I found it in Australia
it's a jolly good job I have a bestie who resides there!)

We had a lovely Christmas
although a little bitter~sweet at times
we had LOTS of fun and ate WAY too much
we enjoyed each others company 
and our familiar traditions 
which are so comforting and hold so many precious memories
layer upon layer, year upon year

My wishes for 2014 are for Peace, Simplicity & Health
I shall be trying hard to encourage copious amounts of these into my life

I am really rubbish at keeping resolutions
so this year I've decided to set myself an

. . . Intention . . .

sounds much less scary I feel
my Intention for this shiny new year is
to be kinder to myself
slow things down
look after myself ..... Mind ..... Body ..... Soul
and cherish those I hold dear

My lovely boy is poorly again
he's tucked up in bed
(I have been cherishing him)
it seems that glandular fever is not quite finished with him yet.

Sweet B is now back at uni 
Where on earth did that three weeks go?
missing her SO much
She will have her head buried in books and lecture notes
readying herself for exams in a couple of weeks
I will be texting her to remind her to eat!

I've put myself back on the 5:2 diet
every piece of clothing I own is VERY sung
The Baileys & Quality Street were dee~licious
(homemade marshmallows & reindeer cookies too)
but now I must pay the price!
500 calories is mean.

(Marshmallows using this recipe ..... thank you Miss Hope x)

I have LOTS to show you
so I'll be back soon!

BIG love
 x Jooles x

 P.S  You did make me giggle with your elf names from my last post
~ Puddin Toe~Bells ~
 turned out to be quite appropriate
 the first name anyway
I don't actually have jingly toes but I do look a little like a Puddin ~ sadly.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas~time on Shelf Street & a little craftiness .....

..... Oh yes .....
Shelf Street has had a Christmas *updation
(*a favourite family word)

* * * * * * * *

Look at that cute gingerbread house
That's right ..... Hansel and Gretel have officially moved onto the street
such lovely neighbours
the wicked witch is long gone BTW.

Snowflake street lights have been installed and Christmas trees erected

Shelf street is ready to party!

(All from the  FaNtAbUlOuS  The Little Red Door)

Oh my Sweet B is home
it feels so wonderful
we are all together
the four of us
my heart, once again, feels complete

We two girls have been having fun in the kitchen

Making Christmas gifts
One of our favourite things to do in the whole world
All feels right with the world when we are 'playing' together in the kitchen

 ~ Hot Choccy Stirring Spoons ~

They were so easy to make
but Oh. So. Much. Fun.

By the end of the session we were feeling a little sick
 and VERY Chocolated out

We used some mini silicone cake cases
(which I had lurking in my baking cupboard ~ they were perfect)
The birch wood spoons were from Ebay
and the beautiful labels from here
I love the way you can edit the text
such a clever lady and so kind

I have a lovely new knitting project too
perfect for long and cosy evenings
surround with quality street and Baileys
Oh Yes ..... Christmas has well and truly started!

and for a little fun before I go
I found this on Pinterest
(sadly it doesn't link back to anyone ..... but if you made this ..... Thank You!)

Well my sweets ..... this is my last post of 2013

I would love to wish you a 
and VERY happy Christmas~time
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart 
for all of the love and kindness you have shown me
you are  A M A Z I N G 

See you in 2014!

BIG love

x Puddin Toe~Bells x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Almost ready .....

Hello my dear friends
thanks for stopping by at such a busy time
I hope your 'To Do' lists are behaving?!

I think I've rather exhausted myself on the housework front now
Boy Oh Boy 
I feel tired today
all my own fault
don't feel sorry for me
at least I have a shiny home
(for now at least)

Well ..... I'm almost ready to be soused and buried
I now have the vast quantities of Baileys and Quality street required for this task
(I also have a bottle of Advocaat on stand~by ..... Mr Sweet makes a mean snowball)

(Ok ..... I may have tested just one sweetie)

The reason for this?
Both of my shops will be closing on Saturday for Christmas
they will re~open around the end of January
(a holiday that long feels a bit naughty)

My NOTHS shop has been SUPER~DUPER busy lately
(so lovely)
Purdey (sewing machine) and I are quite exhausted
she will be off to the spa and all I need is alcohol and chocolates

I'm low on stock on a several things now
sold out on some
but there's still LOTS of prettiness available
and as we all know, Christmas is not Christmas without a Pecker!

To allow my Etsy shop to catch up with my NOTHS shop
I am offering 20% off EVERYTHING
in my Etsy shop
until I close the doors on Saturday

Please use the code
when you checkout

By The Way ..... 
You don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase from my Etsy shop
you can now pay by credit card
Etsy have made some good improvements to their site lately

Thank you for all the love on my December makes
your'e so kind

 Although my shops are closing soon
I'm still planning on popping in here to see you
 so until next time .....

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 9 December 2013

December makings .....

Hello my lovely friends
It's so good to see you

I wanted to pop by to show you what I've been up to
on the making front
(not the housework front ..... although that urge still continues ..... its all becoming very 'shiny' here!)

Two Christmas gifts have been ticked off my list
for my sweet little nieces
a woodland wreath each
to hang on their bedroom doors

The racoon and fox patterns were from Mollie Makes ~ issue 23 
(I made them a little bigger though)

Yesterday I spent a lovely couple of hours
playing with stamps, ink and buttons

I like to make a few Christmas cards each year
I saw this one on Pinterest
and because I don't seem to have my own brain working at full power just yet
and I had the perfect supplies already to hand
I was VERY heavily influenced!

Here's a little kind~of secret stitching
I will fully reveal after the twenty~fifth

I've also busied my hands and my mind
 with some easy and straight~forward knitting in recent weeks too
which produced a pair of lovely cosy hand warmers to match my 
Seasalt rain coat

I'm off now to clean my kitchen windows and make goulash for tea

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for your sweet comments lately
I have been so touched by each and every one.
Sad things have happened
 but they have been counteracted by so many kind and thoughtful moments
heart~warming messages and thoughtful gestures
so much love and kindness has come our way
it has really touched our hearts
It has been beautiful

Wishing you a beautiful week

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

P.S My Sweet B is home for her Christmas holidays on Friday
I CanNot tell you how excited I am
I miss that adorable girly of mine so much