❤ A Make a Month

Welcome to my monthly makes page

I have challenged myself to make at least one gift each month
it may be for a birthday or Christmas gift
but a gift will be made!
I decided upon this idea at Christmas time last year (2011)
after a mad panic to get gifts made
I left everything far too late... stressful.
 Lets hope my plan works!

❤  December 

Wooo ..... Hoooo
I did it!
a whole year of monthly makes

 Here are December's makes .....

The 'Holy mackerel' cushions were Christmas gifts for my big brothers
 and I made a personalised bunting for our great niece


well, that's it for 2012
I have enjoyed the challenge
but most of all I have enjoyed sharing my makes with you
you're wonderful
thank you for being here
It's all about 'Bake a month' for 2013

BIG love
x jooles x

❤  November 

Been busy this month ..... hoorah!

I've made a pretty box for last months make of Liberty hankies

another set of hankies in a box

An advent calendar for my cute little nieces

and ..... (yes there's more) ..... a pair of curtains!
whoop whoop

Let's hope I can keep up the momentum for December!

see you soon

❤  October 

A set of three liberty hankies ..... a Christmas gift for my auntie
and a bookmark ..... probably for me :o)


I pinched the idea from here
such a fab site for ideas and tutorials
The hankies have a hand rolled hem
which I have never attempted before
it was fiddly at first but it got easier
I hope she likes them
See you next month!

❤  August & September

I have been a teeny bit sneaky and combined these two months
Our hallway was VERY dull
it needed a little pizazz
so firstly I made a cushion cover for my pew
 and with some leftover strips from my jelly roll
 I prettied up the shelf too

It's much nicer in there now
see you next month

❤  July

 Homemade blackcurrant jam ..... yummy
but it is not just the jam that I’d like to share
just look at those cute labels .....
made of course, by my lovely Sweet B

The fabric covers were cut from an old vintage sheet
that I picked up from a charity shop a little while back
Also this month I finished my 'flower patch' quilt
ecstatic is not a big enough word to express how I feel about it
love love love it
even with all the mistakes!

see you next month
❤  June

To be honest I feel I have failed a bit this month
June is a busy birthday month here...excuses excuses

 I had planned to have my 'flower patch' quilt finished
ready to be relaxing out in the garden
in all the glorious sunshine we have been having lately
HA...I wish!
that could be why I still haven't finished I guess
here is where I am up to with it..

I am a third of the way through hand trying the centre of each square
I did a little machine stitching at the join of every four squares
which is probably cheating in the quilting world
then I will be on to the binding
to me this is VERY scary.
I have bought a little binding making gadget
it is still in its packet though...
I need lots of courage!

❤  May 

Here is my make for May

It's a pencil roll
a rainbow pencil roll
 for my little niece

❤  April 

This month I have been working on my 'Rhubarb crumble' blanket 
started waaay back last year
 I have been merrily crocheting pretty squares

and have also had a little go at joining them together
I was worrying about this bit
being fairly new to crochet
I wondered if I would be able to do it
but I used Lucy's tutorial over at Attic 24 and it was brilliant
so clear and concise
she's a clever lady 
and now I can join squares!

Also this month I added to my family of patchwork cushions
I now have a set of three

 So that was April

❤  March 

Two makes for March

A patchwork cushion
I even tried my hand at piping!
I am planning to have a set of three soon

My other make was a special birthday gift for my Sweet B
A wall canvas
she loved it

❤  February 

  Only one gift made this month...but I'm happy with that
A sweet needle for my niece
you can read more here

❤  January 

A new dress was made for puppers
she was a birthday gift my sweet neice

 Hand warmers for someone special

and a case for my best friends glasses

Three gifts made in one month
this may not last!
you can read more about these makes here 

see you in February!
j x