Saturday, 23 December 2017

Sew Sweet Violet Podcast ..... Episode 26 ~ A bit vlogmassy part 4

Merry Christmas my beautiful friends ....
here's the link for episode 26 of my podcast.

It includes a little video to share
how I change yarn and knit in my ends
whilst knitting my advent socks.
Sadly it's not very profesh. 

Wishing you a magical Christmas~time
filled with every happiness

See you in 2018!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hi Jooles,
    I’m still working my way thru your podcasts so I’m not sure if you have gotten the kitcheners stitch figured out by now but here’s a link for you.
    I started out exact same way as you and had same struggles. Started out knitting toe up with fish lips kiss heal and that’s all I would do. But over time I really wanted to learn how to do that heal flap and gusset and see why everyone always likes top down. The one time I had tried early on was a disaster. Finally I did it and went on you tube and found this video. She shows you how to make a nice clean toe with no ears and I learned a new way to weave it ends which I quite like. Anyway just thought I would pass it on,and share it since it helped me, I have grown so used to doing top down now that it’s a more comfortable to me than toe up was!

    1. Thank you so much ..... will check it out! xxx

  2. Hi joules
    Merry Xmas! I love your podcast and would love to buy one of your Valentine goodies. When might you be releasing more info? Best wishes! Sally

    1. Hi Sally x
      My next update will be on Tuesday 23rd January at 7pm UK time xxx


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