Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sew Sweet Violet Podcast ..... Episode 16

Hello my lovelies

Here are my show notes for Episode Sixteen

Finished Things

In the making

here are the videos for the afterthought heel tutorials
that I'm using
One Two & Three

Magical Arrivals

Beautiful 'Bluebell walk' yarn from Kelly

Beautiful bag and yarn from 'sparkly princess' Ami

Bee Happy make~a~long Winners!

Thank you so very much to everyone 
who took part in our make~a~long
you made it so much fun!

And a MAHOOOOOSIVE thank you to all the lovey ladies
who donated such fabulous prizes
you are the bees knees

Just some chatter

Where all profits go to Bill's special needs school
His gorgeous mum is Gayna .....

Shop News

My bumblebee Etsy shop update will bee
on Friday 26th May at 6pm BST (uk time)

Wishing you all a beautiful time until I see you next

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I loved it when Mabel used to trot along on her walk accompanied by your lovely theme music. I found it very soothing and life affirming, is there a possibility please that you might do that again? Obviously it is up to you :)

    Thank you for your lovely podcast, it's a nice thing to put out into our at times rather grim world. It's a little oasis of niceness where good things can grow and thrive.

  2. Such beautiful makes. Your shawl is looking gorgeous... I have to use so many stitch markers for lace, and have been tricked by those pesky yarn overs tucking themselves under stitch markers. Lace knitting is certainly not television - or lovely podcast - watching time for me, I just count the stitches in each section and that works. It will be worth it! Thank you so for sharing with us your delightful podcast, looking forward to your podiversary!

  3. I love your knitted patchwork blanket and your site. I have been following you for ages and I admire your work. x


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