Thursday, 13 October 2016

Podcast Number Five ..... A WINNER and my first A~LONG!

Hello my lovely friends
I've been missing you so much

I have just posted podcast number five up on YouTube!
it took some doing to be honest
it was a tricky one.

My beautiful darling brother

In exciting news .....

We have a winner
and my first 'A~Long'

and here are my show notes.....

In the Making

Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki
in The wool barn Silky singles in Light mauve and crema

Surprise socks for a special friend in knit picks Felici in Balloon

Giveaway winner

The winner of this amazing skein of


Dianne who is PEGGY MAY YARNS on ravelry

Many congratulations Dianne!
I'll be in touch.

Thank you to everyone who entered, your flavours made me giggle x

Finished things

Bertie Bott's Beans socks for my Sweet Bee
in the giveaway yarn from Little French Meadow


Dotty Love Socks for my beautiful niece 
I used the incredible pattern by Abbey Morris Designs

Cosy Healing Bed Socks for my dear mum

From my Postie

A million thank yous to these adorable ladies .....

Jodi and Tracie from the Grocery Girls Podcast
Tracy from Norah George yarns
Julie of Suffolk Socks


Please pop over to my Ravelry group to enter
(oh yeah!)
All the details are there for your perusing
I'd love so much for you to join in!

My planed MERRY~A~LONG makes .....

Hat for Briony with a BIG pompom
Knee length bed Socks for my mum
Armadillo for my great nephew
tree decoration for my bestie
Bear Pillow for my great nephew
Cushion cover for a very special friend
Knitting kit for my beautiful niece 

Perhaps a little ambitious!

Please tag your Intstagram photos with


Podcast love

Kate from Loop & Bar 
Pauline from The Yarn Shelter
Antonella from Antonella Makes
Anna-Leena from Anna Knitter

In my shop

'Peace and Love' large Project bags
In honour of my Beautiful biggest brother
for the charity
25 pounds from the sale of each bag will be donated
They will be listed in my Etsy shop on
October Friday 21st at 7pm BST

Handy time converter gizmo

Back soon my loves!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hello Jooles,
    My prayers are with you for your devastating loss, words could not explain how sad I felt for you. He will be in heaven watching you every day.

    I love your podcasts, they are so sweet, everything you make is so pretty.

  2. Hi Jooles,
    I just wanted to say I've been a subscriber of yours pretty much since the beginning (I think), and I just wanted to say what a lovely soul you are. I'm so sorry for your loss - my elder brother and I are estranged and have been for many years so the fact that you feel your brother's loss so deeply is very special. I love your projects and you have totally inspired me to get knitting again. (Mind you, my bank balance might not thank you :-) ) x

  3. Hello Jools.
    How Wonderful too seeing you Podcast Again, You did Very Well, You have Great Support in our little Crafty Community.
    Your Silene Cardy is Gorgeous so pleased you stood up and showed us the back it looks lovely on you, Gorgeous Socks you have made also, Glad you have been keepin busy as well.
    Take Care
    Have joined your merryalong
    Cheers xx

  4. Enjoy your weekend away - be peaceful sweet girl xxx

  5. Hi such a lovely surprise to see your podcast this morning, and see all the beautiful socks you have made. Your brother would be so proud of you - thank you for sharing.
    Caroline x

  6. I am so excited to listen to your podcast, thank you for taking the time to share your life with us. Your brother was a very handsome and sweet looking man. Terribly sorry for the pain you must be feeling. Your socks and cardigan are so gorgeous. Because of you I am taking up knitting again and hopefully one day will be able to make a pair of socks for myself.

  7. So so so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful brother, I hope you can continue to take solace in all your amazing creativity. Your podcasts are so gentle and a joy to watch. I would definitely recommend going to YAK in the north laines in Brighton, you'll find some life in the long grass there if I remember correctly, enjoy the break with your daughter ������ xxx

  8. So sorry to hear about your brother. How caring of you to make thoughtful gifts for your family to try and ease their pain. X

  9. Hi Jooles! I am so sorry for the loss of your brother, I am sending my love to you. <3
    My mom introduced me to your podcast and we love watching your podcast! You are so incredibly sweet and kind and it makes me so happy! Also, you enable our purchasing of Emma Bridgewater and Liberty fabric!!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter!!

  10. Congrats to Dianne☺ Cute photos♥

  11. Bless you my heart really goes out to you. You have been so brave to talk about your brother. Much love

  12. Dear Jooles,
    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your brave and handsome brother. Truly, war is a terrible thing whose effects spread like ripples. May you find comfort and peace in knowing he is at peace.
    I sat down with some hand sewing to watch your lovely podcast - I'm making some silk scarves for my daughters and daughter-in-law for Christmas, and it was very soothing to hand roll part of the hem of one while listening to your lovely voice.
    I'm not much of a knitter or crocheter, but how beautiful the socks you create are - gifts for loved ones' feet!
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your daughter this weekend. Be joyful.

  13. Oh Jooles,
    I've not been here so long, getting too caught up in life, but I'm so sorry to read of the loss of your big brother. War is awful, not just for the service men and women, but those of us who love them, I do hope you find peace in the weeks and months to come.

    I watched your podcast, my first one and you've inspired me to crack out the ol' sewing machine, something I've been neglecting for an awful long time.
    Hope you enjoyed Brighton and that life settles down for you xx

    1. Thank you for your beautiful podcast. I've missed you. It must have been difficult to get going again after the sad loss of your brother but I'm sure he'd be proud of you for carrying on. Peace be with you. xx

  14. Your podcast was one of the bravest things I've seen, you're such an inspiration in so many ways Jooles. When I trained in holistic massage the first thing we were taught was the ritual of washing feet.This is part of some cultures and there's something so comforting and personal about this act, so I think your yarnie hugs in the form of socks are a wonderful way to care for your loved ones. I hope your heart heals soon.Jo xx

  15. Gosh, I had some catching up to do but so lovely when I did get to watch. With my pile of ironing. I would have preferred some wooly make, but the ironing mountain was threatening to topple. Your love for your brother came shining through, such a sad loss. And the love for your family as you knit them something filled with that love is beautiful. So thank you for making my ironing that bit more enjoyable, lovely to see all your makes, and a Merry-a-long... can't wait!

  16. Dearest Jooles, I am sending my warmest hugs, I completely understand your feelings of loss and the death of your brother. You see I lost both of my parents last year and life has just stopped for me. I am just now getting a tiny glimmer of hope that I can go on and live. As you said, they would want us to be happy and doing things that bring joy. I love your podcasts and I admire you so much. Thank you for sharing from your heart. ~Darby Logan

  17. Hello Jooles - I am playing catch up on your podcasts and have just watched No 5. Please accept my condolences on your loss. Such a sad time. I am probably telling you something you already know so forgive me if that was the case but please be careful having Mabel in with sheep. My cousin lost her dog one Boxing Day a few years ago as he had got out of the back garden and into the field and he was shot by the farmer as the ewes were in lamb. Please bear this in mind as whippets have a very strong prey drive and ewes will abort if they feel threatened. I would hate anything to happen to Mabel as she looks so cute. We have 2 whippets in our family and they are both lovely dogs but will chase anything that moves. Best wishes. Anne

  18. Hi Jooles,
    I'm a new viewer (heard about you from Dani of Little Bobbins) and am just listening to this episode. I had to hop over here immediately to send you my love and support as you find your way after the loss of your brother. It's so brave of you to share something so personal and painful with all of us. Sending hugs your way. On a happier note, I just finished my Breathing Space (you can see it on my Ravelry projects page at emrubin). I LOVE it!! Yours will be so gorgeous in the soft colors you have selected. Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself, I feel so inspired by you. Take care, Esther


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