Friday, 19 August 2016

Podcast Number Four ..... How Do YOU Like Your Bertie Bott's?

Hello my friends
I hope all is wonderful with you x

❤ ❤ 

Podcast number four is here
..... and it comes with a V. Exciting GIVEAWAY!
(find out how to enter further down this post)

BETSY  :o)

and here are my show notes.....

In the Making

Tulsi socks knit in the most beautiful yarn from sweet sparrow yarns

Smitten quilt you can find the pattern at Pretty fabrics & trims 
and I purchased my kit from Paper Pieces

Finished Things

yarn form Sugar mouse knitting on Etsy
for my gorgeous pal Heather from Pink Milk

From my Postie
(my postie has been BUSY)

SEA DREAMS yarn from Yan-tan-tethera yarn

Silky Singles yarn for my Breathing Space jumper from The Wool Barn

My beautiful swap goodies were from Dani from Little bobbins

Dianne from Elm tree yarns sweetly gifted me Mr Tod yarn
plus another to giveaway ..... I have a plan!

Yola & Alison from Little French Meadow gifted me a skein of 
plus one to giveaway ..... SEE BELOW!!!!!

Amber from SIMPLE LOVE
gifted me a set of her Watching Gilmore girls minis


This giveaway is now closed

For your chance to win an AMAZING skein of

Please leave a comment on this blog post

telling me what your worst & best flavour Bertie Bott Bean would be


I'm so excited to hear your ideas!
The lucky winner will be announced on my next podcast


This giveaway is now closed

In my shop

(September 2nd at 7pm BST)
Handy time converter gizmo

I also showed my

which are available in my Etsy shop

Here is the Ikea frame that the square one fits into

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Back soon my loves!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hello Jooles. My name is Gilly and I live in Bergen, Norway. Your podcasts are so inspiring and wonderful to watch so thank you for sharing your creativity with us. You inspired me to try my first toe-up sock pattern and I used the Whirlwind toe that you suggested. It is amazing! I was so happy to sit down this morning to knit a bit on them while watching your latest podcast. Well I almost fell off my chair because I am knitting them in the exact same Regia sock yarn by Arne and Carlos in the same colourway that you showed! It is super fun to knit as it is changing all the time and very addictive because you just want to do 1 more row to see what it will be. Enjoy knitting them!
    As to the Bertie Bott's question: Worst flavor - Celery
    Best flavor - scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream
    Have a wonderful day filled with lots of loveliness. Bye xx

  2. Awe just watched you're lovely podcast, really enjoyed it, I too can't wait for autumn, its my favourite time of the year, lovely autumnul colours, ahh. Onto tge giveaway, my worst bertie bean would be mackeral and squid flavour which I would call squackeral. My bestest flavour would have meringue, strawberries salted caramel and would be called, heaven.
    Lots of love
    Angie x

  3. Watching the new podcast is going to be my reward for doing the ironing. I have seen the first three twice. Bertie Bott's beans in Mango and Strawberry dark chocolate ganache would be My Heaven. The worst flavour that I can think of is Okra, definitely Yeuk.

  4. Morning Jooles! Such a wonderful podcast to watch this morning - thank you for brining your ideas to us in Connecticut!
    Flavors: Earwax - no way ever!
    Green Apple - yes please!
    Jan at YarnTaxiDriver on Ravelry

  5. Morning Jooles from Iceland! Love your podcast, your voice is so soothing and warm and all your crafts are so beautiful :)

    The worst flavor would be fermented Icelandic shark and the best one mango! So simple :)

    I´m Helgaar on Rav.

    Kind regards, Helga

  6. Oh, I'm so excited to watch this episode! I have to wait until my little one goes for quiet time though.
    I would love a true strawberry flavor, but not the usual overly sweet fake strawberry candy flavor. And I cant help cringe every time think of Dumbledore's earwax flavor, I think that would be terrible.

  7. Dana ( August 2016 at 14:29

    Hello Jooles! I just love your podcast, when I see it pop up I watch right away! You have such a gentle voice and calm nature, and I love to see what you are working on, it's so inspiring! Thanks also for such a lovely giveaway! For me, the best every flavour bean would be pumpkin pie with whipped cream ! The worst would be cilantro. :)

  8. I really enjoyed your podcast :) Lovely beautiful makes and scrummy yarns xxSighxx I think my worst flavour of jelly beand would be rotten eggs and my favourite would be milk chocolate fudge heaven xxxx

  9. lovely podcast as always - love love your paper piecing!

    worst: mud
    best: orange

  10. I had my coffee with you this morning as I worked on my sweater, watching your lovely podcast! My favorite flavor would be Lavender Lemonade and the worst would be Smelly Fish! Have a wonderful day buzzing about in your darling car!

  11. Hello Jools coming too you from Australia, Thoroughly a Love your Podcast you are like a breath of Fresh Air in Podcast Land lol. Your Smitten Blocks are just Gorgeous, Lucy Kingwell lives in Melbourne,mashed works in her Mums Patchwork Shop "Amitie Textiles" Jenny Kingwell. Just a little tip with glueing your EEP, it does seem quicker, but taking the papers out can be a problem and the glueing makes the fabric taught which can become difficult when stitching them together, also if you made blocks using glue you will see a difference with your blocks when they are all sewn together. Hope you don't mind me saying, but I wouldn't like too see you disappointed with your work if something went wrong.. Well coming from OZ my worst flavour would have too be Vegemite, I love it on toast but not a whole bean, Yuk! �� And my Favourite would have too be Chocolate!! Your Car Is Girgeous too... Take Care till your next Podcast. X��

  12. Thank you for sharing the many slices of your life, including your crafts. It makes me happy watching your podcast. I love my new project bag I purchased from you, I only have 2 of these, so it's very special. My favourite flavour of jelly bean would be almond butter and chocolate with a little vanilla flavour thrown in for good measure and my worst flavour would be not having these, no just kidding, oh let's say anchovy, that sounds pretty disgusting!!!

  13. I love your podcast! Your are a talented crafter to say the least. You make such lovely things! I think the best jelly bean flavor would be peanutbutter fudge and the worst flavor would be raw beets.

  14. I just genuinely love your podcast... and thank you for the chance at such a sweet giveaway! The best flavor would maybe be a lemony cream jelly bean. Lemon anything YUM. I think the grossest flavor would probably be throw up (YUCK... I want to gag just writing it). :)

  15. I love your podcast! You have such a sweet calam temperament that brings a pleasant smile to my heart. I hope sooooo much to purchase one of your lovely bags in your next shop update!

    The worse flavor that immediately comes to mind is Beer flavored with the blest being strawberry lemonade. Thanks so much for extending this giveaway to us. Have a Blessed Day!

  16. Loved your podcast. My favourite jelly bean would be chocolate and my worst would be tuna fish. X

  17. I absolutely love your podcasts.... I couldn't wait to view today😀 I am a quilter but have challenged myself to push myself go make some and a shawl... your socks have inspired me......
    I too was lucky enough to get one of your bags in the last release and yes it must be so nice to know that your 'makes' are so sought after. 😀
    My worst flavour of Bertie Bottom beans would be tripe flavoured, yuch. And the best would be Turkish Delight and Fry's chocolate cream flavour, combined.... yum.
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    Hope it is not too long before you share your life with us again.

    I recently met Dani's mum at the Festival of Quilts.... and that is due to you introducing me to Little Bobbins Knits is a beautiful crafting world we live in. Poor Dani's Mum... I accosted her in the toilets saying 'are you Dani's Mum, I must have a bug' and lovely lady she is too.... xx

    1. Just had a thought, could SW on the wool band be Super Wash? Xx

    2. Oh Yes! thanks Sue ..... I feel like such a ninky now!

  18. Hi Jooles! You always make me happy when you publish a new podcast!

    worst: Black Pepper
    best: Tutti Frutti

  19. Hello! Thank you very much for a lovely podcast, it really made me calm and cherful :)
    My favorite flavour is coconut, so for me the best jelly bean would be coconut with vanilla. And the worst one would be vinegar :D
    With love,
    Rina (

  20. Hi! Another fab podcast - I'm in love with those pink socks! Lovely to see The gorgeous Mabel and I loved your pond story 😂 We've got a rescue greyhound so I'm a bit biased toward sight hounds!
    Fingers crossed for the giveaway ... Favourite flavour - peach Bellini and worst flavour - watermelon!
    (Sorry if I posed twice, technology issues!)

  21. Hey Jooles! I just got around to watching your third episode yesterday and I was soooo very excited to see that you had posted another episode today! So I just watched it and I loved it! Your paper piecing is gorgeous and you really enabled me, now I want to try it myself :)

    The worst Bertie Bott's flavor I can imagine is probably marmite? I don't really like Marmite ^^
    And the best one would be Buttermilk flavored, I drink that stuff like water!

    Hope you are having a great day and I am looking forward to a new episode already

    Jo (jovioli on Ravelry and Instagram) :)

  22. Hello Jooles! I am really enjoying your podcast. I love your taste in fabrics and crafts and you just are so cheerful and friendly.

    Jelly Beans. Worst: fish Best: cannoli

    Thanks for doing the giveaway.
    Therese (

  23. Love your podcast, thanks for sharing all your projects, it's lovely to see them all.
    Favourite-raspberry ripple ice cream

  24. Your latest podcast is as lovely as ever. You sound so sweet. My worst flavour would be coffee and butterscotch. Yuk! My favourite would be blueberry. Love from Anita. X

  25. Hi Jules,
    Love the podcast I watched it whilst working on my ripple crochet blanket.
    My worst flavour would be mustard. My favourite would be lemon and lime.
    Love Julie ( I also have a Fiat 500/red one😀)

  26. I think the worse flavor would be anchovy, and the best flavor coffee. :) Ravelry ID: Tanknit

  27. Glad you have returned, I love your podcast. The worse flavor would be frog warts--can't even imagine how bad that would taste, and my favorite flavor would be s'mores. I think chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers is the best combo ever.
    Northcoastchris on Ravelry

  28. Hi Jules,
    Another glorious podcast - your sweet nature that shines through. Worst flavour - well, there's only one thing that I really dislike and that's goat's cheese and best flavour would be cinnamon - Fortunately, my daughter isn't so keen so I can sneak these out of the packet if she has any jelly beans! xx

  29. Hi Jules,
    Your podcast is so lovely it makes my day every time you have a new one.
    I enjoy all your project old and new the sewing knitting and stitching.
    The worst flavor would be sweet pickle and my favorite would be banana split
    Hope you and yours stay happy and safe.

  30. Loved your English paper piecing, will need to pull my hexies out again, flavour wise on the jelly beans worst would be earwax and best strawberry lemonade

  31. Lovely podcast as always....thanks for being so brave. I am shy as well and can't imagine doing what you are. Key Lime Pie would be my favorite and anything peachy YUCK!

  32. Just love your podcast and your beautiful crafts - what talent! I'm hoping I'm lucky enough to purchase one of your project bags in your shop update : ) The worst bean flavor: rotten eggs and the best: creme brûlée. Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway.
    DeeDeeLou on Rav

  33. Hi Hi Jooles! I so enjoyed having tea with you today. It was such fun! Hmmm, my worst Bertie Bott flavor would be, .. Good-bye. I hate saying bye ... I miss my family so very much. But my favorite flavor would be, Hello! I love reunions ...oh, and I loved your video of the Heather! My daughter's name is Heather so I'm partial to it xo

  34. Fingers crossed that I make it to your shop in time to purchase one of your bags!😉 Maybe I should set my alarm.
    Really enjoying the podcast!
    Best flavors are sweet potato pie and bananas foster. Worst flavor would a vegetable for instance brussel sprouts. They can cook up bitter sometimes.

  35. Thank you for keeping me company yesterday afternoon with another lovely podcast.
    My worst flavour for Bertie Bott's Beans would be pickled beetroot and the best would be rose turkish delight (pink, so i know you will agree!)

  36. Dear Jules,
    Thank you so much for putting so much time into your podcast for us to watch! I truly enjoy it. Also your project bags are beautiful. The worst flavor would be vomit and the best would coconut. I'm robinsroostme on Ravelry.

  37. Jooles,I'm loving your Podcast your smile is contagious. As for Bertie Bott's Beans - worst would be mushroom and best would be Mint choc chip icecream x

  38. I love your podcast, one of the few I watch all the way through! My worst flavour would be celery, best salted caramel. Really looking forward to your KAL as well - can't wait to see what it will be!
    I'm lucybowen on Rav.

  39. Lovely Jules,
    love your podcast, your always so gentle and calm just the thing I need when knitting on my cardigan. My worst flavour for the Bertie Bott's Beans would be Star Anis and the best flavour would be Gin & Tonic. My name on Ravelry is Gody59.

  40. Love your podcast so enjoy watching each week. My worst flavour for Bertie botts beans would be sick flavour and my best one would be vanilla. I'm Peggymayyarns on ravelry

  41. great podcast and I enjoy each one more ,thank you.My worst flavor for Bertie Bott's Beans would be okra and my favorite would be chocolate cheesecake,yummy.I am not on Ravelry so if I win I can always message you my mailing address.

  42. Hi Jooles! I absolutely love your podcast. I find it heartwarming and inspirational. When you announced the give away, I was thinking the worst flavor would be wet dog. But after your story of poor Miss Mabel Whippy falling into the pond, I'm going to have to change my worst flavor to pond sludge. The best flavor would be pumpkin spice latte. Thank you for a chance to win such a beautiful skein of yarn. (I'm sydney1c on Raverly and Instagram)

  43. Oh Jooles...First let me relay how utterly delightful you are to me. I truly look forward to your podcasts.
    What a gem you are - how fortunate we ALL are. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle of yarn joy. Worst bean.... oh yeah, Overcooked Asparagus ! Best bean...Fourth of July Fireworks - have to be Spectacular, Sweet, Glow in the Dark. and fade slowly in your mouth ! Best to you, ( ^ ; * ) Marcia found as Queensburrowfarm on Ravelry.

  44. Hi Jooles, I have just spent a very relaxing evening watching your podcast and knitting. You have such a soothing voice to listen to and such beautiful things to show! For the giveaway my worst bean flavour would be garlic breath and the best would be vanilla cream filled chocolate eclair! I am mrsmoodswing on ravelry :o)

  45. Hi Jooles! Look forward to your podcast and would love to see your cross stitch projects! As for the competition and since I am recovering from a virus, the worst flavour would be olive leaf and the best would be pineapple. Thanks for the chance to win that beautiful skein of yarn!

  46. Hello Jooles
    Love the podcast such a treat to watch
    If I was eatting Berty Bott''s Beans then it would be a no to Mustard - the worst and a yes to Caramel Apple pie flavour
    Look forward to your next podcast xxx
    Susie (CraftyDollymix on Ravelry)

  47. Hi Jooles, I love your podcast and I think you make the most beautiful things! After the most delicious tiramisu flavour ice-cream on holiday I think I would really like to try a Bertie Botts bean in this flavour so Tiramisu for best and it would be liquorice for my worst as I really dislike it! They might be similar colours so I would have to be carefull to pick the right one! I'm Frankieblossom on Ravelry xx

  48. Just love your podcast. Such wonderful talents you share with us. I loved your shadow waving to us while on your walk. �� I believe Brussels sprouts would be the worst and lemon the best

  49. Love your podcast. My favourite jelly bean would be passion fruit and my worst would be coffee and licorice.

  50. Hi Jooles. I wasnt going to enter but I watched the majority of your podcast yesterday morning and loved it. So much so that I was swept away and ordered a skein of Mr Tod! Now I've given much thought to my favourite flavour of Bertie Botts and have it down to three - Gin and Tonic with ice and a slice of course, Gin Fizz and a Gin and cucumber concoction which I spotted in a magazine yesterday. I truly could not choose between the three of them so perhaps Mr Bott would be kind enough to mix all three in a packet one day! Now as for my very worst flavour I can certainly trump all other suggestions. Many moons ago my husband took me out for dinner - a date night if you will. My main course consisted of sea bass, my very favourite. It was stale and absolutely vile, it was so bad that I've only recently been able to eat sea bass again. Take care x

  51. Hello Jooles, thank you for another relaxing and hugely enjoyable podcast. I'm pleased to hear you're also an Autumn person - I'm counting the days and can't wait until the change of air in September - it's my favourite month! My worst flavour of Bertie Botts would be liver - yuk! I can't imagine anything favourite would be bakewell tart especially if it came with a cup of tea aftertaste. Looking forward to your next episode, Zoe x

    PS I'm zoechampness18 on instagram

  52. Hi Jooles, so LOVE your podcasts and look forward to a new one all the time. You are a beautiful sewer and You have made me a lover of Liberty fabrics as much as you. I wish they were easily accessable to me as I am in the US. My favorite flavor of Bertie Botts was easy, that would be kale flavor. Favorite! My worst gave me more thought. I would have to say mango would be my worst! I am dandyknitter on instagram and aschellm on ravelry. Please keep the podcasts up. It is one of my top favorites!

  53. Hi Jooles!
    Congrats on such a lovely podcast. You are super cute!
    I enjoy paper piecing myself but don't have the courage to tackle a big project like a quilt. You are making me reconsider! Beautiful work.
    I haven't try many of these jelly beans since I am more of wine gums kind -of-gal. I did try I believe pina colada and it was nice

    Rav I'd: sweetstitching

  54. Dear Julies, I like your podcast very much; it's so full of beauty and it's very relaxing to watch. My worst flavour would be dust and the best would be vanilla & chocolate with a hint of salt or chili :) Best wishes for future craftiness, Nina. (

  55. Hi Jooles
    I don't really like jelly beans - it's a texture thing but the best flavor would be lemon meringue pie and the worst would be anything shellfish (I'm allergic to shellfish).

    Rav ID: karenlouise59

  56. Hi Jooles
    I love the podcast - I find it very relaxing, like having a chat with a good friend.
    My worst flavour bean would be old smelly socks and the flavour I'd like to try if it were possible to translate into a flavour is the lovely zingy smell of fresh washing dryed on a washing line. Hope that doesn't sound too silly?
    Looking forward to the next podcast
    Thanks Jayne ( Instagram Picksie33)

  57. Lovely podcast as always. Best jb flavor, mochanut, which would be chocolate, coffee and coconut. Worst flavor would ge liver.

  58. Beautiful yarn!
    Your podcast as well as Julie's Sweet Sparrow Knits podcast are my relaxing treat. I don't even stitch while watching.
    Worst flavour would be liver and onions. Lol. Favourite would be be double chocolate salted caramel with a hint of vanilla and coffee. Thank you! And thanks to Little French Meadow as well.

  59. I am new to podcasts, and knitting, but I am delighted to have found yours. Yes to lemon and no to coriander!

  60. Hi Jooles!
    Thanks again for great podcasts! Keep up the good work! Hope I win the skein :-)
    Worst flavor: sour milk
    Best flavor: chocolate chip mint

    Hugs fra Becks1975

  61. Hi Jooles! Oh, your podcast was lovely lovely lovely!
    I enjoyed it very much!
    I love your new car!

  62. Hi Jooles! I just love your podcast! You are a natural even though you tell us you are very nervous! It's always like sitting down and chatting with a good friend when I tune in. Thank you for all the work that goes into recording and editing and downloading! We love it! Tonight I am watching your podcast with my badly infected leg propped up on two pillows and I would say that my least favorite jelly bean flavor would be the taste of one of my antibiotics (Clindamycin) that makes my mouth taste disgusting and ruins the taste of everything I eat or drink and I have to live with this for 10 days. Ugh. On the happy side, a perfect flavor for a jelly bean would be Key Lime Pie flavor! Again, thank you for your beautiful podcasts and keep on doing them! I love them! Big hugs! Diane

  63. How wonderful! I love your podcast so dearly. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this fantastic giveaway for this lovely skein of yarn! The best flavor I would like to invent would be a blend of guava, passion fruit, and coconut and I would call it "tropical paradise" :) The worst flavor I can think of is poo DX

    <3 (FairyPrincessCouture on YouTube) ;)

  64. Hi Jooles, I've been watching your Podcast from Sydney Australia, and it was a super episode as always. I love your cardigan the style is lovely. Mabel is such a cutie, your little story about her was funny but scary too. I'm So.....glad she was alright. I hope I can succeed in buying one of your party bird bags in your next update I was cart jacked (not sure if this is a word) last time😢. My best flavour would be pavlova, and my worst would be sweaty feet!

  65. Hi Jooles, I just want to say how much I enjoy your podcast, the things you show are so inspiring. I am from Cornwall and my favourite jellybean would be Cornish clotted cream fudge flavour and my worst flavour would be marzipan.
    Sarah (Ravelry ID: sarahy75)

  66. Hello Jooles,
    Love your podcast, since I haven't tried those jelly beans, we do have Jelly Bellies here in Canada. If I were to design a new favourite flavour it would be passionfruit, and a worst flavour would be liver!
    Ginette (ravelry netty062)

  67. Hi Jooles,
    Such a pretty giveaway, my favorite flavor would be sweet peach and worst would be garlic! Love your podcast especially your embroidery. Rav name: yarnlove

  68. Hello Jooles
    What a lovely episode and thank you Little french Meadow for this giveaway. I think my worst flavour would be cauliflower and a lovely one would be Eton Mess, my favourite dessert! Love from Sue(weepingwool on Ravelry)

  69. Hi Jooles,
    Love love your podcast, yours is my absolute favorite one, you as a person in combination with your creative choices are amazing. Keep going strong you are very special. ( Big Hugh)
    Best taste: orange-lemon
    worst: liver
    Much much love from The Netherlands, Madelief-Floor on ravelry

  70. Hello, love the Mabel story! My dog would have had a melt down if that happened, he hates water and dirt and any kind of mess, we live near the sea and he hates it, he jump away from the waves,

    Hmm Bertie Betts bean flavour , would have to be for the best flavour, red cherry lips I used to buy as a child, worst flavour would be stinking bishop cheese.which is really bad!

    Off to look at little French meadow,

    Have a lovely week and I hope mable is a little more careful! ravelry name is purpletopaz1971.

  71. The heather on your walk was so pretty! I can't believe you live there. I'm lucky if I see a tree where I live :(
    Great episode. I absolutely love your quilting! My friend is a good quilter but I can't at all. Just love seeing quilt work, amazing details.
    As for best and worst flavors of jelly bean - hmm. I'm not a jelly bean fan but I love some of the flavor ideas out there. Probably my favorite flavor would be coconut, nice and simple. I love coconut! As for worst, maybe meat since I'm a vegetarian. I don't like the smell or taste of any meat so that would be the worst flavor for me!

    Looking forward to your next podcast. My ravelry name is marymccaffery

  72. Nikisha Shoulders23 August 2016 at 17:55

    Hi Jooles, I love your podcast. So happy I stumbled across it. I could live in your craft room. It's so lovely and cozy!! As for the jelly beans...worst flavor would probably be brussel sprouts and favorite would probably be snickers cheesecake. knitnovice76 on ravelry.

  73. Hi Jooles, loving each episode of your podcast & always looking forward to the next one. My worst flavour would be rhubarb & rabbit stew....& my favourite flavour would be hot chocolate with marshmallows ☺️🌸

  74. Hello, Jooles! I so love you and your sweet podcast. When I see you have a new episode up, I am so happy. All your "makes" are so beautiful, and you inspire me. Hugs!!

    Worst beans flavor for me would be liver and onions with canned peas. Egads! As far as foods go for me, that is the worst! (And my mom always made those things together, which always made for a most unhappy meal for me.) The best flavor would be quadruple chocolate because I love chocolate more than just about anything!

    Keep up your wonderful making and share with us via your podcast whenever you feel inclined to!

    Shelley (MisKnitz on Ravelry)

  75. I'm knitswithdoxies on Ravelry. The worst flavor I can think of is mint and licorice
    Favorite flavor would be cinnamon and cherry combination!
    Thank you for the giveaway. Love your podcast and your crafty room is so wonderful. You should do a tour of it on your podcast!!

  76. Hi Jooles I love watching your podcast with a hot cup of tea. Love all your crafts 😃 My worst Bertie bean flavour is SOCK SWEAT. My best flavour would be RASPBERRY RAMPAGE. Thanks for the generous giveaway x Michelle (

  77. Hello lovely Jooles! Another wonderful podcast! Your trip looked like it was beautiful! Also I loved hearing the story about Mabel becoming a swamp monster :P your cardigan looks amazing as well!! My worst Bertie Bott flavored bean would have to be "wet dog" blech!! My best (and I don't know if this has already been done or not) would be raspberry cheesecake!! Yummmm :)

    I hope you are feeling better (just saw your Instagram post) :(

    Take care my dear!
    Ravelry ID: tiffgroomsdogs

  78. Loved your podcast (as always!) - your quilt in progress is gorgeous!! It's made me think about making another one! :-)
    My worst flavor would be coriander! And the best would be mint chocolate! Yum!
    I'm katieknitkatie on Revelry and Instagram

  79. I love your podcast - made me inspired to start paper piecing. My worst flavour would be tripe soup - a great favourite of my grandmother and detested by me. My dream flavour would be rose petal - I can't get enough of the floral flavours!

  80. Hi - another lovely podcast :) - aah poor mabel, that happened to my little dog at a friends house once, he thought the green algae covered pond was grass and started to trot merrily across it and then disappeared - scary! he was fine though :) My worst flavour would be wasabi! and my favourite would be rhubarb and custard (I'm tandtoast on Ravelry)

  81. Thank you for this lovely podcast. You kept me company while I chopped and stirred making tomato salsa and some spicy plum jam.
    My worst flavor would be liver (yech) and my best flavor of jelly bean is harder to choose. Probably dark chocolate with a salted caramel coating.
    Your Smitten blocks are so lovely, and I'm inspired to give sock knitting a try. I have the yarn, I have the needles, I just need to get on with it.
    Happy days to you.

  82. Hi Jooles
    I've note written on anyone's page before, but I felt compelled to write to you!! I love love love your podcast, it is refreshingly honest and pretty and inspiring, and pretty...did I say that already?? �� You have inspired me to try my hand at sock knitting which might be disasterous, but fingers crossed. So, I've visited the etsy shops you mentioned, and have bought some yarn from Sweet Sparrow and Elm I just have to wait patiently for my postman to deliver! Exciting! Thanks for sharing your life with is truely lovely xxx. Now, as for Bertie Botts beans, I would love a Vanilla Fudge one (yummo) and the worst one I can think of would be Fish Sauce (the smell is enough to make me ill!). Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful day! Lucy (sweetpeaandprimrose on Instagram) xxx

  83. Hi Jooles,
    I've been watching whilst I knit before bed tonight, my worst bertie boots would be vomit flavoured and my favourite would be Polly waffle as it was my favourite chocolate bar and they stopped making it suddenly a few years back :0(
    Hugs, Mel
    aka womaninashoe on ravelry

  84. Hi Jools. Thank you for your lovely podcasts. I absolutely love watching them and now I'm up-to-date with them all. You made me with your story about Mable but I'm pleased that she is okay. My favourite flavour Bertie Botts Bean would be treacle sponge pudding and my worst is brussels sprout flavour.

  85. Worst - cat pee
    Best - Chocolate covered cherry

    Lovely podcast - this was the first one I watched - I'll definitely be back!

    -Layne (LayneL on Rav)

  86. Thank you for the podcast and enjoying very much 😄😄the most awful terrible ones would be any meat or fish because I hate the taste and I am a vegetarian. My favourite would be any fruit flavours ......

  87. The worst for is vomit. Earwax is a close second. My favorites would be pear or popcorn.

  88. Love your podcast and blog. Just had to buy some Beatrix Potter yarn from Elm Tree Yarns after seeing it on your podcast. My favourite flavour would be strawberry and cream, my worst would be cheesy ones. I'm Masoup on Ravelry x

  89. Such a sweet podcast, I can't wait to see the next one!! All your skeins of yarn are really lovely and it makes me want to start knitting. I have never had any of those jelly beans but I have to say that vomit sounds really terrible and raspberry is one of my very favorite flavors so I would go with that.

  90. My favorite color would be blueberry! Not crazy about rotten egg or dirt. Jooles your quit is soooo pretty. Can't wait to see it finished.

  91. Hi Jooles
    Firstly huge thanks for your delicious blog and podcast, it rates very highly on my list of favourites. I've never commented before but felt compelled to do so today and get involved in the Bertie Bott giveaway even though it's taken me 4 attempts to get this on here now (I'm the most untechy person alive and setting up an account was interesting lol). Anyway, my favourite would have to be an amalgamation of rose and violet because I just love love love both of the colours, the glorious scents of their namesake flowers and of course the flavours. Don't you just think that as you were eating one it would conjour up the memory of your most favourite summer's day ever?! My worst would definitely be 'slug' not that I've ever tasted slug before you understand but I'm pretty sure they're soggy, slimey and gritty with more than just a hint of sourness....yuk.

  92. I loved your latest episode and am looking forward to #5.
    I guess my worst flavour bean would be "white tripe" ! It makes me a bit ill thinking of it ! Hehehehh
    For my favorite, I would say " black forest cake with cherries ". Now that would be something I would love to try in a bean. !

    nnzknitter on Ravelry

  93. Oh goodness the worst flavor would be liver and my favorite would be french vanilla.
    Love your podcasts and your projects. Your quilt blocks are beautiful!

  94. Hi Jooles, Thank you for you wonderful blog and podcast you always make me smile and laugh, my favorite flavor would have to be tiramisu with a glass of Baileys and my worst would have to be TCP with out a doubt i can smell that sfuff a mile away yuk yuk yuk lol. Hope you are having a wounderful banke holliday weekend full of happy things, Sue (Knit1-n-Purl1 on Ravelry)

  95. Hello Jooles, I've been wanting to say how much I love your podcasts! I so enjoy your lovely friendly tone and I seem to be wanting to chat back to the screen and say "yes I think that/do that too!" Your honesty, whether it's about how naughty you've been on the From the Postie front, or suffering from depression and shyness is so appreciated. You make me smile lots. I was lucky enough to share an amazing day with your sweet friend Chrissie on Friday and when I realised you're so close, I said please tell Jooles how much I love her podcasts!! Anyway, thank you for your sweet giveaway. My absolute favourite flavour would be a chocolate/rose/vanilla combo and my worst would be anchovy, bleurk! Love and hugs Jo xxx

  96. Love your podcast!!!! I am so glad you have more than knitting as well because, while I do love knitting, I also love other crafts also and it's nice to see what other crafty people have been up to. My grandmother used to paper piece quilt and I would like to learn one day. I wish she had shown me before she passed, but she showed me a lot of other things which I cherish very much. Your quilt is going to be absolutely gorgeous! I love your colors and your style.
    As far as jelly worst flavor would be fish. I absolutely do not like fish and even if I did, in a jelly bean that wouldn't be very good. For the best flavor, my grandmother's chocolate pie. I can't think of anything better tasting in the world.
    I cannot wait to see your next podcast. I've been watching since the first one and have loved each one. I love the little bits of your life you put in and the pictures of where you live as well as information about it as well as all the crafty goodness you share. You make me want to try things I haven't before. You truly are an inspiration :)

  97. Love your podcast. My worst flavor would be liver and the best would be almond. I am mommasee on Ravelry

  98. Hello from New York (by Niagara Falls). Enjoying your podcast! Love the yarn. Would be so pretty as a shawl or scarf.Jelly bean flavors:Best flavor- watermelon. Worst flavor- toe jam! Ravelry name: knittingnewyork

  99. I so enjoyed catching up on your podcast today! I've gotten behind and it was nice to see one from you :) I love seeing your all your liberty projects! I once had a fat quarter set of one of their lines, I sold it though because I just never got into sewing, I am so kicking myself now, I just love their prints!

    The worst flavour for me is one that is already out there in the world, black licorice blech! I can't think of anything worse than that. My favourite would be strawberry-banana

    thanks for the chance to win! caseyrandom (at)

  100. Hi Jooles! I love your podcast! And thank you for sharing sweet Mabel stories! I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned it, but the "SW" in SW merino stands for super wash. Thank you for the chance to win the lovely giveaway! My worst flavor I'd say would be vineager and my best would be salted caramel turtle cheesecake.
    ~Linda (I'm Camby on ravelry)

  101. Hi, love your podcasts. Love to win your give away. My worst Bertie Bott Bean flavour would be - my most hated veg - Runner Bean. My best flavour would be - the sweets - Floral Gums.

  102. Hi Jules! Maybe I'm not being very creative, but I can't imagine a better flavour than the juicy pear flavour of jelly bellys! It's amazing. Worst would be vinegar or ketchup..I really dislike condiments. Lovely podcast! I'm monikamarie on ravelry and monikamarie_t on Instagram!

  103. Hello! I've loved watching your podcast. My favorite flavor of Bertie's Botts would be peach jam, and my worst flavor would be wet wool. Thank you for hosting a lovely giveaway. I'm on ravelry as ljg2010 and instagram as laurager7.

  104. Hi from Canada. The best flavor would be pure maple syrup and the worst would be Buckley's (cough syrup). My ravelry name is ocdknitcase. Love your podcast.

  105. Greetings from sunny Essex.
    I've just recently (re)discovered knitting and am enjoying all the lovely podcasts out there - including yours, full of positive vibes! Keep up the good work!

    Best flavour - mmmmm, so many to choose from - Black Forest Gateau or refreshing Pimms
    Worst flavour - smoked blue cheese

    MrsQB on Ravelry

  106. Janscraftycrochet3 September 2016 at 11:46

    Hi from Jan in Guernsey. Wow! just started watching your podcasts and I find them to be very inspiring and relaxing too! I do love seeing all your crafts as I like to dabble in many crafts but mostly crochet/knitting and my beloved Dolls Houses. Please keep up the good work,I can't wait until the next one.
    I would so love to win the yarn therefore my choices for the Bertie Botts, would be, my best Raspberry Ripple and my least to be Cauliflower Juice!
    Hope I'm lucky! I can be contacted over on Ravelry, Instagram and Facebook all as 'Janscraftycrochet', thank you again

  107. Ohhh, last weekend I came across your podcast and over the weekend have watched them all. How energising and inspirational and how lovely are such a gentle talker. Well I've had projects on the go for over 18 mths and have not touched them but you have so inspired me and I'm so envious of all you podcasters. I've picked the knitting needles up, I love making things sew, knitting, baking, painting and general crafting.
    I would love to join your give away, my favourite beanie - honeycomb, worst - fish, even though I love fish sweet form would be a shock ahhh.
    Thank you for your time, I don't have a blog or podcast, am on Raverly but don't use it to its full capacity think I'm JJackie.

  108. My worst flavor would be coffee, just can't handle the smell, much less the taste. My favorite would be strawberry mango. Yummmmm.
    Sharon Imler
    Ravelry skispinner

  109. Worst flavor.....this is horrific.....burnt salmon! My best flavor idea is something with marshmallow. I've made homemade marshmallows before with a hint of cocoa powder. That would be fun, don't you think?

  110. Hi Jooles! Worst flavor will have to be cooked carrots. Yuck! And best flavor- vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! Love your podcast- keep up the lovely work! XO Deb

  111. Such pretty, gentle podcasts... thank you! I have spent a lovely time watching with my crochet this morn. Gosh, no idea if the giveaway is still open, but worst flavour - cheesy crisp. Yuk. Yuk anyway, but with the texture of a jelly bean... And favourite would be fruity - watermelon maybe?

  112. Hello again Jooles, Chloe has asked if I can enter your giveaway on her behalf? She loves the skein you have to giveaway. If I can, her worst flavour would be rotten eggs and her favourite would be cherry xxx

  113. Love your podcast Jooles! I found you though Claire of the NH Knits audio podcast who recommended your podcast. My worst flavour is Hypol cod liver oil, and not the tasteless one that they now produce, but the disgusting full flavoured one of my childhood. My favourite bean flavour is mint chocolate.

  114. Jooles -- Do keep podcasting. It's my occasional visit to the England that I love.
    What a lovely giveaway skein - worst flavor would be Burnt Lima Beans (as my mom made them)
    and best would be Dark Chocolate Almond.
    On Ravelry as TesoroStitchery

  115. Love the skein and the podcast.
    My worst flavour would be overcooked brussel sprouts and my best would be strawberry with cream flavoured.

  116. Hello Jooles :)
    I thoroughly enjoy your podcast and all the beautiful things you show. Worst flavor would be walnut and best would be huckleberry :)

  117. What a lovely & generous giveaway! My worst flavor would be cottage cheese! Most favorite flavor would be the Open Oyster milk chocolate candies made by Godiva Chocolates : ) I am sajehill on Ravelry.

  118. Hi Jooles! I love your podcast, it has quickly made its way into my top three favorites along with Sandra Cherry heart and Dani!

    Worst Jelly bean would be pickle juice and the best would be huckleberry!

    Kind regards,
    sweetpickle on Ravelry
    sweetpickle02 on Instagram

  119. Good afternoon, thank you for making such a lovely podcast. The pink socks you finished look so amazing, your friend is a lucky one to be able to wear them!

    My worst jelly bean flavour would be soy sauce and the best would be cinnamon.

    Best regards, hope to see you soon in another episode of your podcast.

    Leuntje on Ravelry

  120. Hi just have to say I have so enjoyed your lovely podcast and I love all the beautiful things you make, I will have to check out your previous podcasts now!! Well just have to have a try at winning that gorgeous wool skein - so pretty! My worst flavour jelly bean would be sour milk and my favourite would be toffee apple!

  121. Oh the best flavour would surely be a strawberry dipped in chocolate, the worst would be what they call here ' blood sausage' ..... Well, actually the smell of that one by itself is enough to make me run but hey. Wonderful podcast as always....

  122. Love your podcast - recovering from dental surgery and your demeanor is helping me relax! Worst flavor is probably skunk smell. Best is German chocolate cake!

  123. I think my very worst flavour bean would be "Goblin Belly Button Fluff" and the best would have to be "Rainbow Car Bear Kisses" - Also I have to say, what a wonderful podcast. I think I found my way to you via Katie from Inside Number 23 - or Little Bobbins, and I'm so very glad I popped along :) Really looking forward to more episodes.

  124. I think your blog was the first I ever read regularly - I've learned so much from you and I do thank you for that! My best flavor would be chocolate cherries and my worst flavor would be disappointment! Thanks so much for all you share!

  125. I've been enjoying your lovely podcasts and I'm now completely up to date having watched the previous three. I really like the bits you add on the end, I like to see your gorgeous doggy, she's so beautiful. I'd love to enter the giveaway, my worst would have to be olive flavoured, I've tried my best to enjoy them, I really have, but to no avail. My best would have to be Green & Black's hazelnut & currant flavour, but then why would I have a bean when I could just buy a whole bar.

  126. Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway! I thoroughly enjoy your podcast. Worst flavor would be tamalia. It's this mixture of clam and tomato juices. Oh horrible!! Best would be chocolate and coconut.

    Ravelry: Morningthaw
    Instagram: Morningthawknits

  127. Glad I found my way to your blog and podcast! I may be too late for the giveaway, but I'd have to say my best flavor would be Lemon Drop and my worst Rotten Egg!

    Ravelry: tmangil
    Instagram: tmangil73

  128. I've just caught up with all your podcasts and have loved them - thanks so much��
    My worst flavour would be salty oyster and my best flavour would be mango/lime/coconut colada!!

    Ravelry: jillas

  129. Your photographs here priceless, so beautiful in their settings.
    I adore your esthetics, so lovely and peaceful, I love things that make my heart smile.
    Okay, worst? Hmm how about least favorite ;) Chocolate Orange! It reminds me of those (to me) ghastly chocolate orange holiday candy! *giggles*
    Most favorite? A Tie between Hall of Prophecy and Every Flavour! ♡ sometimes you can't pick just one! :)

    Hoping the weeks have been kind.
    The weather lovely with plenty of moments to create in the way that brings your smiles ad peace.

    Cjscreativelife on IG
    Alwaysknitu1 on Ravelry

  130. I thought this was such a lovely idea for a giveaway that I asked my kids for their ideas, and it sparked a very lively conversation! My daughter says that her least favourite Bertie Botts bean is earwax, even if Dumbledore does like them! If she had to invent one the most disgusting would be slug... Favourite would be grape, which got me thinking about a wine favoured bean for frazzled mothers who can't wait for wine o'clock!

  131. Hello!

    First, may I say your podcast is awesome! I absolutley love it :)
    I am very exited to watch your next episodes.

    The worst ever taste for me would be fish (any kind)
    The best taste would be freshly picked wild strawberries! Not much beats those little darlings :)

    If I should be lucky enough to win, you can PM me on Ravelry or Instagram: Nordic Stitches is the name on there :)

    Best regards
    Lilli, Norway

  132. I so enjoyed your podcast. Your little mini's are so pretty I can't wait to see the blanket you make. The worst bean flavour for me would be nut *bleh* and the best would be raspberry tart *yum*. :)
    I'm Mokkiblossom on ravelry

  133. I just discovered your podcast and love it! My worst flavor would be cod liver oil. I took some years ago and can still remember the taste. My best flavor would be black currant.

  134. Dear Jooles, what a beautiful blog and podcast you have.
    The yarn you're giving away is also gorgeous, but even if I don't win it wanted to say to you how nice is to listen to your podcast. I normally don't have the time for that with my almost 10 mo daughter, but I do try to watch all your episodes, they're so inspiring. Thanks for that!

  135. I like to do my kitchener knitted, it's really easy and it looks just like it's knitted, no sign of it being two parts joined together - just look for knitted kitchener stitch! (Ravname: Yllatylla)


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