Friday, 29 July 2016

Podcast Number Three ..... The Long One x

Hello my sweet friends
podcast number three is out .....
It's a long one so get nice and comfy!

A trip to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
My birthday gift form my sweet friend Chrissie

and here are my show notes.....

In the Making

yarn form Sugar mouse knitting on Etsy

Finished Things
AMAZING Crochet Kitchener stitch link

   Embroidered quilt block from the book Stitch Ideas Volume 11 by 
Hiroko Ishii (all in Japanese) ISBN 978-4-529-04826-2

From my Postie

Beatrix Potter themed mini skeins & Mrs Tiggy Winkle skein by 
Elm Tree Yarns
  Garden Rose, Peach Fizz, Robin’s Egg & Shy Violet

Super happy mistake from the sweet Molly from a Homespun house
Let them eat cake

* GIVEAWAY * * *

Thank you so much to wonderfully kind Abbey
Abbey Morris Designs on Ravelry 
The winner of one of her beautiful patterns is .....

Wanda! who is rhythmstiks on Ravelry

Congratulations Wanda ..... I shall be in touch soon!

Thank you to .....

Dana - for the gift of the Family Tree cowl pattern 
Julie - for the gift of Smooth socks pattern by Susan B Anderson
You ladies are so so very utterly amazingly kind

❤ ❤ 

Thank you also to these sweet ladies for making me blush .....

GRACE - Babbles traveling  yarns Podcast
JACKLYN - Brooklyn knit folk Podcast
MARISSA & Aleisha - Bookend knits podcast
TRACEY & JODI - Grocery Girls podcast
TIFFANY - Knittin’ from the Mitten podcast

You are all ADORABLE and I REALLY want to hug you BIG

❤ ❤ 

In my shop

(August 3rd at 12 noon BST)
Handy time converter gizmo

Back soon my loves!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hello! I think you should just keep things here on your blog. I love that it is easier for you. :) Also you said if what you spoke about regarding your way of handling depression helped one person (at least)-- well it helped me. Thank you! :) I will be stalking your shop next Wednesday. Fingers crossed I can snag one of your lovely bags.

  2. Hello, Jooles! I just wanted to say I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of your episodes! :) And oh my goodness... I feel some yarn enabling coming on with those Beatrix Potter yarns!!! So lovely!!!!

  3. Oh, and as far as to start a Ravelry group or not... My thoughts are to stick with what you are most comfortable with! :) I have struggled greatly with anxiety and being overwhelmed easily for years, and am just now realizing I need to be very good about saying "no" to things--even seemingly good things--because it isn't something that is helpful to me to pursue. :)

  4. I love your podcast. It made me smile. I love your elephant best. Watched you while snuggling my new baby. Two weeks old.

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely... person, podcast, everything really😀😀 I too shall be stalking next Wednesday and oh yes indeed I will be making socks. You are such an inspiration and such a strong, brave lady. Keep smiling and the imp will stay away. Hugs to you xx

  6. what a lovely episode. I am so glad your going to continue. I really enjoy sitting and listening to you while I knit. I am hoping...fingers get one of your lovely bags. Thank you for your bravery on talking about your depression. Its very brave.

  7. oh and I wanted to say that I loved the videos you included at the end. Such fun to see! If you feel more comfortable being here and not doing a ravelry group than thats ok with me. Have a lovely week!

  8. Hi Jooles.
    I was so delighted to see you had posted another podcast. Hands down, yours is the most delightful one I watch. Its so nice to hear about and see the things you are working on.
    I also suffer from depression, and I am amazed at how brave you are in speaking out about it. I couldnt do that. Im also a shy person and to talk about it out loud would be too difficult for me. I havent thought about it the way you described. Its always been lurking my head....
    To be able to take it out and make it a little tiny ugly troll, would be so helpful. Im going to try that. I get so tired of always worrying about when it will surface.
    As I have gotten older I have found I get a lot more overwhelmed by things, and Im not sure whether its to do with my depression, or just my age. I am 56.
    I love that you are planning a grandchild glory box. I had one which I started when my 2 daughters were around 10 yrs old. So by the time the first grandchild
    arrived, I could have clothed 20 babies. After 4 grandsons, I finally have a wee grand daughter. She is 1 now and I adore making pink pretty lacey cardys for her.
    I think your idea of podcasting fortnightly is wonderful. Im already looking forward to seeing you again. Lots of kind wishes to you.

  9. Hi it's me again 😀 I am researching the links you gave and making more podcast friends along the way. I am determined to make socks and shawls. This is my year of making new things... I am a quilter but have taught myself, with my sister's help how to crochet. Sock and shawl making are next on the list! And I want to get some lovely labels to use when I gift things. Where do you get yours?
    I too loved the film at the end of your podcast, I felt I could eat the yummy tea and I was walking with you and pooch... hugs xx

    1. Well done Sue ..... I'm super~impressed! keep up the good work. I get my labels from woven labels uk.
      Love Jooles x

    2. Squeallllll, you replied, thank you 😀 sorry to be a pain but do you use the sew on or iron on labels? Xx

    3. I use the sew on ones Sue x

  10. Thank you for yet another lovely Podcast Jooles, keep it simple and don't bother with any Rav group this is all fine.

  11. I just discovered your podcast and I love it. You're so lovely. It's a real pleasure for me to listen to you as I knit or do some cross stitch. Lots of love from Belgium

  12. Jooles! I live in Australia and that honey green almond is my favourite tea from T2...I like to brew it with some rooibos as well for 10 minutes or so and have it with a splash of milk. That was very sweet of your son :) Love your podcast xx

  13. Such a lovely podcast to watch, keep up the good and enjoyable work. Thank you for being honest.
    Looking forward to number 4 x

  14. Another lovely episode! So nice to see you. I love that Beatrix Potter yarn, it is beautiful isn't it. Hope you are having a great weekend! xx

  15. I enjoyed your podcast so much! I heard about you from another podcasters (sorry I can't remember who). I felt a kindred spirit with you, agreeing with so many things you said! As for a ravelry group, I don't think it's necessary, especially if it would make things more stressful for you. I loved how you talked to Violet when you showed us her tail and tights! So cute, I giggled!

  16. Oh sweet Jooles thank you SO much for the lovely shoutout <3 Your kind words made me smile from ear to ear :) you are such a sweet human being!
    I loved this episode! Your little stuffed elephant made my heart happy. I just love the meaning behind it <3 My father passed away 3 years ago and what would have been his sixth grandchild is due in September so I think I will knit the little guy a stuffed animal as well and name him on behalf of his grandfather<3 I adored seeing the videos of the tea and your walks with Mabel who is adorable by the way! I also wanted to say that the bags you make are stunning. I am a new to sewing and you have enabled me to become obsessed with Liberty fabric! :P
    I hope you are having a lovely week and I can't wait to see your next episode :)


  17. Hello😊
    I am so enjoying your podcast. You do such a lovely job and it's so lovely to listen to you and see you're finished projects and wips, etc. If I could offer just one small constructive suggestion- if you could learn to look at the camera so that when we viewers are watching you're making eye contact with us rather than what it appearskike now; as if are looking perhaps at yourself in the monitor. Just a minor thing but it really does make the viewing of a podcast so much more enjoyable just a minor thing but it really does make the viewing of the podcast so much more enjoyable when the podcasters are looking directly at their viewers. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching all your future episodes !

  18. Thankyou for a really enjoyable podcast - love your style ! I have several pairs of socks waiting for their toes to be grafted - the crochet method is so easy and neat - thanks for the link 😊 look forward seeing you again.

  19. Really enjoyed your podcast Jooles, and it was lovely to see where you and Mabel walk. She's so beautiful! I think you should keep things here, especially if that's easiest for you. The more places you are, the more work it is that's certainly true and you could always revisit the rivalry group idea after a while if you feel differently.

    It was so interesting, and yes, defining helpful to hear you talk about the way you think and feel about the depression imp. I hadn't quite thought of it that way and I like the idea.

    Ps the bags look gorgeous!

    S x

  20. Hi Jooles. I am thrilled to bits to be the winner of the giveaway in episode two. I have never won anything before and to think my name was picked out of eighty is amazing. I have chosen Sweet Pea Shoots and now that I have seen your socks I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much and good luck with your podcast. It is so very relaxing to listen to.😀

  21. Your podcasts are a real treat to watch, Jooles - thank you for being such good (virtual) company!

  22. Hi Jooles,
    Thank you so much for the new podcast. I have so much fun listening to it while I knit/crochet.
    Your lovely elephant brought back some memories, 4 years ago I made a bear for my grandson.
    I adore your pretty quilt embroidery thats also something i want to trie out. Also thumbs up on the update on yarns because where I live there are not a lot of shops with beautiful yarn.
    Sadly I was too late to purchase one of your gorgeous bags, but perhaps nextime ��
    Keep up the good work ��

  23. Hello Jooles, stumbled across your podcast by youtube and loved every episode. A good companion whilst knitting away :) i looked for stitch idea vol 11, no luck yet! Look forward to number 4! Charly x (yarn pigeon podcast!)

  24. I watched while hand quilting, you are so lovely and relaxing to listen to. I adored all the makes you showed, especially the elephant and thank you for the introduction to Little Cotton Rabbits (I've already cast on for a teeny mouse) and I thought your new yarn purchases are just gorgeous (can feel a splurge comiing on!). Sissinghurst is wonderful and a favourite place for me to stop en route to Canterbury where my daughter is at university. My two children are 22 and 20 and my newly-graduated son is coming home on Sunday to live with us again. I'm finding it a real pleasure to have grown-up children and getting to know their partners makes me feel that my little family has doubled in size! Thanks Jools.

  25. Hello Jooles! Loving your podcasts, warm and cozy, inspiring! I like the way you link your podcasts into your blog, really! I also think it is fine writing to you here vs in Ravelry group. It makes it easy, because everything is in ONE place. So I vote for staying with this format :-) but that is just my own opinion. Have a lovely time until the next podcast and again, thank you... Lynne

  26. Hi Jooles, I just discovered your podcast today through Molly at Homespun House. I really enjoyed your podcast and all the items you made are just beautiful and I will definitely have to buy one of your amazing project bags. I too look forward to future podcasts.

  27. I waited until I had time to sit and watch your podcast uninterrupted and the time flew by, I was so transfixed! Lots of lovely things - the embroidery looks amazing, you are a truly talented lady. I enjoyed a walk with Mabel at the end and I've been singing that music in my head every minute of the day ever since! Have a very happy weekend xx

  28. Dear Jooles, I have just started watching your podcast today and just had to leave you a note to thank you for sharing your beautiful projects. I'm a beginner knitter and love cross stitching, and completely relate to your anxiety and depression. Thank you for talking about it. Crafting has been a huge part of my life and now that I am learning how to knit, I am hoping to bless other people with my creations and encourage loving and positive energies. You have wonderful taste and I'm already looking forward to the next episode. Much love from Canada.

  29. Hello dear Jooles,
    You are so gracious and gentle, you make me feel like I've known you forever. I am rather new to podcast watching and was brought to yours by a referral from one of those you mentioned. (Can't remember)
    Your unpretensiousness and candor about your personal life and your genuine enthusiasm for life is infectious.
    I loved your little Brian. My father is deceased and I sewed little rabbits out of one of his soft flannel shirts for my 3 grandchildren so that he,too, would watch over them and keep them safe.
    I wish you peace and love and now am off to episode 4!
    Leslie in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  30. Hello Jooles,

    Just found your podcasts today and I must say I am enjoying them very much. You do sound so sweet so the name is perfect for you! I love your socks and all your sewing projects, they are beautiful.

  31. Hi Jooles! I could have sworn that I subscribed to your show on You Tube awhile back, I think when Molly first mentioned it, but apparently I had not! No matter, because I'm now working my way through all of them at once! I'm enjoying your show, your projects, and your openness quite a bit. Looking forward to future episodes...and the two I have left in my queue!

  32. I have just started watching you on YouTube. I love your videos. I just finished watching episode 3. I love the top you are wearing. Did you make it? Off to watch episode 4 now!!

    1. Hi Lynette
      Thank you so much x
      I didn't make it sadly, I bought it from the states xxx


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