Thursday, 29 October 2015

I can't think of a title .....

Hello my dear friends
I hope you're well
can you believe it's almost November???

I feel like a different person
a tired person!

I've just re~jigged my little mug shelf into autumn~winter stylie
which cheers my soul

There's not been much time for anything other puppy love and work
I'm finding it pretty hard to balance a busy shop, a busy home~life and a busy pup.
I want to say that I'm loving it but it's not coming naturally to me
it can be so frustrating and exhausting
I really hope this will change soon
I ADORE her, of course I do
how could I not?
but my life is completely upside down.
I think it'll help when we can take pupper out for walks
she has her second vaccination in two weeks
and then I hope we can use up some of that super~charged~energy that she has!

 This is how she looks most of the time!

 Smitten flower number eleven

I love that I'm still picking roses from the garden
such an unexpected treat for the end of October

..... and now for my BIG news
I'm knitting socks!
I'm utterly over~the~moon about this
I've wanted to have a go for so so so long
I really didn't know if I could do it
I've had the needles and yarn for well over a year
just sitting there making me feel light terror
just now seemed perfect timing
I can knit them a few rows at a time when I have a free moment
(they may take a while!)
I've been using this wonderful tutorial
if like me, you long to knit up some snuggly socks
but suffer sock terror just have a watch
it's so detailed and helpful.
I'm so grateful to the kind people who make these videos
I really love using them
I'd be so useless at it!

Well I must be off
my little pup is waking up

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Oh Jooles- I remember this so well from when our dog was a puppy! It is rather like caring for a baby & can be incredibly tiring & frustrating. Alfie would push me to the end of my tether & then either make me laugh or curl up asleep looking really cute! I'm sure it will get easier, she will calm down a bit & learn the things you are trying to teach her. Alfie still drives me mad at times but I couldnt be without him!
    Love your socks. Watch out- it can become addictive! The only thing I find is that after completing one it takes a bit of mental effort to cast on the second. Are you knitting two at the same time? Clever!!XX

  2. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon! Love that mug shelf. Congrats on knitting socks! I haven't even thought of doing that. Maybe someday...

  3. What an adorable puppy! Love the socks, mugs and flowers! Jen

  4. We've never had a puppy, but it seems like they are as much work as a young child! Hopefully the energy can be expended once he goes outside. He looks very sweet. Love the fairy lights over your kitchen window.

  5. She is such a cutie but yes they are such hard work! Enjoy. Your mugs look so pretty in their display. Great socks! x

  6. Your mugs, roses and socks are so pretty! But I really love that cute puppy. I can understand very well that the combination of a busy shop and homelife is difficult with that energetic puppy. Our border collie Snarf is now 13 and still very active, but when he was a pup, I remember he made me so tired, he was racing, jumping and wanted to play with me all day. One moment of inattention and he had gnawed a hole in the curtains or outside buried my garden gloves, well now I can laugh about it, but at that time......

  7. I hope that you have some wonderful happy puppy times! Adore your mugs! xx

  8. I'm not sure I would have the energy for a puppy again! Like children it does get easier though especially when you can take them walks, and at least your gorgeous bundle won't need bathing after every walk like mine! Xx

  9. She is very sweet. .. Puppies are hard work !

  10. Congratulations on the wonderful new addition to your life!! yes, they are a lot of work but who could have ever got such a picture of a little dog smelling the flowers! Such a treasure! I also wanted to congratulate you on making the home page today for Etsy! beautiful socks and what a wonderful kitchen to get up to every day!! Always love to read your posts. Happy November!

    1. Thanks Melody, your super kind x
      I didn't know about the Etsy homepage! I can't seem to find anything now, could you tell me what product of mine was on there? thanks so much!
      love Jooles x x x

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  12. Puppy training is so hard! That's why this time, we went for a rescue dog that was 18 months old and already house and leash trained! Puppies are like having a newborn again, only there is no maternity leave and no feels like they should be quite helpful to you as they would if you had given birth! I hope puppy slows down a bit in the house once you can get her outside!

  13. Jooles you have such a gorgeous place and love that puppy


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