Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Around Here .....

there's lots of Liberty of London scraps ..... these are destined to be this

I've been enjoying my twinkly lights

SO many dahlias ..... they're pretty bonkers flowers but oh so happy

I'm loving Autumn (really REALLY loving autumn) and eating a heap of apples mostly from here

Smitten flower number ten

I've been sewing sewing sewing .....
there's a LOVELY batch of advent calendars going in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow
I have just one more to finish and then that's it ..... no custom orders for these I'm afraid.

Playing with pears!

I've been thinking recently how decadent a Liberty of London bunting advent would be
they will be limited to just a few
I'll let you know when they're ready
(I may just have to keep one!)

Oh and we have a new playmate arriving soon!
Excited and scared.

Thanks for popping by
Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Olá gosto muito dos seus trabalhos.
    E adoro essa sua cozinha ela é linda demais.
    Abraços !

  2. So many lovely photos Jooles, you have been a busy bee. Can't wait to see you new addition! xx

  3. Oh, such prettiness here! Those fabrics are utterly gorgeous, and I am always in awe of your sewing skill. I'm so pants!

    Oh,oh,oh, can't wait to say 'hi' to your newest family member!

    Take care my lovely, always such an uplifting treat to visit you here xxxxxxx

  4. That little pear is so sweet! How exciting about your new friend- can't wait to know more!xx

    1. What a gorgeous post, dear Jooles! Such delicious photos of your yummy makes and the autumn fruits....delightful! And the news that you are getting a puppy....how exciting :) Looking forward to hearing more soon x
      Happy week.
      Helen xox

  5. You've been busy with sewing and days out. But when that puppy arrives, you'll be a whole new kind of busy!!

  6. Lovely post glad I stopped by x

  7. I miss Autumn…. your pictures are beautiful!!!!
    Curious to "meet" the new member of your family!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. Love the holly pear! A dog how exciting, looking hpforward to meeting him or her xx

  9. The flying geese are a great way to use up tiny scraps. As ever everything just looks lovely in your photos, you must have the prettiest home.x

  10. I love the advent calendars and wow, a dog!! My two would be rather envious :-) x

  11. All so lovely, especially your fairy lights in the kitchen! xx

  12. Dahlias, apples, and a new puppy - you must be near to heaven! Hugs!

  13. Those geese! Love them and hope your new arrival settles in nicely :)

  14. Love the little geese, so pretty and a puppy! How exciting! Can't wait to see. Our puppy turned a year old in August - time flies xx

  15. What busy and productive days you're having. Love that crocheted pear!

  16. Dumb question... but I love your mugs! Where did you get those? Or are they a specific brand?

    Otherwise, everything is SO SO pretty!!!

    1. Hi Susan ..... Thank you, they are baby mugs from Emma Bridgewater. I'm a bit addicted!
      love Jooles x x x

  17. Hello, Jooles, my name's Nina, portuguese, living in Oporto.
    I found your blog by chance and I do love it!
    I'm already following you!
    I hope to learn a lot of your switching skills!
    Lot of hugs

  18. Oooo I do love your mugs ! Pat x


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