Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Quilted Advent Calendar Pattern .....

If you are of a delicate disposition please look away now
we're going to be talking Christmas .....

I've been asked SO many times
about writing a pattern for my quilted advent calendar
I don't LOVE pattern writing to be honest
but I've toughed it out just for you!
Aren't I nice?!

The pattern is an instant download from my Etsy shop
It's fifteen pages long with lots of detailed step~by~steps and photos
including the templates that you'll need.
You can find it HERE

I designed this advent calendar quite a few years back now and it has been super popular
It's always had a soft spot in my heart too
so I hope you'll like it.

The finished size is 53 cm x 65 cm and it has two hanging loops on the back
 I'd say it's suitable for a beginner to intermediate sewer
 the basic skills you'd need would be simple hand embroidery and using a sewing machine.
I’ve written the pattern nicely detailed
with all of my tips and tricks for a perfect finish
 including a how~to on rubber stamping.

I know not everyone is keen on rubber stamping but it is SO easy
and gives a quick, fresh and modern finish
I show you how, step~by~ step, in the pattern
but if you REALLY didn't want to stamp
you could embroider the numbers which I think would look beautiful.

I'd LOVE to know if you make one ..... so PLEASE show me
I'll probably get a little giddy

Before I go, I just wanted to say a BIG BIG
'Thank You'
to everyone who leaves me such lovely comments and pops by here
I don't always get a chance to reply
but I just want to tell you that
every visit and comment you make lights my days

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. It is beautiful Jooles and I am sure that many people will enjoy making their own calendar! xx

  2. OH! I love it! I will buy the pattern, but I promised myself NO XMAS until the first of October. Then I'll get started right away!! Thanks for the pattern, Jooles!


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