Friday, 18 September 2015

Postcards from Portugal .....

Hello my friends
how are you?

I've been on holiday (again!)
I know, I've been VERY lucky this year

Praia Da Luz beach

Uh. The sunsets were unbelievable.
We had a really wonderful time
all four of us
I feel SO happy that my Sweet Bee and our son still want to come with us
(It's obviously not because it's a free holiday or anything!)
Mr. Sweet and I even got treated to a couple of meals out
..... that was a fabulous novelty.
We all had really good fun together.

We went in search of hidden coves
just breathtaking
sadly we couldn't find anyway down to that gorgeous beach
and I couldn't get too close to the edge without getting the urge to jump
I was under strict control
 ..... anyone else get that?
It's a scary feeling.

Odeceixe beach

I even seem to have got my holiday health issues a little better under control
(I've had a lot of practice this year!)
with thanks to some careful planning and my new friend the NutriBullet
so I'm very pleased about that.
I filled one of these with bullet nutritions.

We made these to take with us along with lots of other healthy snacks
('We' being Sweet Bee & I
she's very into healthy eating too and I'm so glad for that
we have fun together with it
it would be a lot harder to do it on my own)
What did we ever do without Deliciously Ella? she has helped me so much

My lovely two x

..... and of course, I managed to fit in a little stitching.
Stitching a few more memories into my 'Smitten' quilt flowers

This is the quilt label for one of my two new Great Nephews
Isn't it a sweet name?
Gaston's mummy is Bolivian and it's her father's name.
He was born just before our holiday and baby Freddie was born while we were away
as you can imagine, I'm DESPERATE to see them both to have baby cuddles
not long now though
I have one baby playdate confirmed
and I'm working on the next!

Oh, that reminds me, I haven't shared the second baby quilt with you have I?
I'll do that soon. Promise x

Wishing you a Super Duper weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Simply beautiful!!! So glad you had a great time with your family and you're feeling better!!!

  2. So glad you had such a great time. What a beautiful place to stay!!! xx

  3. How peaceful and beautiful it looks in your photos, I hope you've come back feeling refreshed. I always love to see your stitching and your Smitten quilt flowers are so pretty, how lovely they will be too when they're joined together. Happy weekend! Jane xx

  4. Such beautiful photos Joules. It sounds and looks an amazing place. It's lovely your two still come along. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy it this year healthwise too. x

  5. What a lovely post. Beautiful pics. I am envious that you managed to sew whilst away. I took some sewing to Pefkos, Rhodes, just come back after two weeks away. But it was too hot, 47 degrees some days ! Hope to get some done today after washing !! Love the Smitten quilt😀 xx

  6. I have that feeling too. It's disconcerting: knowing it's wrong but feeling that pull. I have not heard anyone else talk about it - what a relief. Glad you had such a lovely holiday. Love the fabric combinations you use.

  7. I am glad you remained healthy throughout your trip. Pre-planning sure helps, doesn't it? The beach looks amazing. I've never been to Portugal but my sisters and mother are taking me next summer for my 40th birthday. I'm so looking forward to it! Two new nephews? Lucky Auntie.


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