Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Rainbows .....

..... make me SO happy


If I can make something in rainbow I will
If I can make something in Liberty rainbow I JUST HAVE TO.

This pencil case was supposed to be a gift
but quite frankly I CAN NOT be parted with it.
Well ..... it's Liberty and it's a rainbow!

So it is MINE full stop.

..... and the pattern ..... well it was a dream
and I'm now officially friends with zips
can you believe it?
from arch~enemies to besties in just one pattern!
Zips made me shake and shudder but no more
thanks to my lovely pal Kristyne
and her super duper Round Pencil Case Pattern
It is Superb.
Her pattern is so detailed and friendly
teeny tiny step~by~steps
it's just like having her there right next to you
holding your hand and chatting away, guiding you whilst you're sewing
the only thing better than that would be
her REALLY sitting there next to me chatting away whilst I'm sewing
although I don't think I'd get too much done ..... she is a hoot!
and that really would be FABULOUS.

So if you're zip~shy like I was
try Kristyne's pattern ...... you'll be so glad you did.


Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. That's it, I'm flat-out copying you with this beautiful Liberty rainbow creation! And if it will help me get past my zip fear, we'll all the better. The best? Having you by my side to guide me through it! I will make lovely tea and Ella's fudge...!

  2. Beautiful!!! If I had made that I think that I would keep it for myself too! Perhaps then I would make another to give away as a gift, but I would keep the first one!! xx

  3. I don't blame you for keeping it ... I wanted to keep "gifts" so many times, only to think that I'll make another one for me but I never get around to it! I don't mind zips, but the round ends scare me a little - eep ...

  4. Gorgeous! I'm zip shy myself, so might have to give this one a go. Beautiful colours and fabric. xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I have no trouble with zips in clothes but terrified of them in bags and other 3d items!

  6. Oooh gorgeous rainbow colours love it!

  7. Gorgeous! Love the pattern and the sweet rainbow of Liberty fabrics.......you certainly should keep it for yourself! Happy week, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  8. It's a lovely make & the perfect way to use up Liberty scraps xx

  9. That yellow Liberty print is my favorite in your fun rainbow - I'm going to try to track it down!! Have a lovely day - Hugs, Ann

  10. So pretty. I love the way you have put this together. Your blog is so inspiring, and i can absolutely see why you are keeping this for yourself. x

  11. Just really beautiful! I think I would keep it too, haha!

  12. Well I wouldn't be able to part with it either. It's a thing of beauty! xx


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