Thursday, 13 August 2015

Quick pics | August .....

1   'Make a wish!' mini butterfly canvases are in the making .....
2   Trying V.hard to stay on the 'health wagon' ~
    Acai, Berry & Baobab breakfast bowl (minus the baobab) I even MADE almond milk
3   Sweet Bee and I are selling flowers!
4   Mouse rattle for a sweet friend
5   Mr. Sweet & I went here (again) ..... Oh it was pretty.
6   ..... and that sign ..... I LOVE that sign.
7   My next baby quilt is in the making.
8   Do you remember me talking about the Instagram sew~a~long? .....
    I won round four! ..... super exciting. These are my winners treats from
    super sewing goddess Amy, I feel truly spoilt.

Lately I've been feeling under~the~weather
in both body and soul
hoping to feel better on both fronts V.soon.

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Everything is so pretty, the flowers, fabric and the mouse! I love those signs. I want to do some chaulkboard signs now:)

  2. Such pretty pics and sentiments feel better soon lovely
    Clare x

  3. Hi,I am wanting my kitchen re newed and remembered yours,do you mind if I ask you how much it cost?The things I ADORE about your kitchen are the double sink,GOT to have one of those and the delightful mug shelf.Also did you paint it that lovely colour or was it ready to go?I am SO looking forward to starting as my kitchen is so VERY tired at the moment.Thanking you in anticipation.Pam

    1. Hi Pam ..... thank you so much x
      To be honest I can't tell you how much it cost as we had a lot of other work done at the same time and paid all together but i remember the whole bill made my eyes water!
      The little mug shelf was made from my own idea by the kitchen fitters and painted to match the cabinets. Good luck with your plans, how exciting!
      love Jooles x x x

  4. What a pretty post, full of the loveliness of summer colors. The photo of the single cosmo in focus against the garden is gorgeous. I do hope you feel better soon, Jooles. Take care.

  5. Joules, a feast for the eyes. I'm sorry you haven't been at your best, take care, love and hugs. X

  6. Congratulations on your win, very well deserved. x

  7. Your pretty photos have brightened up my rainy day! Hope you are soon feeling much better.xx

  8. I love that sign too! Feeling a bit teary today so it made me even tearier, but in a good way. xx

  9. I love your idea of the little flower shop!!!!

  10. Such a lovely cheerful post. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  11. The quote on the sign is so true, like it. And what about the beautiful Cosmea in front of all the flowers, that picture is gorgeous. The idea of the mini flower shop is a superb idea. Alltogether I love this post!

  12. Your posts are always so pretty and welcoming, thank you :)

  13. What a beeautifulllllll post. Keep your spirits up. Love and hugs Sue x


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