Monday, 24 August 2015

Gifts for a sweet friend and a BIG embarrassing boo boo .....

I LOVE making gifts
I really REALLY do
just thinking of the recipient and what they may like
gets my heart all in a flutter
dreaming up the little finishing details (the VERY best bit in my opinion)
is utter heaven to me ..... it makes me so HaPpY

This little baby bib was made for a beautiful friend
who I've yet to meet in 'real life'
we both hope that that will change one day
It is the happiest of gifts
as this little bib means that her dream has come true
a much longed for baby girl is on the way
I'm so delighted for her and husband
such HaPpy HaPpY news

Dolce bambino  ❤   Sweet baby  

It was also my make for round four of the
Sweetly Stitched Sew~a~long on Instagram
(you can read more about it here if you wish)
and it won me a super duper prize from Amy!
I feel spoiled rotten ..... what a gorgeous collection of treats.

and now for the 'BIG boo boo' bit .....
I'm actually really embarrassed.
I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to make the 'mummy to be' a gift too"
So I did.
Another Round Pencil Case ~ pattern by my pal Kristyne
I decided to add some embroidered wording on this too
So I used Google translate (don't do it!)
and I ended up calling her a Beautiful (Egyptian) mummy
instead of a Beautiful (mummy) mummy
(now you can see my embarrassment)
I even had 'that' feeling whist stitching it ..... I wish I'd listened to myself
Luckily she saw the funny side and whipped her needle and thread out for adjustments!

I added a cute crochet mouse rattle too
(as I just couldn't resist)
The  pattern for it is wonderful and free ..... how lovely x

I shall love you and leave you for now sweet friends
thanks for popping by you really make my day

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Well, I just think the translation issue just adds to the charm. :-) What incredibly beautiful gifts though, as always the quality of your work and finish is just impeccable, and you use such gorgeous fabrics and trims. xx

  2. Que trabalho lindo e encantador.
    Suas peças me inspiram demais.
    Parabéns !

  3. Your little gifts are simply beautiful and I'm sure both Mama & Bebe will be absolutely delighted. And your translation story is so funny, don't be embarrassed, it really does add charm!
    Happy new week,

  4. Such pretty gifts! I love the color and the beautiful "mummy" will love it, I'm sure:)

  5. I don't think I've ever seen such a gorgeous baby gift set, just lovely. Maybe well get to see the baby girl modelling the bib, it is just so pretty, a triumph Joules. Xxx

  6. Love the Egyptian mummY story, It is very sweet.... I love your beautiful gifts, Jooles. They are so delicate, elegant and pretty. I'm sure both mum and baby will be delighted, Pati x

  7. Love the translation story - you are funny x

  8. Oh how funny ( exactly the sort of mishap that happens to me!!) but great your friend saw the funny side too. The gifts are so beautiful, no wonder she was delighted. Maria xx

  9. How beautiful, I'm sure your friend will love these. There's something special about making gifts for friends and family, I think it's the extra thought that goes into it. They're really lovely x

  10. oh what a thoughtful gift and so glad she saw the funny side! xxx

  11. Awwwwwww Joules... I am so very glad your lovely readers are thinking exactly the same as me... it's a totally funny story to remember now and forever and it actually added a giggle (which is always a gooooood thing!!!) to my already "totally in love with heart shaped eyes" face when I opened the little packages you sent me!!! You shouldn't be embarrassed AT ALL as the very fact you thought of creating the stitching in my native language without knowing it at all is such a sweet and thoughtful touch and honestly that left me speechless!!!
    Regarding the gifts... well I guess they speak for themselves... they are just the MOST ADORABLE things I have ever seen in my life, made in my favourite colours and I feel so lucky and blessed to be your friend! I am with you on the finishing details importance, and you are such a master with them.. I could spend hours looking at them... And finally I am so glad the bib made you won that competition.. honestly it couldn't have been otherwise, it's just the most gorgeous bib EVER (I can't wait for my baby girl to be here and let her wear it!!!)
    Thank you truly again and again.. for the gifts, for your kind heart and for your beautiful words dearest Joules ❤

  12. ...and talking about boo boos... why do I always mistake Jooles for Joules?!?! I guess I love that brand of clothing so it just confuses me :P
    Lots of love to you Jooles (not Joules!) ^_^

  13. Beautiful little gifts created in such sweet colours and patterns.

  14. I like the story that goes with the translation, one of the great things about making/receiving a handmade gift. Beautiful bib!
    Claire xx

  15. What beautiful gifts and what a lovely, (even if it ended up being hilarious) touch to think of adding the writing in her own language. It really made me chuckle and I am sure it did her too :-) x

  16. I think the story and effort make the gift even sweeter and more charming, truly. And they're lovely!

  17. Love these so pretty gifts and all the little details. Stunning! X

  18. Your work is so beautiful Joules - such a beautiful, beautiful gift to receive. Kate xxx


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