Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gifts .....

..... I've been making (or should I say 'starting') a lot of them recently.
These gifts, though, for my dearest best friend
I did actually finish.
A deadline is obviously good for me.
Very sadly (for me anyway) she lives in Australia
happily for me though, she and her family are back visiting
and we've had a LOT of fun

(The cross stitch pattern is from Satsuma street on Etsy)

I made her this cushion to commemorate a trip that we'd been planning in London
hmmmm ..... we ended up tripping to Chichester instead!
but she loves it anyhow and we had such a fun time there
for lunch we popped in to M&S to buy a picnic lunch
we sat in the cathedral grounds enjoying our salads
whilst I taught her to English paper piece.

The day before we spent at my house where crochet lessons happened
flapjacks were consumed, a quick trip out for lunch and home to afternoon hot chocolates
and a WHOLE lot of nattering and more crochet.

(These dunked!)

We've had a ginormous family lunch too.
We've packed a LOT into two and a half days!
there will be one more get-together before their return
(I can hardly bear to type that let alone think about it)

..... and I made these cheeky little guys for her two daughters
one who is so delightful and one who is the former and my goddaughter to boot.

and this was given to me!
isn't it GORGEOUS?
I LOVE it and will treasure it ALWAYS
I can hear it shouting out for something deelish to sit upon it
 ..... don't you think?
I'll rectify that this weekend with a bit of luck.

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my Austria post
it seems I'm not the only one who adores that country
I find myself v.frequently day~dreaming about it
all that beauty and fragrant fresh air ......

..... so I bought myself a new book
how pretty?!

and just look at that new Liberty of London fabric  ❤ ❤ 

I've started to put that to good use already .....
new petite butterfly art canvases are in the making!

..... Oh another 'started' project
but in my defence it's made COMPLETELY from my scraps
and that feels so good.

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Beautiful stitching as always!
    I'm so going to try that flapjack recipe, I've been on the search for the perfect flapjack recipe, like forever!
    V x

  2. Olá quanta coisa linda para se ver em seu blog.
    Fico sempre encantada com suas postagens e seu trabalhos de costura.
    Parabéns !

  3. I saw your Austria post and promptly booked a long weekend in Vienna for our anniversary in November. Switzerland is my favourite place in the world but I have yet to venture into Austria and you reminded me I need to go!

  4. All such gorgeous beautifulness!!! Especially the two new little pear people! xx

  5. Love love love those amigurumi pear cuties, too! And that Liberty fabric with the Heidi book is just a perfect graphic couple. Thank you for the inspiration and dazzling eye-full! Ann

  6. Thank you so much for our beautiful and very generous gifts, your amazingly talented!!!! We had a wonderful time together in Chichester and also munching those divine flapjacks and drinking hot choc,yummy, I weigh a ton now! You have even managed to teach me how to crochet and sew those cute little hexagon fabric patchwork pieces. We ALL LOVE you so much and I hope I will be back to the UK a lot sooner next time! Going to miss you :( :( :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh Jooles! Your posts are so inspiring. I promised myself I'd go to bed right after I read your blog post, but instead I feel I must go through my fabric stash and get started on something pretty! Maybe just an hour in the craft space......then off to bed! :)

  8. Gosh, you've been a busy bee! I wish I had some of your ooompf. I seem to be lacking it somewhat at the moment! Gorgeous cushion, and I love the book. I bought a couple of those, but, i'm pretty sure I'll go back and get the other two to complete the collection. I'm useless for pretty!

    Have a gorgeous weekend my lovely xxxxx

  9. Such a beautiful cushion, Jooles! I love the colours and the beautiful stitching! You are so clever at combining gorgeous fabrics too. How yummy the flapjacks look...sooo tempting........
    I missed your previous post so am going to look at it now.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  10. Beautiful cross stitch and it looks fabulous made up as a cushion. I love your scraps patchwork too, those colours! Glad you enjoyed your hols in Austria, I'd love to go, especially after reading your wonderful 'Postcards' post. Have a lovely weekend. Jane xx

  11. Such a lovely post with lovely things and good vibes !

  12. wow for the cross stitch - i started the same one MONTHS ago and this has inspired me to find it and get cracking again! Love it in a cushion.

  13. Oo Joules so much gorgeousness! Love everything, the cushion, the bear and bunny, that fabulous patchwork. It made me feel happy just reading this post. Xx

  14. Your posts are always so pretty, so good for cheering us all up in this dismal weather. x

  15. I have a bestie who moved to New Zealand, so I totally get how you feel about your friend's visit, and it looks like you've made plenty of new memories together to keep you going.

    That's a cute cushion and a fabulous plate ... what a perfect gift exchange :o)

  16. how adorable are the little pear-headed bunny and bear!

  17. Your blog is just buzzing with creativity, happiness, family, friendship...oh, and really gorgeous fabric too. Those pear-shaped crocheted munchkins are just adorable. xx


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