Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Picnicing Perfection .....

Last Sunday was THE best.
My lovely Sweet B planned a picnic for my birthday
It was wonderful.
I felt so special and cherished
A day I shall remember always.

EVERYTHING was perfect.
Perfect company
(Mr Sweet, Sweet B & her boyfriend, my lovely boy and his girlfriend)
Perfect food
Perfect scenery
Perfect weather
Perfect fun
Perfect contentment.

I'm not one for
fancy cars
designer handbags
overpriced eateries
expensive jewels

THIS was my PERFECT day.

We picked a posy of wild flowers on our way home as a reminder of the sweetest day.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday
I've been working hard getting all my orders made and posted
so that I can do exactly what my heart desires tomorrow
and it desires to sew a baby quilt!
more on that soon

Wishing you a super happy sunshiny day too

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. It really looks like a perfect picnic. Everything looks beautiful, blue sky, sunshine and lovely treats to eat! Hope you have a fantabulous birthday and that you get to indulge on your quilt xxx

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me too, enjoy your birthday doing what you like to do xx

  3. I can imagine you enjoyed this picnic so much. Everything was there, just what you said a perfect picnic.
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday and much pleasure sewing a baby quilt.

  4. I had a birthday picnic in December - it was a bit chillier than yours though! Wishing you a fantastic birthday. xx

  5. Happy Birthday!!! So glad you had such a lovely birthday picnic, it looks perfect in every way! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! xx

  6. It all looks like a glorious dream! What a memorable day, I'm all smiles just looking at the photos! Cxxx

  7. Happy birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate. (That salad looks yummy!)

  8. What a lovely treat! Wishing you a very happy birthday Jooles, I hope you have another perfect day. Jane xx

  9. Lovely day, you can feel the warmth from the photos. When we are much older we won't remember the handbags or things, but do remember the experiences, and this is a day to treasure. Happy birthday! Xxx

  10. A perfect day! Happy birthday xPat

  11. Oh, GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sweet Jooles. It looks like you had the perfect day with your family by your side. Always such lovely memories to treasure....and I hope that you get to have a lovely relaxed day today!

    Take care my lovely xxxxxx

  12. Happy Birthday!! This would be the perfect day for me too, picnics are just great!

  13. That looks like perfection to me!
    Enjoy your day. :)

  14. buon compleanno, Jooles!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  15. Looks perfect to me, Jooles. Hope you're having a lovely birthday and many more to come!! Happy Summer to you and your family....
    Anne xxx

  16. What a wonderful summery picnic.....it looks so perfect! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear Jooles, and a fantastic year ahead!
    Helen xox

  17. It's all in the simple little things and the people you love, isn't it? Looks like you had a fab day. HAppy birthday and best wishes for the year ahead. Pati x

  18. What a picture perfect lovely day with your family. Happy birthday!

  19. Happy birthday :) what a wonderful day in the beautiful countryside with your loved ones, so nice of your husband to arrange this for you:)
    hugs Sif

  20. Happy birthday Jooles!!!! Hope you've had a great few days. Sounds and looks like the perfect day to me too! Perfect, J9x

  21. Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Joules. We too had a lovely family picnic this weekend for Abi's birthday, I think the simple things are often the most special. X


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