Monday, 11 May 2015

Smitten .....

..... Oh Yes I Am.

Uh Oh
It's happened again
 I've embarked upon another project
it is a very VERY pretty project though .....

Smitten flower number one

The Smitten quilt

I saw this a while back on Instagram
(as is often the case for me lately ..... there is just too much beautiful inspiration over there!)
and fell head~over~heals in love with it.

The pattern is by Lucy Carson Kingwell
I got my pattern and pre~cut paper pieces bundle from here
I searched online for ever but couldn't find it in the UK
it could well be different now though.

I'm adding my own twist on it
using only Liberty of London Tana lawn for the 'flowers'
and a very neat script fabric ~ Moda daysail tiny script
for the outline of each 'flower'
hoping that when the quilt is complete
the flowers will stand out and blow my mind!
I'm hoping they will all come together nicely
I'm a little worried about the angles of the script when the flowers eventually meet up
but I'm thinking that it'll all be ok.

This was my first choice of outline fabric
I then changed my mind and unpicked it and went for the 
tiny script fabric which I think works better

I've only ever worked with hexagons before
(I think?!)
so it's been fun to try out new shapes
and see them all fit magically together.

I had such a heavenly time sorting through my V. precious Liberty stash
and making pretty collections
ready for each flower
it really was the loveliest pastime

After flower one was complete
I was itching to start number two yesterday

and it did not disappoint!
there is just something about Liberty prints that makes my heart sing
they are just astoundingly beautiful


I'll keep you up~dated!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thank you so very VERY much for the overwhelming interest in my 
Butterfly art canvases
they sold out in lightning quick time
I am SO happy about that
and goodness it was exciting!

I hope to make some more in the coming weeks
and maybe some smaller ones too
(in fact I have so many butterfly ideas in my mind that I can't fit much else in there!)

Well I shall
love you
leave you
for now
thanks for popping by

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Gorgeous Jooles!!! I can totally see why you are so smitten!!! It is going to be fabulous, especially with your beautiful work and the gorgeous Liberty florals! xx

  2. What a great quilt pattern! And the fabrics are gorgeous. I love doing EEP, so I might give this one a try:)

  3. Where do I start! Firstly I love the pattern and choice of fabric you have chosen for your latest project. I think you make wonderful things. Im glad you are making smaller butterfly pictures I might like one done for my family of four. Each of with our own butterfly names ha ha !

  4. I love this block and your wonderful fabrics , swoon !! Sue x

  5. Such a pretty pattern! your fabric is beautiful.
    there are so much possibilities with fabrics !!
    I 'll keep reading about this project,
    Miss xx

  6. Liberty Fabric is always gorgeous,I think this is the Prettiest paper piecing I have seen.Very nice pattern

  7. Oh! These flowers are off to a marvellous start. I can see why you chose the Liberty prints. They are so classic and colourful! Did the pattern come with the shapes needed for each flower?

    1. Thanks Bronwyn x I bought a kit which contained both the pattern and the paper shapes, but I believe that you can buy the pattern and the paper shapes separately too.
      love Jooles x x x

  8. It's lovely! I absolutely love the script, it really balances the floral. Xx

  9. So gorgeous.....I love English paper piecing and it is so nice to see others doing it too! Your Liberty flowers are so pretty, this is going to be amazing! Happy week, dear Jooles.
    Helen xox

  10. This is so gorgeous, and so very you. I can already imagine how utterly gorgeous it's going to be, and it's a perfect way to use your beloved liberty tana lawn florals. xx

  11. Oh Jooles, it's gorgeous already! I love the script fabric, it's perfect with the Liberty florals. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Jane xx

  12. Oh my it's so gorgeous, just stunning, can't wait to see it grow
    Clare x

  13. wow what a beautiful piece! xxx

  14. Your quilt is going to be stunning!

    I may have just bought my own pattern and pieces ... whoops! Thanks for the link Jooles :o)

  15. Gorgeous fabrics! I'm looking forward to seeing of this :-)

  16. So so beautiful!! very pretty project indeed and your sewing is so neat - wonderful xx


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