Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Walk in a Jar .....

Last weekend I accompanied Sweet B
on her monthly bee walk for the bumblebee conservation society
on the way back we thought we'd see how many different wild flowers we could find
there were lots ..... many more than I thought there would be.

When I was a little girl I remember the hedgerows teaming with colourful wildflowers
they were in frothy and colourful abundance back then it seemed
I remember walking with my gran and her gorgeous dog
she was a proper country lady ~ born and breed
she knew so much about nature
bird song ~ impending weather ~ wild flowers
it all seemed so instinctive to her
as was often the case for her generation.

It struck me that Sweet B is actually pretty much like her in that way
in fact, I think she is actually a woodland sprite in disguise!
Being an ecologist she's pretty good at all things 'nature'
and amazes me with her knowledge
I learn so much from her when we're out and about in nature
which is where we like to be the most.

In this small jar there are twenty species of native wildflower
we did pick a few more but by the time we'd arrived home
they were wilting and not very photogenic
(a bit like me)
 ..... poor things.

Cats ear

Some have such fabulous names don't they?
I'm looking forward to our next walk!

Thanks for popping by to see me
I LOVE it that you do

Back soon! 

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Beautiful, Jooles! I love a jar of pretty wild flowers like this....and how wonderful that your Sweet B is so knowledgeable, it must make your nature walks so interesting!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  2. Wild flowers are just a beautiful as any flower you could purchase in a shop. What a pretty mix and each carries a memory for you and reminds you of your lovely walk.

  3. Such a gorgeous posie Jooles. Often the simple things make the best memories :-)

  4. Yes, fabulous names! Fabulous little bouquet and fabulous to find so many different wild flowers! Overall just fabulous!!! Hope you found lots of bees too! xx

  5. These bouquets are the best. And so many different species! Lovely names.

  6. Oh that's so pretty Jooles - such beautiful photos too, Kate xx

  7. As a fellow love of wild flowers I am in awe. I managed twelve species on a local walk recently, but I have decided that I need new glasses, everything is beginning to blur together and I lose the smaller flowers amidst the green.

    Lovely post Jooles :)

  8. Ha! Just catching up. I read the list of flower names. I read Butch Vetch! Really like Bush Vetch but made me laugh how my mind works! Crazy, J9 x


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