Monday, 20 April 2015

Sweet Happy Times .....


It's been a whirlwind here recently
SO much going on
mostly happy, nice things though
but busy busy busy all the same.

Last Tuesday I ventured up to London
(all by myself ..... that's a BIG deal for me!)
I was there to meet someone pretty super special
a sewing and style goddess with extra sparkles on top
Amy of Nana Company
can you believe it?
I was super thrilled and honoured when Amy suggested we meet up.
She was over on a short business (and quite a lot of fun) trip.
We met outside Liberty of London (obvs.)

Oh my gosh ..... it was fun!
I was rather star~struck to be honest
I could hardly scramble two words together to start with
poor Amy ..... she must have thought 'uh oh what have I done?!'
It was surreal but really REALLY wonderful.
She is just as you would imagine
Sweet, funny, humble, friendly, beautiful, inspiring and enchanting
and goodness, so SO brave to come to London all by herself.

We had a happy time chattering away in the beauty and temptation that surrounded us.

She sweetly gave me this dear little pig pin cushion
although we both agreed that we couldn't possibly stick pins into the cute thing!
She'll sit on my sewing table, keeping me company
and reminding me of a WONDROUS day spent with a special new friend

BTW ~ If you like the Liberty label on the box behind
you can find my tutorial for them here

OH ..... I bought this too ..... Amy made me.
(she's naughty like that)
It was very irresistible to me

I'm afraid theres not many Photos ~ I was much too over~excited.

It's also been my Sweet B's birthday
she was 23 ..... TWENTY THREE! ..... I can hardly believe it.

She had a fun time .....
out for lunch and then spotting these adorably fluffy goslings

and locking ourselves out of the house
(not so much fun, but we did giggle a lot as we sat on our front door step like two soggy waifs after being caught in the only shower we've had in almost two weeks ..... what are the chances of that?!)

I made her cupcakes this year

There she is ..... Sweet B in her bee cardi

Coconut Raspberry cupcakes
with homemade marzipan bumble bees
and natural confetti!
which included pistachios, freeze dried strawberry slices & raspberries, dried mango & pineapple pieces & a few flaked almonds.
 Both of which I saw on Frances quinn's website
(you know ..... that clever lady from Bake Off)
they blew my mind with joy
and of course the birthday girl adored them!

Well, I shall love you and leave you for now
but before I go

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

for all of your wonderful comments lately
you're the best
and these flowers are just for YOU

You may have noticed that my shops are closed at the moment
I'll be doing some 'shop~keeping' this week
and then I'll be back open for business.

Wishing you a super smashing lovely new week

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Gold leaf bee wings!?! Just when I think you can do no do! Outrageously cute and scrummy-looking cupcakes! And what a fun fun fun day you've had with Amy!!! Cx

  2. Wow! How exciting for you to meet her! You're both very talented sew-ers! Love the Liberty Birdhouse. It's GORGEOUS!!! Happy Monday, J9 x

  3. Wow your cakes are beautiful. Far too nice to eat x

  4. Gosh, how wonderful to meet Amy! You are better than me........I'm WAY too shy to meet up with fellow bloggers! Happy Birthday Sweet B! Love love love the cupcakes and gorgeous flowers too!

    Have a beautiful week my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Sounds like a fabulous trip and Liberty is wonderful. Glad you had a nice time. Happy Birthday to Sweet B- How sweet are those bumble bee cakes! have a good, sunny week:)

  6. Oh fabulous cupcakes! And squeeeee....I made my first trip to Liberty on Saturday and I too had a peek at those bird houses, they're just gorgeous x

  7. How wonderful meeting up with Amy in beautiful Liberty too, sounds like a perfect day out!
    I just love those little bees!! :)
    V x

  8. What a lovely day out! Anything that starts at Liberty is going to be a good outing! Cute little piggie. I bought as similar-looking mouse at Liberty when I was there a few weeks ago. Amy could start selling her piggies at Liberty now, too! Speaking fo mice, that wrapping paper printed with cute little rodents is adorable too. Did you make it? Saw your bees on Instagram. Well worth the time and effort!

    1. Hi Bronwyn, thank you x I love the mouse wrapping paper too, I bought it in a little local craft shop ..... I got her a matching card!
      love Jooles x x x

  9. Oh my what a wonderful meet up place. So for you to pop over to London how many hours travel is that? I'd love to pop into Liberty. What an adorable birthday for your daughter I bet she loved it all.

    1. It is a wonderful place and takes about an hour and a half by train and tube so pretty close really!
      love Jooles

  10. Hi Jooles, I'm glad you had such a lovely time in London, the pig is rather cute! I love the cupcakes and the bees are really lovely too. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Sharon x

  11. Your day in London sounds wonderful. A day to cherish! And I love the cupcakes you made for your daughter!!

  12. A long time ago I visited Liberty in London and I loved it. You two must have had a great day out. The raspberry cakes with bumble bees look beautiful and sure will be delicious.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day out; I'm very envious. Happy Birthday to your Sweet B - I love the cardigan and those cupcakes look amazing. Have a great week. x

  14. What a wonderful day out! Those cakes are wonderful, smile cakes definitely. My Dan is 23 where did it go. Xx

  15. love liberty of london fabrics and libertys in london the fabrics make you happy so pretty love
    the cupcakes with te little bees the look zo sweet and cute
    looks you both had a very lovely pretty nice day

  16. All of this is sweet, indeed. The geese! The flowers around the mantel! the bees! The cardigan! The cupcakes! The mice on the wrapping paper! So dear. Happy days are treasures. ♥

  17. Sounds like a super few days! We really really MUST get a date in the's nearly May already and months since we talked about it!!!! Lets do it my lovely!!!! xo

  18. Lovely, lovely Liberty!! Lucky you to be so close, Jooles. We have some summer birthdays coming up and those bees look adorable and delicious. Happy late April.....

    Anne and family xx


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