Monday, 27 April 2015

Postcards from Perch Hill .....

Mr Sweet & I had a lovely day out together at the weekend
we both adore Sarah Raven's beautiful


and it was her first open day of the year
so plans were made.
It was the gloomiest of gloomiest mornings
you may think this odd, but that made me happy
I've been longing for a gloomy day
don't get me wrong, I love sunshine
but we haven't had any rain for weeks
and I was dreaming of it.
It was heavenly there and quieter than normal
I guess due to the weather
another bonus you see!

If you'd like to see photos of some of our other visits to Perch Hill
you can find them
Here, here & here

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. ….. so beautiful !!!!
    happy week, xxxxx Ale

  2. I understand your desire for the gloomier day, for the less people and sometimes in the brightest of sun the colours all seem to wash out don't they whereas on a gloomier day they retain their brightness somehow don't they. I have never been to Perch Hill, but imagined it to be a wonderful place and can see from your pictures that it is!! Glad you enjoyed it! xx

  3. It looks truly glorious. Thank you for sharing xxxxx

  4. What a beautiful garden!!! I find that dreary days make the best photos and we get lots of them. Here in Illinois (US) we visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens a couple of times during the warm weather months. It may always be busy, but is so inspiring. I love it there! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. Your photos are wonderful.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love the little green van on the first picture! How do you call that in English?

    1. Hi Lien ..... it's really gorgeous isn't it?! We'd call it a Shepherd's hut.
      love Jooles x x x

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photo's Jooles - and oh, that Shepherds Hut !!!
    Kate xx

  7. oh my what beautiful depth of colours those tulips are. STUNNING!

  8. So true it is beautiful!

  9. Happy to see more of Perch Hill. It looks so dreamy and misty in your photos, Jooles. Wonderful gardens. Happy late April...... Anne xx

  10. Well colour me green! You jammy things. I live far too far away to visit Perch Hill and I would so love to, and most especially when the tulips are flowering. Thank you for sharing all your lovely pics Jooles :o)

  11. I understand why you love it so-- those lovely Lily-flowered tulips, and anemones gave my heart a lift! Just beautiful, and serene. :)
    (Apologies if this is a doubled comment. Blogger wanted me to log in to WP and when I ce back it had eaten my original comment. (!) hope it was tasty! :3)

  12. Oh! Absolutely gorgeous! What a garden. And you're pictures have captured the blooms so well. Sometimes the gloomy weather really helps make the colour in the flowers POP!

  13. Look at all those tulips! No wonder you like visiting the gardens.

  14. I have only just discovered your blog so I am drinking up as many past entries as I! I loved seeing this visit to Perch heavenly and oh, I could just live in that little Shepherd's Hut. It seems a plainer version of a Gypsy caravan such as Toad had in Wind in the Willows..haha!! Thank you for your beautiful blog!!

  15. Such pretty pictures, I understand why you love this place so much! What an array of gorgeous colours xxx


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