Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Happy .....

Hello dear friends
It's so beautifully sunny here today
it REALLY feels spring~like

~ J U S T   H E A V E N L Y ~

I hope you have sunshine too

Things are much calmer around these parts Thank Goodness.
My lovely boy has now gone back to work
I'm still trying to feed him up
(when he's not asleep!)
He loves that ..... NOT.
but we're still friends!

While I'm on the subject .....
Thank you so very much for all of your kind well wishes for him
we were both very touched

This post is all about 'The Happy'

Number One ::

A super duper squishy and delicious delivery
for a brand new project
(as if I need another :o)
I blame that delightful temptress Sandra from Cherry Heart
Have you seen her gorgeous Weekender blanket?
well that's what I'm planning to make with this pretty lot!

Number Two ::

We bought a juicer!
We had an amazing day last Sunday at the BBC Eat Well food show in London
it was SO inspiring
and guess what?
the juicer that had been sitting and waiting patiently in my amazon wish list
was on a great deal
so thanks to Mr Sweet, who lugged it all the way home
(and paid for it)
Sweet B & I have been experimenting.

Top left :: carrot, asparagus, apple, ginger & maca powder
Top right :: kale, broccoli, celery, kiwi & maca powder
Bottom left :: celery, asparagus, cucumber, apple, lemon, lime & matcha powder
Bottom right :: kale, celery, butternut squash, melon, ginger & maca powder

They have mostly been surprisingly delicious
The last one was very HORRID indeed.
We live and learn!

Number Three ::

New pillowcases from my lovely friend Beata
I'm sure you've come across her beautiful blog Rosehip
If not hot~foot it over there, you'll not regret it.

Number Four ::

Please allow me to introduce you to the latest member of the Pear family

~ Polar Pear ~

He has little sparkles all over and pretty Liberty of London ears
he's blushing as he's a jolly shy thing

Number Five ::

This little lot ..... a SUPER pear posse!
I had a lovely email chat with Sandrine, the clever creator of the pattern
and author of this wonderful book
she has very kindly given me permission to sell them
I've had a fair few requests for them so this is exciting
They will (hopefully) be sat on my Etsy shop shelves by the end of next week
I have lots of titivating to do before then as you can see!

I'll let you know the exact details of when they'll be ready
both here on my blog and on my Instagram

I've had Sweet B on bunny tail duty
she's very good!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
 SO much for all of your gorgeous comments on my last few posts
I've been short on blog hopping time recently
I'm hoping that will change V. soon
I just wanted you to know that I appreciate each one very much x

Wishing you all a happy and sun~shiny weekend

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. The colours of your new yarn are gorgeous - they remind me a bit of cadbury's mini-eggs - very seasonal. Can't wait to see them in blanket form. I envy you your juicer - I think I might add one to my Christmas list. Polar Pear is a wonderful addition to your collection! x

  2. I do love those little pears! :)
    V x

  3. It's been lovely catching up with you Jooles, I've sat here with my cup of tea and enjoyed reading through your news from the last month. Some big downs but some nice ups too so I hope that it's all balancing out for you and that things over the next month include lots more of the ups. Your little pear Army is wonderful, it's hard to pick out a favourite! I have a favourite sounding juice though - number three sounds perfect to me, I hope you have fun continuing with your juicing experiments! I'm really looking forward to seeing your blanket develop, such pretty colours, it is going to be gorgeous xxx

  4. The pillowcases are simply lovely! Good luck selling your little pears. They're all so cute!
    xx Beca

  5. Gostei muito da fronha para a almofada. Uma ideia bem bonita!

  6. Oh Jooles, the pears!!!!!! They are so utterly wonderful!!!!! I am in total love with them all!!! Each time I see a new one I love that most, but the truth is they have all stolen my heart!! I am SO GLAD that you have this wonderful project to work on to occupy you and I hope take away some of the stress. I hope that things keep getting better and that the pears cheer you along the way!! xx

  7. There sure is a lot of 'pretty' around you at the moment: yay! Life should always be such.
    Good luck with the juicer: we used one quite a bit last year. My favourite is sweet potato, orange, carrot, orange bell pepper and cinnamon. Yum! Now I prefer my green smoothies and they fill me up better and there isn't so much to clean up.
    Happy Spring!

  8. I love polar pear! And I know a little man in my life you would also love him. Will keep an eye on your etsy shop- I think he would make a brilliant Xmas pressie! Don't worry I'd take good care of him until then 😉 xx

  9. So sorry but could I ask what brand of wool you have there - they are such beautiful colours and I would like to copy and use them in a project - the colours sit together so well - sorry to bother you with asking - thank you xxx

    1. Hi Trudy
      I'm using a few different brands, stylecraft, king cole pricewise, james c brett and wendy, I got them all from Love Knitting.
      love Jooles x x x

    2. Thank you I'll head over to love knitting now - thanks again xx

  10. I'm glad your son is doing better. Your yarn in the baskets looks just like Easter eggs!

  11. Such scrumptious yarn colours!! Love the pears, you have made them so beautifully and the photo of them all in a row is adorable! So glad your boy is getting better now. Take care, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  12. I love him, so glad you are able to sell them, I think I'm still going for the brown bear but it's close! X

  13. I just love the pears, so cute!, the colours for the blanket are just so fresh looking, enjoyxx

  14. So much happy here Jooles, those pears are just too cute to mention and I love the colours you've chosen for your new blanket. Glad your boy is better, have a great weekend. Jxx

  15. Yippee! We can buy pears, bunny pears, polar pears and lots more other pears . I love pears!

  16. Definitely a happy post- cheered me up! Glad your boy is on the mend. We've been having sunshine too and it definitely lifts the spirits! I love your little pears- they look so sweet & cheery:D Hope you have a good weekend.xx

  17. Those pillow cases make me happy too. I think I could add some edging to some tired old cases around here and give them a new, cute life. Add that to the project list!! Looking forward to seeing some more finished pears. That bunny tailed one is adorable!!

  18. Polar pear! That is brilliant!
    Your new yarns looks good enough to eat !


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