Thursday, 19 March 2015

Play-Date .....

Hello my sweets
I hope you're having a GOOD week?
It's been a bit bonkers here, with one thing and another
life is so exhausting sometimes isn't it?

Yesterday I forced myself to jump down form the 'Merry~go~round' that is life
it was NOT easy but I needed to do it for my sanity.
My Sweet B and I shared a 'Play~Date'
It was blissful
really REALLY blissful indeed.

We spent the morning playing with watercolours
something I've been wanting to do for so long now
the photo above is Sweet B's painting ..... she is way better than me
I definitely need more practice
it was a soothing way to spend the morning

This was my attempt

and this was Sweet B's masterpiece

Even on a 'day off' there are still chores that need to be done
but hanging the laundry out 
(especially laundry as pretty as this)
on a sunny spring day was completely enjoyable

Red cabbage :: Apple :: Carrot :: Cucumber :: Celery :: Ginger :: Lemon

We had our daily juice
(Sweet B is the queen of the juice machine!)
this one was super pretty and really did taste good
red cabbage sounded truly scary to us
but we needn't have worried.
We've been using this book a LOT
Liz Earle is my utter heroine
I have been using her naturally active beauty products for many MANY years
in my world she can do no wrong EVER
I LOVE her

After a lovely poached eggs on toast lunch
we dug out our walking boots and went for a VERY long walk in the woodland
Sweet B took her new binoculars and we chatted away happily
 we spotted so many amazing birds
I learnt so much from my nature obsessed guide!

The signs of spring are just so tantalising.

We were muddy and exhausted by the time we returned home
a very brief sit down and then it was time to make a veggie curry
and in the evening we visited my lovely sister~in~law in hospital
she's having such a horrid time
my heart goes out to her
we feel so helpless
I just want to scoop her up and make her better
her family are so devoted
all that love is so powerful
I know she'll be fine

On a completely different note .....
I was FLABBERGASTED with the response to my pear creations
my phone kept cha~ching~ing
it was so funny!
I have just four little cuties left in my Etsy shop
waiting to be adopted

I have SO much to share with you
I'm going to try extra hard to get some more posts written up V. soon.
Don't you sometimes wish that there was an extra day to every week
a day that it would be illegal to do ANYTHING that you don't want to
and could only do self indulgent things
Uh ..... that would be so great.

I've been posting lots on Instagram
just because it's quicker
I'm @thesweetviolet

Thank you for visiting me here
I LOVE it that you do
you make my days

Wishing  you a beautiful weekend full of lovely things

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. The watercolour work is stunning x

  2. How lovely to have a play date with your daughter and what beautiful watercolours too. Gorgeous Spring photos - that blossom is wonderful. I hope your sister-in-law gets better very soon. x

  3. Your play date sounds lovely Jooles! So important to take the time to relax. Bee xx

  4. Deve ser muito bom morar próximo a floresta em amiga?! Boa quinta.Valéria.

  5. What a delightful day with Miss B. I think your idea of a day each week to do exactly what one wants is brilliant. Sigh.
    Best wishes for your sister-in-law.

  6. Ah that sounds just the tonic. I love watercolours. I'd like to do a course at some stage. I'll take your word for it that the red cabbage was good in a juice! Gosh, I too wish there were more hours in the day. I need to get so much done in such a short space of time, it's ridiculous. I do hope that your sister-in-law gets better soon. Sending positive thoughts your way!

    Have a super weekend my lovely xxx

  7. I hear you about needing to get off that merry-go-round. It's been a crazy time in my world too, but I think things will settle for a bit here. Your play day sounds like just the thing -- a little creativity, a little outdoors and a lot of time with someone special. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. The watercolors are stunning !!! I wish you a lovely week end ...

  9. It looks like you both had a wonderful day- so necessary to step back & recharge your batteries sometimes. The watercolour paintings are very pretty. Hope you have a lovely weekend with plenty of opportunities to do the things you want to do:) x

  10. O desenho está de uma delicadeza incrivel.
    Beijinhos e bom fim-de-semana

  11. You both did such a good job with the watercoloring! It looks stunning... are you going to frame it?
    So great you two had some time to enjoy the outdoors, must be so much more interesting with a good guide on your side :-). Have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  12. Loved the a paintings, including yours, I would be very pleased! Xx

  13. What a lovely therapeutic day you had with your Sweet B, a necessity once in a while in my book and I'm looking forward to my girls coming home soon so we can do the same. Your watercolours are beautiful. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Jane xx

  14. That sounds like the best kind of day. I've had my girl home too, nursing a broken heart sad to say, but we managed a few play dates too, to cheer her up.

  15. Your daughter is very talented! How old is she? Does she hope for a future in art? Congrats on the sale of so many of your pears. They really are adorable and I can see why so many people have purchased already!

  16. I love your paintings, they both look utterly gorgeous to me. In fact it makes me want to paint and nothing has ever made me feel like that before, so your obviously doing something right :) x x x x


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