Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mother's Day Cushion :: Number Two .....

is in the making!

What a lucky lucky Mum I am.
My dearest, clever daughter (aka Sweet B)
stitched this adorable and insanely perfect cross stitch Bullfinch for me
as part of my Mothers day gift
isn't he beautiful? ..... I love his plumpness.
Uh she's a sweet thing x

She stitched this gorgeous Bertie Blue for me last Mother's day
(you may remember seeing it here)
I'm very much hoping that
pretty cross stitch birds for mother's day
is a
just imagine my collection a few years from now if it is!
I'll dream of it.

I stitched last years little bird into a cushion

'My Mother's day cushion'

I'll have to add a 'number one' to that now

'My Mother's day cushion ~ number one'

I'm hoping number two will be finished soon
(and who knows ~ maybe next year there will be a number three ..... perhaps I'm being rather presumptuous!)

Anyway back to Mother's day twenty fifteen
and the plump little Bullfinch

I played around with lots of fabrics
and in the end plumped for these.
Yesterday I had a spare hour so I started stitching.

I'm really pleased with the front panel so far
and can't wait to turn it into a plush new cushion.

I can just imagine myself when I'm very old, surrounded with grandchildren
sitting in my comfy rocking chair with my spectacles on my nose
and my knitting in my hands
telling the little ones that I have dreamed about all my life
all about the pretty birds stitched with love
that their mummy made for her mummy all those years ago!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. This is so lovely and would be a really nice tradition wouldn't it!! The bullfinch is just as pretty as the first one!! xx

  2. What a lovely gift from your daughter! And it brings you double the joy because it leads to another sewing project for you! I really like the pretty fabrics you have chosen. They go perfectly with the shades stitched into that lovely bird. xoxo Bronwyn

  3. How beautiful, your daughter is wonderful and what a lovely tradition (hopefully) she is creating. I too dream of the day I have my babies babies around me xx

  4. What a beautiful gift and so perfectly done. Your fabrics complement it wonderfully - have fun with the cushion making. x

  5. So pretty and it will look fab as a cushion - you are going to have a beautiful collection xx

  6. Such special gifts from your daughter and your cushions are beautiful! ♡

  7. What a sweet tradition to begin - the birds are adorable and it's such a great idea to create cushions.

  8. It's so lovely Jooles and I hope it is the start of a new tradition! xo

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  10. He's a gorgeous little bird!

  11. It's a beautiful gift & very sweet thoughts to have xx

  12. Oh it's beautiful! What a clever Sweet B! Such a wonderful idea to make them up into a cushion. I think you will have to tell Sweet B that you need a whole host of matching cushions all over the house. That could keep her busy every Mother's day for the nest few years!!!!!!

    Have a super rest of a week my lovely xxx

  13. What a lovely, lovely idea. I hope you continue to get your annual cross-stitched pictures!! Gifts mean so much when they have been lovingly made. Sharon x

  14. I love your vision of being a granny with knitting in hand....I am living that dream and it is wonderful. The stitcheries are lovely. What a blessing to have a daughter who shared such a dear gift.

  15. And then you can set all those grandchildren up with pretty cross stitch projects to give their mummy for Mother's Day. Keep the tradition alive.

  16. What a beautiful gift your daughter made for you! The cushion is lovely so far!!

  17. What lovely & precious gifts that will always be treasured. You're raising a wonderful, thoughtful daughter :-)

  18. So, so lovely and I love the fabrics you have chosen. Xx

  19. Sweet Bee's stitching is just exquisie, and those have to be two of the most precious cushions ever!


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