Friday, 27 March 2015

Little Liberty of London Pouch .....

Hello ..... I've been meaning to write this post for EVER
but I'm here now.
At last.

Way back in January when I took some time off
I enjoyed some very self~indulgent sewing time
(I REALLY got into it)
I'd made myself a list of all the things that I'd like to make
(it's VERY long!)
things that I'd never got around to but kept dreaming of.
I certainly didn't get that list completely ticked off
there are SO many things on it
(and new things being added ..... it's a rolling list)
but I made a good start for sure
I may need another 'sewing' holiday soon!

One day, many many moons ago, I spied this photo on Pinterest

Isn't that a sight to behold?
It whispered sweet nothings to me
..... make me ..... you need me ..... I'll make you happy .....
as you can tell, I had no choice in the matter
so this was one of my January makes.

what a beautiful blog and Leila is one clever lady

I dived straight into my precious Liberty scraps and got hexing!
They are teeny tiny ..... just 1/2"

I felt the need to add a little love

I really love it, and it's a great little tutorial too

I learnt a lot from this project
things I feel I could do better
I really would like to improve some of my sewing techniques
I'm not very brave ..... things are going to change!

Thank you for popping by to say 'Hello'
and 'Hello' back to you!
Thank you so much too for your kind comments
I'm so lucky

Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friends

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. That's so pretty. Those little pouches are handy for all sorts of things too.It's surprising how much will fit in one.

  2. So pretty, I love the colours and such a handy little pouch! (Visiting from

  3. Sooo beautiful!! I think yours is even prettier than the original from Pinterest. The embroidered heart is adorable ❤
    P.s. Improve your sewing techniques?! How can one improve perfection? :-)

  4. It's gorgeous! I love the heart too.....oh so pretty xxxxxxx

  5. What a very sweet purse !

  6. What a pretty little pouch. All those Liberty bits and pieces are too precious to discard and they work well like this.

  7. That is so pretty. Hexies are so timeless and yours must be dinky! Have a good weekend.xx

  8. This is so little and lovely! Love the stitched heart. I've never done hexis smaller than 1 inch. You may have just inspired to give me a push towards littler shapes. Beautiful!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Was the frame easy to fit?

    1. Hi Kay ..... it was easier than i thought it was going to be!
      love Jooles x x x

  10. Oh-so-pretty! Those little hexies are just too adorable :-)
    Happy weekend,

  11. I absolutely LOVE it Jooles!! You have inspired me to make one for my mum... thanks for the link. Pati x

  12. It is sooo beautiful. I love the little added love there with the heart, so cute.

    I'm playing catch up today and have just been admiring your mothers day cushion one post. How sweet is that second cross stitch bird, the colours are so intense and just gorgeous x x x


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