Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I hope you like pears .....

if not please look away now!

Well it has been pear pandemonium here recently
ears, muzzles, wing~leaves, cheeks and stems all over the place!
it has to be said ~ they are pretty time consuming
but Boy Oh Boy I REALLY do love these little creatures.

Papa & bébé Polar Pear

 Some will be tough to part with
we have bonded.

Betsy Pear Hare

as promised
they WILL all be up for adoption this Friday 13th March
I have had lots of enquiries about them
so to hopefully make it fair
I'll split them into two collections
the first collection will be in my Etsy shop at 10am GMT
and the second collection will be listed at 7pm GMT

They are mostly £21.90 each + postage
with exception of the Petite Poire (little baby pear!)
who will be £19.90 + postage
and Papa & bébé Polar Pears who have told me that they cannot bear(!)to be separated and so will be £39.90 + postage

Good luck!

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sending lots of thanks to the lovely and very clever Sandrine
 who has given me permission to sell my pear creations
which have been made from her fab pattern
you can find it in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in her book which is in actually in french.


  1. They are absolutely aaaadorable! I love all of the different characters.

  2. Oh Jooles!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!!! They are wonderful. I know that it will be hard for you to let them go, but I hope that they all find new homes very quickly. Also, and I know that this sounds really silly, I always assumed that you used a sheet of wrapping paper as your backdrop for pictures such as these, and now I realise that it must be fabric - how clever are you!! xx

  3. São lindos. Absolutamente maravilhosos.

  4. Just adorable Jooles.


  5. They are just the cutest thing!, I love themxx

  6. They are wonderful Jooles, just looking at them puts a smile on my face :)

  7. I love these pears; so happy one will be coming to live with me. Happy MOther's Day weekend, Jooles!!
    Anne (-: xx

  8. So lovely! They look really cute with those fabric ears ♥


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