Sunday, 1 February 2015

Woodland Wall Hanging ..... Ta~Dah!

Hello my lovelies
Happy Sunday
Happy February!

I can't actually believe I'm saying this
but I'll miss January
(I've never EVER said that before)
it has been good. Really Good.
I've decluttered, cleaned, tidied & organised
I've stitched, crocheted & knitted
I've done yoga, meditation & pilates
I've cleaned up my diet
and it has done me SO much good
I feel I have found my
Fingers crossed for February

I thought I'd pop by today to share my finished
(FINISHED ..... Oh yeah!)
Woodland cross stitch sampler
now made into a quilted wall hanging

I had BIG problems getting good photos of it
not sure why
the weather has been very dingy, maybe that's it
I tried hanging it all around the house
the kitchen won in the end
but they're still not great photos I'm afraid.

I wasn't really sure what to make with the finished piece
a cushion wouldn't really have worked due to it's shape
but I wanted to display it so that I could see it every day
it's so joyful and has lots of love & memories stitched into it
I wanted it to be part of my everyday life
to make me smile

Do you remember me saying that I'd made a pretty BIG boo boo?
to rectify this pesky issue I added an extra strip of linen across the bottom
a bit of hand stitching later
and it has now become 'A feature'!
(well that's what I'm calling it anyway)

It doesn't usually hang on my dishwasher
although it does look pretty there!

This is it's real home
in my sewing room
where I can gaze upon it every day

To hang it up I simply added two small pockets on both top corners
to hold a length of Dowel
which sits happily on a nail in the wall
A tip I learned from my lovely friend Sarah

I'm not usually around these parts at the weekend
but I'm back to business tomorrow morning
I'll be flinging both of my shop doors wide open
and I'll be merrily dusting away the cobwebs
It'll be a busy week

My Etsy shop
My Not On The High Street shop

Wishing you a beautiful new week my friends

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I love your quilted wall hanging!! It must been quite a job to make it! It looks good on your sewing room! Have a happy February!

  2. Oh that quilt is so sweet. I love mini quilts to hang on the wall. That took some time. Loving all the pastels around it. That's a good tip to make to hang on a wall.

  3. The sampler looks terrific! Such a sweet design: I'm still deciding which month is my favourite. Today it's definitely those sweet little hedgehogs of September!

  4. Such a cunning way of hanging it - thank you for the tip. It looks beautiful. x

  5. Dear Jooles,
    Your tah-da is lovely. I love the way you finished it. I'm so glad you are feeling so well. God Bless you my friend. Take care.

    love ,
    Aunt Bea

  6. Hooray for things that make you happy! Well done Jooles - it's absolutely lovely - and, as a terribly nosey person, I must say your house looks delightful too! Jane x

  7. How fun to see the woodland stitchery all put together and looking so beautiful. The triangular hanging corners are such a good idea. So glad January was good for you! Looking forward to seeing how February shapes up for you.

  8. It really is joyful. The hanging is so much better, you can see the dowel on mine, perhaps I could change it! January hasn't been good for me, my balance might come this month! Xx

  9. It's lovely Jooles, the patchwork finishes it beautifully. I love the idea of the pockets for the doweling, thank you for sharing and for a little peak at your sewing room too - are those two more pear-shaped cuties I see on top of the cupboard? Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx

  10. Hello Jooles, I absolutely LOVE your wall handing it's beautiful and your ccoss stitch is breathtaking.
    I dread to think of the hours it must have taken, and looks absolutely perfect hanging in your craft room.


  11. It's gorgeous! You've chosen just the right colours to surround the stitchery and make it pop. The whole project makes me smile on this bitterly cold February day.

  12. Beautiful!! Nothing else you can say! I hope that you have a great February! xx

  13. Fab and Beautiful, it's so goodxx

  14. Yay, it looks stunning!!! And what an effective and pretty way of hanging it..
    Now you can fully enjoy it! Love, Mirjamxx

  15. Oh it's just beautiful :) I think you photographed it perfectly, the colours look great to me (although I guess I can't tell how accurate they really are!)

    I've had loads of problems taking photos even when it's been nice & sunny. OH well.

    I'm glad it's safe in your craft room. If it had been in my kitchen I'm pretty certain J would have used it to wipe his hands like a tea towel! Living with boys and cats eh? xx

  16. To be honest I'm quite glad to see the back of January & looking forward to Spring! Your wallhanging is so pretty & uplifting. I've got a little "kitchen envy"- mine is so shabby & yours is a ll shiny & new!xx

  17. That looks lovely! You did a great job. I've been catching up on your posts today, and they've really brightened my afternoon. Thank you!

  18. Such lovely stitching and a neat idea for finishing, you did a great job and have a wonderful round the year wall hanging! I loved seeing little views of your pretty home too....we have the same cupboard and I saw a little musical snow scene tin there which I also have....I keep the grandchildren's sweeties in it!
    Wishing you a happy week, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  19. So gorgeous and the dowel across the back is genius! So pleased I've found you! Emma x

  20. Oh Jooles, it's so lovely! I really like it. I can't see any mistakes anywhere! I've just made a wall hanging too, with the dowels on show, but I really like the way you've neatly tucked yours away behind the fabric. xx

  21. It's perfect Jooles and looks very at home there on your sewing room wall x


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