Friday, 13 February 2015

A Storm In A Teacup .....

Hello my friends .....

I made this pretty thing back in January
I LOVE it and it's very useful
(it sits upon my sewing desk and is used almost daily)
it was a right old fiddle to make
so it shall remain an only child I think

It's been quite a week here
chock~full of stress and worry
my lovely boy went into hospital on Wednesday to have his tonsils out
he just hasn't been well since contracting a very bad bout of glandular fever
nearly 18 months ago now
poor old thing he is
I'm very hopeful that now those nasty and hugely manky tonsils are no longer there
he will start to feel much better soon.

He had a horrid time of it
having a bad reaction to the general anaesthetic
and being violently sick for most of the day
which is the very last thing you need when you've had throat surgery.

I've been making all of his favourite soft foods
but, of course, he wants to eat very little
I shall continue my quest to tempt him and will not be beaten!
He really is a brave and lovely lad, and a pretty good patient too
Gosh I feel SO tired.

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. My little boy had his tonsils out a few years ago and it was a huge success, he's hardly ever ill now. Fingers crossed he feels better soon, a few days of pampering should do the trick!!! Sarah

  2. Oh poor guy. It's awful to see kids sick. Hope he gets better soon, I know he will with such a caring mum :)

  3. I wish you all the best with your little boy, with your good care he surely will recover soon.
    A pin cushion in a teacup, I like the idea and it looks very nice.

  4. Ahh poor lad! It sounds like he has been thro the mill, as you will have been as his Mum! Hope he is feeling much better very soon. Sending you hugs.xx

  5. Your teacup is so pretty!! I hope that your son is feeling much better very soon and that he will be back to normal before you know it. xx

  6. Hope your boy is much better soon. :)

  7. Lovely teacup pin cushion. I hope your son is feeling much better soon. x

  8. Your tea cup pincushion is exquisite! Sorry that your poor boy has been so ill and had a horrible time, but hoping now that he is on the mend and feeling better. Take care of yourself too, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  9. Poor boy - I hope he feels much better very soon. Your tea cup pin cushion is lovely. I always wonder how one of those would fare around here - it would have to be mostly for decoration for pin cushions fall on the ground, get knocked about, and generally have to be hardy things.

  10. Oh joules, poor both of you, I hope the worst is over and lovely boy is getting much better! Big love to you. Xx

  11. Your poor lad, sounds awful. My daughter had her tonsils out when she was little, having been constantly ill for a long time, but once she'd recovered from the op she was so much healthier and I very much hope it's the same for your boy too. Make sure you look after you too Jooles. Pin cushion is lovely, those hexies must be tiny! Jane xx

  12. Your poor boy :( I'm sure it will be worth it though. I had my tonsils out when I was 24. It was hell. Id rather give birth again. But it certainly helped with the constant throat and chest infections. Really hope he is feeling better soon, hugs

  13. so sorry for you both, jooles…..
    hope it will pass really soon!
    xxxxx Ale

  14. Awww poor little guy :-( I haven't had mine out but I'm sure he'll feel better soon and fingers crossed he'll stop getting so poorly now they're gone. Ice cream is nice and soothing so I'd recommend that if he can manage it. Not the healthiest, but hey who cares.

    Love the little pin cushion, I can see why it was fiddly, it's so dinky and cute :-)

  15. Bless you. It sounds like you are completely wrung out with worry and stress. I had mine out at 18 (after having glandular fever too but the tonsils came out because they were rotten too) and it was the best thing. I get laringitus now but nothing so bad as previously. I love your tiny little hexagon pin cushion - what patience you must have! Anyway, sending some energy your way and a big virtual hug, J9 x

  16. I do hope lots of healing has been happening since you wrote and he is well on the mend now and you have had the opportunity to catch up with yourself.

  17. Hoping your son is MUCH better by now. Thinking of you....Anne xx

  18. So sorry to read this Jooles, what a horrible time for you all to go through, I hope he's well and truly on the mend now - I shall continue reading forward and catching up with your news in the hope there is good news ahead xxx


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