Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Posse Of Pears .....

These little guys kill me .....

I think this woolly pear family is complete ..... for now!

I've been sewing sewing sewing so far this week
it's been so cosy in my sewing room
whilst outside it's freezing cold with snow flurries.

Oh just to let you know .....
I've been having a bit of a 're~shuffle' in my shops
I've added more pretty things to my 40% off Etsy sale!

Do you like my new Liberty of London icon buttons?
(over there on the side bar)
I made them yesterday ..... I LOVE them SO much!
I had this idea in my head that Would. Not. Budge.
Going around and around it was ~ driving me bonkers
I just did it!
But BOY it was fiddle
I used photos of some of my favourite Liberty prints
I keep sneaking a look at them
I think they get prettier and prettier each time I look!

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. The pear family is so cute and your Liberty icon buttons are gorgeous! ♡

  2. Love the pears and the icon buttons, so much prettiness! 💗💗💗

  3. Haha, your own little pear posse, that's so cute!
    Those Liberty buttons a very beautiful, no wonder you keep looking ;-)
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  4. They look adorable all lined up together x

  5. Your pears are too cute. I just love them! There is something about them that reminds me of the kids tv series Octonauts, which my son adores. And the Liberty print buttons,,,very, very clever. xx

  6. I love the little pears soooo sweet, I coming dwon with a seriuos case of the wanties.
    Clare x

  7. The family are such cuties. I just showed my mum and she squeaked in excitement lol!! Love them totally x

  8. Your pear family cute as can be. So are your new buttons, for that matter. Well done!

  9. Jooles the pear family look gorgeous!!! I just love their yarny plumpness!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. I love all of your pears, but I think that Bear Pear has really stolen my heart the most! Your new buttons are gorgeous!! You are so clever!! xx

  11. Like amy, the whole family is gorgeous, but mr bear is my favourite. Joules, just looking at them makes me smile so much, thank you! Xxx

  12. Ps. Will any mr bears be visiting you shop, I would like to adopt one.

  13. Maybe mags! ..... I've had quite a few enquiries about them and I've have spoken to the designer of the original pattern and she is very happy for me to sell them, I need to have a little think if I have enough time to actually make them though! If I do decide to I will blog about it first so that you know x
    happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  14. Oh Jooles, the pear posse is so sweet and your icons - lovely. Have a great weekend.
    Jane xx

  15. Absolutely aaaadorable! They are so cute.

  16. There are not enough words to say how sweet these pears are. x

  17. Fabulous buttons! Yes I can see whey they'd be fiddly but they look very pro! I'm so in love with your pear family, you need some babies haha x

  18. Love the pears...they're so cute!

  19. I do love your new Liberty buttons Jooles - so pretty, you are clever. The pear family has definitely stolen my heart - they are squishably adorable xxx


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