Friday, 30 January 2015

The Teeny Tiniest Cutest Thing & My Bedside Posy :: January

Hello my friends

Here's my January bedside posy
it's SO pretty

Just two things 
and a hellebore bud

~ P R E T T Y ~

My first garden picked flowers of twenty fifteen
that fills me with excitement for the many many more that will be picked
through all the seasons

I'm almost jumping up and down in my chair here
excited to draw your attention to the little jug
it is the teensiest tiniest little jug
just 7cm tall
It was my Christmas gift from Sweet B
(she knows me too well!)
It's from Jane Hogben
look at the cute Percy Pecker!
Oh my days.
I LOVE it SO much

Hello snowdrops you've been missed

If you'd like to play along 
I'd  E  that
Please be sure to send me the link to your post though
that way we can enjoy each other posies

You can find my previous bedside posies below

I shall be throwing open the doors to my shops on Monday
I've had a good long break
I'm (tentatively) itching to get back to it
my head is a buzz with ideas
(let's see if I can keep my balance?! I'm going to try VERY hard)
I'll be cleaning my sewing room this afternoon in anticipation!

I have SO many things to share with you
It's been a very creative January
be ready for lots of posts!

I just had to sneak these two photos in
I love the waterlogue app.

BTW ..... you guys are so sweet
I've been loving  LOVING  LOVING your comments
Thank you

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I have a bit of a thing about jugs too - and I have to say that is the cutest jug I have ever seen ! Kate xx

  2. I collect jugs and now see anded for another one!! The snowdrops are just perfect, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see the first ones in the garden because it means winter has to be on it's way out. x

  3. Just beautiful Jooles.


  4. It is the dearest joy to read your blog. A morning smile to begin my day. XXX

  5. I love that little jug with the tiny robin on it and then the flowers, really spring is not far away.....
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Snowdrops already. Wow! I don't think mine will bloom this year as hubby built me a fence (very nice of him) and dig a post hole right where the snowdrops are. Sigh.

  7. Oh such a pretty posy! The snowdrops are stunning, and the jug......oh my.....just the cutest. Loving your waterlogue images. I love that app too it mesmerises me! Have a super weekend my lovely xxx

  8. So pretty! You do have the sweetest collection of little jugs and this one is just adorable too.
    Happy weekend to you :-)

  9. Your little jug is so clever of Sweet B to find it with the adorable little robin just right for you! Your posy is so fresh and pretty, and I love the waterlogue images of your cute pears. Wishing you a happy weekend,lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  10. That has to be the cutest yet of your bedside posies Jooles and I love your little jug, robins are my favourite birds. Happy happy weekend!
    Jane xx

  11. That little jug is just the most perfect thing, what a treasure it and Sweet B both are!

  12. That jug is adorable; what a perfect Christmas present with the little robin. Gorgeous first posy of 2015. x

  13. Hi Jooles, I just ADORE your little jug, what a beautiful gift. I just recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. With warmest regards

  14. The posie idea is lovely! So glad to have found your lovely blog! X

  15. The jug is very, very sweet and the snowdrops are beautiful xxx

  16. Tiny pecker is so cute! Perfect for when you pick a little posy :) Glad to hear you're opening the shop back up, hope this means you're feeling a little more you xx

  17. Such a beautiful little jug!! What a lovely gift. xx

  18. Hello Jooles!
    What a brave thing to do, but your sweet posy was worth it! Loving the little bee thats keeping it company :o)
    I just may have to try a posy a month, now that things here are getting on a more even keel.
    Love and hugs
    Rose H

  19. You're bedside posies are always so pretty Jooles, they must be lovely to wake up to. I adore your little jug too and I'm going to have to go and check out Jane Hogben now x


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