Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Balance .....

Hello my dear friends


Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?
I do hope so
and how is 2015 treating you so far?
I hope, kindly

Our Christmas was intentionally quiet this year
due to my health botherations
but it was really REALLY lovely and just what I needed
I was VERY lazy
Mr Sweet even did most of the cooking!
what a treat.
It did me GOOD

Did you notice the title?

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

That's my 'Buzz' word for this brand new year
and so far it's been pretty great.
I've been both busy and un~busy in equal measure

I've come to the conclusion that I'll (we'll) ALWAYS
have an ever~growing 'To Do' list
that is just life
instead of just  p l o u g h i n g  through
trying hopelessly to magically arrive at the end
 whilst always adding more
(and let's face it there is ALWAYS more to add!)
I'm going (to try my very best) to Balance things out
(that is something I've struggled with ..... it's in my genes you know.)

I made myself a list of January jobs
some BIG and DREADED ones.
Happily thanks to Balance it has all been ok
almost enjoyable (I know! ..... )
I've enjoyed that feeling of accomplishment and of course the Ticking.

So far in 2015 I have .....

Got up~to~date with my accounts :: My worst job EVER
so I made it the first one to be tackled
I had buried my head in the sand for over nine months
Ahhhh will I EVER learn?
(probs not.)

Made a pear

Pattern by this clever lady and found in Mollie Makes issue 44

Found the bottom of my ironing basket 

Started to watch Mr Selfridge from the beginning

* * * * * * *

FINALLY worked my way through a whole heap of mending and alterations

Knitted my very first (and not last) Shawl

Whispering pines shawl

Sorted and tidied my WHOLE bedroom :: Wardrobe, shoes, make~up ..... the LOT.

Been practising yoga and meditation

* * * * * * *

Re~oiled my kitchen worktops

Spent afternoons stitching teeny tiny Liberty hexies

Cleaned the house after Christmas was tidied away

Enjoyed a cosy dinner with my brother and sister~in~law
and have been loving my gift of lilies ever since

Some light and very cold gardening

Turning my cross stitch sampler into a wall hanging

So far I have LOVED January
with its candles & fairy lights & hot tea & cosy warm layers
In fact I have never loved a January more
I shall keep my buzz word close

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

I still have some jobs on my list
which means some relaxing time too

Of course I'm not working at the moment
I will have to try very hard with Balance when I am.

I can hardly bear to watch the news at the moment ..... so much sadness
SO heartbreaking.

Back Soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Wow, for someone who is practicing balance, you have done masses and all so beautifully as well! Your cross stitch looks marvellous and your shawl and your hexies and your pear as well!! I hope that you can find balance in all that you do this year and that all good things will come to you. xx

  2. Enjoy a balanced 2015 Jooles!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. You have been busy! All your makes are so gorgeous, especially that cute little pear. Good luck maintaining your balance. x

  4. Jokes, sounds like your off on exactly the right track.....hope your health swings in the right way too....them hexes look fab :) xxx

  5. It all sounds to me as though 2015 has had a good start down your way - here's to it continuing !
    Absolutely adore your little pear - imagine how cute a whole fruit bowl would be !!
    Have a good week Jooles,
    Kate xx

  6. Love the word Balance . You have made some amazing things , I love January too hugs.

  7. It's hard to find a good balance, it sounds like you are making a good job of it. Hope you have a better year health wise. x

  8. Well done on achieveing so much, it sounds like you are getting there.
    Love, love your makes.


  9. Your 2015 is off to a good start. Getting those accounts balanced (pun intended) is a big task. I love working by lists, too. Ticking off items as they are completed gives such a feeling of satisfaction. I hope your year of balance gives you just what you need! Lovely photo with the lilies and candlelight.

  10. The pear is ADORABLE! *_* You have done a lot of things in these first 13 days of the new year! I feel like all I've been doing in 2015 is sleeping... -__-

  11. Wow, we're not even half way through January and you've achieved so much!! Lovely pictures, your pear and shawl are gorgeous, and great that your beautiful cross-stitch sampler has been made into a wall hanging - it's so pretty.
    Maria x

  12. Aww the pear is soooooooooo sweet enjoy the balance, looks like you are off to a good start, the shawl is stunning, I'm right with you with the yoga and meditation but as off yet have not found the energy to tackle the summerhouse.

  13. I love the wall-hanging idea for your cross-stitch - given me ideas for the one in just finished. LOVE the pear, really cute :)
    I too leave the account type stuff for mooooonths, and never learn either!

  14. I hope this year has better health for you. I love, love your makes here, the pear is adorable, and the shawl. You cross stitch is just gorgeous and the wall hanging is obviously the right choice. Xx

  15. You have achieved so much! And sound very happy to have done so. I can see that BALANCE works for you x

  16. What a lot of beautiful makes... All so pretty!
    I am glad to hear you are doing well....
    Lots of love, Mirjam.

  17. That pear looks so pretty! And the shawl also a beauty. I hope you can keep in 'balance' for the list of things already done in January is long. Be careful and enjoy yourself balancing.

  18. Such a great word for the year, it is something to think about for myself. I particularly love the Liberty hexies. I do like to visit your blog because there is always something pretty to see. x

  19. Hello! I have arrived via Coco Rose Diaries (like many others, I predict) and wanted to say what a beautiful blog! Love the pears, I must make a couple this week, I have so much stash to use up and these are just too adorable! I hope I have saved that issue of Mollie Makes, I had a clear out a few weeks ago but tore out the projects I liked. Absolutely loving your whispering pines shawl, I feel quite compelled to try it! I too am knitting my first shawl, just a plain triangle to stash-bust some of my nicer natural fibre yarns. I'm hoping I can add to it throughout the year with the more luxurious leftovers! Have a nice weekend, Kath xx

  20. Wow Jooles - your balance is a very productive one!! I like your overall plan though, I think it could work well!! And there is nothing like ticking off those awful jobs, rewarding yourself with a cup of hot tea and picking up something crafty. Hope your health continues to improve with your new balance, J9 x

  21. You've put me to shame Jooles, absolute shame!! I'm glad you've achieved lots this month, a lot of people aren't loving January too much so it's nice to see someone embracing it :-) I've been doing yoga too, it's really relaxing isn't it? We go during work at lunch and I'm very calm when I have to go back into the office haha. I'd quite like to do more mindfulness too, we had someone come to our WI meeting last week and I nearly fell asleep after she took us through a basic meditation, it was great :D

    I'm feeling inspired to declutter my wardrobe now as it's a total mess, but I think I'll save it for Saturday morning :-) x


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