Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Teeny Tiny Bee Pouch For My Sanity .....

Hello my lovelies
I almost forgot to show you the teeny 'Supplies' pouch
that I made for my Sweet B this Christmas

The story goes like this .....
I always ALWAYS keep a lip balm and tiny hand cream in my dressing gown pocket
because I would be in a panic if those two things were not close by at ALL times
I am addicted to cream things.

Now ..... I would get myself all comfy~cosy
with my Knitting. Sewing. Crocheting. Cross~Stitch
 all sorted and laid out .....
and then
Always. ALWAYS. Every. EVERY single evening
with~out fail
and often more than once
would come .....
'Mum, can I use your hand cream please?'
'Do you have your lip balm?'
'Hand cream?'
In the end it was just a look that she gave!
(this cream thing addiction is in her genes.)

So I made her this.
A teeny little drawstring pouch
(of course with a bumble bee on!)
just big enough to fit her very own evening supplies in
and pop in her own dressing gown pocket
No more rootling around in my pockets
crafts being put aside ~ Loosing the needle. Tangling the thread. Loosing count .....
Ah Sweet Joy.

BTW ..... I wrote a tutorial, last year, on how to stitch on non~even weave fabrics
it's here if you fancy having a go.

Whilst I'm here I thought it'd be fun to make a mosaic of some of last years makes
just personal, for fun things
not my shop makes
it seemed in my mind that I didn't create much last year
with everything going on
but a wander back showed me otherwise

From top left to right .....

Thank you for popping by

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. How very practical Jooles!!! Everything in one little pouch! I just love the bee of course!!! Such sweetness!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. I love L'occitane cream, and a cream like that needs a beautiful Pocket.
    The bee makes me feel summer!!!
    Wath a great idea to keep things well placed in the bag!

  3. What a brilliant've made some wonderful things! :) xxx

  4. Such a lovely useful little bag & a fabulous look back at your makes last year. x

  5. awe soooo pretty.....and I agree lip balm and hand cream are essentials!!
    V x

  6. A brilliant idea and so beautiful.

    Last years makes are all amazing, stunning and beautiful.


  7. It is so pretty!! I love it. A great present. Lovely to see your beautiful things from last year - you made lots!! They are all wonderful. xx

  8. That's where I saw it!!!! I've just finished a grey stripy scarf - like your 2nd granny stripe one shown above - I knew I'd seen one on someone's blog when I requested a skein of grey yarn for Christmas, but couldn't remember which one. Now I know! Thank you for the inspiration; I was feeling rather proud of mine until I took a closer look at yours - yours is so much neater! You have been a busy bee this year; such beautiful makes. x

  9. So many lovely things, and the little pouch idea is the perfect solution. Oh, and isn't L'Occitane handcream just the business !
    Have a good week,
    Kate xx

  10. This is absolutely beautiful Jooles! I just adore your makes, they all have your special touch on them :0) I have to have lip balm and hand cream by me too at all times, they are usually on my spot on the settee! xxx

  11. What a fab idea & such a sweet little bag! I'm addicted to lip balm & hand cream too - especially in winter. And your mosaic of pretty makes is just lovely too :-)

  12. Such a pretty little bag, I do love the little bee! And such a good idea for storing lip balm and hand cream which are such essentials especially at this time of year! You have made so many lovely things over the past year (and in previous ones too) are so talented, lovely Jooles!
    Keep cosy and have a lovely crafty week.
    Helen xox

  13. This is so cute and pretty - I want one!! Hmmm, think it might be something else to add to the craft to-do list!
    Maria x

  14. Hi, I love all the makes you have posted, and the little bag is so cute, I know a little pickle who would want one of themxxx

  15. Really sweet bag. It is fun to look at the mosaic and see lots of pretty things together too, I particularly like the hot water bottle cover. x

  16. :-), I also have little tins, pots and sticks with lipbalm lying around the house and in my bag and coat...
    I don't know what they put into these creams that make them so addictive ;-)
    That little pouch is very sweet!
    Love, Mirjam.


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