Thursday, 27 November 2014

Just lately .....

there has been .....

a little of this

a LOT of this

a little of this

a lot of this

a little of this

a lot of this

Oh and there has been one of these .....

My bedside posy for November
I was worried that it'd be more tricky now
but it amazes me what beauty surrounds us all year round
Look at that pretty rose ..... one last bloom until next year
it was a little soggy but it smells divine
a couple of sprigs of rosemary and some rose hips


You can find my previous bedside posies below

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Gorgeous - can I come and live with you! lol x

  2. You have definitely filled your days and surrounded yourself with AMAZING things! (I'm already in love with that little grey squirrel on snowy branch ♥ )

  3. You've been beavering away creating loveliness. Your posy for this month is lovely - I must go out and see what I can retrieve from my garden.

  4. Beautiful post. I adore your kitchen and that scarf (is it a scarf?) is gorgeous with the grey making the brighter colours sing. Your work is all so perfect and lovely; I am green with envy! Have a fantastic weekend. x

  5. Looks like you have been extra busy! I love the look of your colourful crochet and all your sewing projects are as lovely as ever :O)x

  6. you are such a busy bee!!!! love the new scarf to be !!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  7. A little this, a lot of that, and oodles of beauty and creativity throughout! I'm drooling over all of your makes! Cx

  8. Wow, you must be exhausted. Love all the fabulous colours, grey looks so great with so many colours, I should use it more!

  9. Such lovely makes Jooles - you've been so busy! Glad to see you've been able to take time out to continue the bedside posies, I've been enjoying these. Isn't it amazing that roses are still flowering - yours looks lovely sitting happily in that pretty jug. Have a great weekend. Jane xx

  10. Blimey Jooles you're a bit busy aren't you?! Is that a new scarf I spy? I feel like I've barely crafted anything haha! Good to see you've got plenty of Christmas stock, hope you have a great season :-) x

  11. Lovely makes and even your parcels look very pretty! I like the new scarf colours, and your pretty lovely that you found a late rose for it.
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  12. Love the colors you are using in the scarf and the calendar is just lovely! Cheers!


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