Friday, 14 November 2014

Butterflies, A Crochet Scarf For Sweet B and a Teeny Bit More .....

HaPpY Friday my friends!

Please let me introduce you to my

~ Liberty of London butterfly hair grips ~

I just love the way it looks like a beautiful butterfly was fluttering past
and has just landed prettily on a little head

Goodness ~ I LOVE making these

Liberty fabric is SO deelicious
that whatever is made with it
it can't fail to be

I think these fluttery little hair grips make perfect stocking fillers
maybe even a Christmas cracker gift
to pop into an advent calendar

I have packaged them in twos 

Yellow & Peach

Blue & Green

Double Pink

You can find them in both of my shops
with free UK postage!

I feel like I've had supersonic powers this week
ha ha I wish!
but I have finished Sweet B's Rainbow scarf

We are both thrilled with it
You can read about it's beginnings here if you fancy

It's been a joy to work on in the evenings
I still consider myself very much a crochet novice
so this was perfect for me
super simple and once I got going, no brain power was required
which is exactly what I need by the time evening arrives at the moment.

I have to thank the amazing Lucy
over at Attic24
her tutorials are always fail~safe
she is to crochet
what Delia is to cooking
and she's is so generous with her time and patterns

using a chain of 42
and I used Drops cotton merino

I tried a LOT of borders.
I unpicked a LOT of borders.
For a while I hated borders.
I considered no borders.
It's just that I had this idea in my head
A scarf all neatly edged with a lovely border that I would be proud of
I would not be beaten.
I googled.
Then I thought "Lucy!"
(Duh .....)
I came across this beautiful shell edged bag
I wasn't sure if it would work on my scarf
but with some jiggling it did!

I think that's my favourite bit.

This was most definitely NOT my favourite bit.

I've now started another one
with a grey background this time
I can't say who it's for as it's a Christmas gift
I'll show you when I can.

Oh and I made a toadstool

Bye for now!

Wishing you a wonderful and crafty weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hi Jooles- those fluttery butterflies are gorgeous! Wish I still had a little girl to buy them for! I love that scarf- it looks so snuggly (and neat!!!) Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. The butterflies are so beautiful. So girly... so chic.
    Another scarf idea..
    Have a good day.
    Miss xx

  3. I love the toadstool!!! It is so cute. The scarf for Sweet B is beautiful, I love the rainbow effect, and I totally agree, sewing in the ends - agggghhhh!!!! If only there was a way to crochet without the ends! Never mind it is worth it when the results are as lovely as your scarf!! xx

  4. You are so multi-talented. I love the butterfly hair grips; they'd be great in party bags. Sadly, my 2 are a bit too old for them. They would, however, both love a scarf like that - another thing for the 'to do' list! Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. The little clips are soooo sweet, and the scarf looks great, when I get stuck with a project I always pop over to the attic too
    Clare xx

  6. You've been up to all sorts of crafty fun! Those butterfly hair pins are really lovely (as are your other projects, but the butterflies are my favorite). I'm also busy working on Christmas gifts and it's frustrating that I can't post them.

  7. The butterflies are gorgeous, and the scarf !! It looks so snugly and the colours really pop. I learnt from Lucy's blog, I'm just about to start her cosy blanket. X

  8. Lovely both the scarf and the butterflies !!!!!! BRAVA Jooles!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  9. The butterflies are too cute! Sweet B's scarf is so lovely too - you are such a clever and inventive little bunny Jooles! I'm absolutely in love with your sweet toadstool, it's so pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Rose H

  10. Are the butterflies your own invention? I'd love to give them a try.

    1. Hi Bonney ..... I went to school with a lovely girl called Bonney ..... just love your name so much :o)
      They are my own invention! I've spent many frustrating hours with trial and error, finally I have cracked them!
      Love Jooles x x x

  11. The scarf looks A-MAZE-ING!!! So proud of you, Sweet B must be wishing for arctic temps so she can wear it all the time! And those hair grips, you clever, clever lady, I'm going to need some for my girlies, but you know I'll be stealing them now and again so a butterfly can land on my hair, too! Cxxx

  12. Sweet Butterflies and beautiful scarf, Jooles. It's freezing this week, very much scarf weather. Good luck with your next scarf. Happy mid November to you and yours.
    Anne and family xx

  13. Hi Jooles , love your scarf and really love the butterfies .

  14. Lindas mariposas, linda bufanda.

  15. Such sweet and perfect little butterflies, they look as if they might start fluttering about at any moment! Love the gorgeous scarf too, no wonder Sweet B is thrilled with it! Happy weekend,lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  16. That is a lovely scarf, but I'm thinking I might like the grey even more, it's my favourite colour. And those butterflies are just too sweet :)

  17. Your butterflies are so sweet Jooles, and I love the scarf too. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  18. The edge definitely finishes it off perfectly and I really love the rainbow. Good job you finished when you did, it's freeeezing now isn't it :( x

  19. I love your rainbow scarf set off beautifully with navy - it looks perfect! You've inspired me in my colours for a hot water bottle cover...
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year - I've been continuing to enjoy all the gorgeousness you show us!
    Maria x


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