Thursday, 30 October 2014

Three Things .....

..... making me happy

One ::  This

This is making me very happy. Indeed.
A sneaky peek at something new
I've been working on whole range of Liberty of London butterfly delights.
(I first talked about them way back ..... here)
At last I am getting a wiggle on with them
don't really know how ..... it has been bonkers busy here lately
work~wise and home~wise
It's strange how the busier I am the more I get done
this happen to anyone else?
There will be lots of lush new butterfly themed things in my shops
not sure how soon this will happen though
my Christmas rush has definitely started this week!

Oh and by the way, talking of Christmas ..... a little heads up .....
I've been busy adding to my stocks of
Master Percy Pecker and his dear little friends
(YES it's that time again!)
Miss Posie Pecker
Miss Penelope Pecker
Master Pippin Pecker
Miss Poppie Pecker

I had a huge stock but already 
Percy & Posie are in short supply
so if you'd like one please don't dilly dally
You can find them in

but I digress .....

Two :: My new and freshly painted pantry doors

I LOVE them
I really do
My brother~in~law made them for me
he listened extremely well ..... top marks!
I'd seen some similar doors on Pinterest way back
and that little heart just stuck in my mind and my heart

Three :: Crocheting my Sweet B a Rainbow scarf

We'd seen this one in Cath Kidston
she loved it
I said I'd make her one
I like mine better ..... Shhhh don't tell Cath

Well I'd best get on
my list is ginormous today

I have something Jolly exciting to share with you next time
it includes a giveaway!!
See you next week my lovelies

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Well yes Jooles those are three very lovely things! ❤️
    V x

  2. Hi Jules,
    I love your latest makes...especially that scarf....I agree, it's lovelier than Cath's. I'm so tempted to try something similar....but I.must.keep.making.circles.
    Jacquie x

  3. So much loveliness in one post. "Whispers" (just in case she bans me from her website) I love your scarf better! Sarah xo

  4. I agree, I like your scarf better too!! (tee hee). I'd love to have a rug just like it. I also love your Christmas Robins...sweet

  5. Everything is lovely indeed. Those butterflies are so delicate and pretty.

  6. The Butterflies do look so pretty and as for the doors they are so cute love the colour too, ssh Ipreffer the scarf too.
    Clare xx

  7. Olá Jooles,você sempre com lindos projetos,estou in love com esse crochê,posso copiar? :))) Beijo.valéria.(Brasil).

  8. Your scarf is WAY better :) Your butterflies, and little birdies, are lovely :)
    I definitely get more done and I think just generally work more efficiently when I'm busier. And I do like a good big long list, nothing as satisfying as crossing things off, eh ?

  9. what a lovely display today!!!!!! your scarf is great Jooles!!!!
    xxxxxxx ale

  10. So many pretty things Jooles, can't wait to see what butterfly loveliness you have made. Such a fab mum making Sweet B that scarf, I won't tell Mrs Kidston either! I have a little giveaway over on IG if you'd like to join in? xxx

  11. Yes- those are three wonderful things indeed! I can't stop sighing over your pantry doors- they are so adorable! I think they fit your kitchen to a tee. :)

  12. You make such gorgeous things! I love those perfect fabric butterflies! And those sweet robins in delicious fabrics. And the amazing stripy scarf for Sweet B! And I do love those fabulous pantry doors with the hearts at the top, just beautiful :)
    Happy weekend, lovely Jooles.
    Helen xox

  13. I like your scarf better too, much nicer colours. Love your little dickie birds and those pantry doors too. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  14. You have been very busy and it all looks soo beautiful! Wow! Keep on the wonderful work :-)

    Take care

  15. A post of gorgeousness! Your door is wonderful zinc I just love your clock.

  16. Thanks for the message on my blog Jooles. I love your butterflies. We had a trip to London recently & visited Liberty for the first time- beautiful shop & sooo busy!! Hope you are having a good weekend.xx

  17. Just those doors would be making me happy. And your lovely bunny ears clock!

  18. Your butterflies are so very pretty. I like the CK scarf, but I like yours better. Lovely to see the pecker family making their return. xx

  19. Jooles, I am completely coveting your doors. And your butterflies. And your scarf. Do you mind me asking the make of yarn? Such beautiful colours.

    Heather xx

    1. Hey lovely Heather!
      Aww thank you x The yarn is Drops cotton merino and it's lovely to work with, I got mine from wool warehouse a few weeks ago, they had an offer for 25% off all drops, I don't know if it's still on but maybe worth a look see.
      love Jooles x x x

  20. Honestly, dear Jooles, EVERYTHING you have shared with us in this post is blooming gorgeous! I'm on a crazy Liberty stint at the moment - Angélique's Liberty patchwork tunic was a pleasure to make - so I understand how much your butterflies make your heart flutter.

    And the pantry doors? My favourite colour ever!

    Thank you for making me smile on this rainy sunday evening!


  21. Dear Jooles, You totally made my day when I saw those new butterflies. Can't wait to see what is coming next----we are in our new home and I'm looking for a few new wall hangings. Love the doors and Miss B's scarf. Good luck to all of the ladies for your giveaway. Cool apron and congratulations for being included. Happiest November...... Anne xxx plumcreek22

  22. Hi Jooles, lovely to see such happy, gorgeous things in your post. I do love your pantry doors (clever B.I.L) and the little bunny clock on your wall is making me smile too! Your liberty butterflies are beautiful and sweet B will be over the moon with the stunning scarf. Hope you're getting through your list of things, good to be busy but nice to have time to relax a while too so make sure you make time for that too! xxx

  23. I do so love posts like these, Jooles, full of random good things! The scarf is just gorgeous, the black and rainbow work so well together. Your pantry doors are a triumph too - how cute are those little heart shaped openings?! But I love your Liberty butterfly artwork the best, that really is gorgeous. xx

  24. Yours IS loads better, I don't really like the quality of the CK crochet stuff and it's so expensive!

    I'm looking forward to getting my Pecker out for Christmas, I think it was a Percy but I've forgotten lol


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