Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Art Of Distraction .....

that's what I've been trying to perfect this week
putting Scary Worrying things aside
(or trying my best to)
and searching out love and beauty

 With everything going right now
I have dramatically pared down my shops
just ready made items or quick to make things in~store for a while
I will have to close them for a few weeks soon
I'll let you know when.

This has given me time to cut endless  B E A U T I F U L  fabric squares
from my 'Treasure' stash
slowly slowly
I'm making a quilt just for me
using my most adored fabrics
some of them just enough for one square
Vintage Laura Ashley
a beautiful but damaged vintage table cloth 
and even a few of my mother~in~laws pretty hankies
something special to remember her by

I do a bit here and there when I'm feeling up to it
its soothing for my soul
especially when accompanied by Mary Berry baking something delish

I've also indulged in a little, pretty retail therapy

I have been a huge fan of Viv's work for many years
who wouldn't be?
It's insanely gorgeous
I had some birthday money left so treated myself to this delight
she is such a lovely lovely lady too
this will be highly treasured ..... always

I also added a  V E R Y  pretty new baby mug to my collection

It's called 'Carnation' but to me it is a pink

it looks very at home

This Zinnia made me happy too
look at the  G O R G E O U S  colour

June's cross stitch
~ A firefly in a jam jar ~

I've not started July yet
got a feeling I may get rather behind on this
You can read more about my Cross Stitch Challenge here

Before I go I have been meaning to show you something .....
Have you heard of Sugru?

It's jolly clever stuff
a self~setting rubber
I had an email from a kind lady from the company
she offered to send me some to try out
it arrived in the nick of time
my mac cable was hanging on by a thread
(a new cable is £70!)
so I used some to mend it
such a genius idea

It can be used in  L O A D S  of crafty ways too
just take a looky at their website
So thank you very much to Clare and Sugru
I shall be up for a play when I'm feeling better

Thanks for popping by
It's lovely to know you're there
and I can just ramble away to you
and I adore to read your lovely comments

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Your quilt it absolutely beautiful, a real treasure - and I think I may use your idea for an old hand-embroidered table cloth of my mum's that after 52 years has many a stain. It's a fab idea for a quilt.
    Take care of you & enjoy the sunshine,
    hugs xx

  2. Jooles sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell, lovely distractions do definitely help,

    I spy my fave liberty print in your patchwork, it is the 'betsy' print.

    Keep going keep smiling!
    bestest love Daisy j x

  3. Your quilt is beautiful and I'm glad it's the distraction you need!
    Take care of yourself lovely lady, sending you a hug!
    V x

  4. Beautiful quilt! Such a good way of 'saving' treasured fabric scraps. Hope you feel back on top of things soon. X

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Please take care and I will remember you in my prayers.
    I love your quilt. I just got two packs of beautiful 5" blocks and I was waiting to find a nice way to use them. I think your quilt would be a great way to show the fabric off. Thanks so much for the idea.

    Best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  6. Hoping you are ok ((hugs)) loving your quilt xx

  7. Awe lovely Jooles....hopefully it wont be too long before you are feeling back to your normal self and on tip top form again. Just rest and take it easy and distract yourself with all your gorgeous things.

    Swoon, that quilt is going to be GORGEOUS, and how lovely to incorporate all your favourite fabrics and family pieces. I love hand made things that have family tied into them. But, okay, one question, which probably seems incredibly dumb........why the safety pins in the pieces of patchwork? See, i'm just incredibly stupid when it comes to sewing of any kind!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mug shelf. Oh so pretty beyond belief....and your garden.....such gorgeous colour.

    I hope you are not wilting under this heat today. I am.

    Take care lovely Jooles and take it easy.

    Much love xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you lovely V x
      It's a very good question indeed and I should have mentioned that ..... the safety pins are used to secure all of the layers together whilst you stitch away, a quilt is like a sandwich ~ the pretty top, the batting is the warm and cosy filling and then the backing fabric, the pins just stop all the layers from moving about.
      Yes I am wilting too!
      love Jooles x x x

  8. Take good care of yourself sweet Jooles... So far you are doing a great job I think, buying those sweet things;-) and making that beautiful and special quilt for yourself...
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  9. Such a lovely quilt, sorry to hear you have been unwell, take care. xx

  10. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the idea of using up lovely old tablecloth embroideries in it :) I'm so glad it is just the right kind of distraction you need at the moment too....Your new pink mug is such a pretty one. I hope you feel better soon, lovely Jooles.
    Sending you love and a big hug.
    Helen xox

  11. I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, dear Jooles. I hope that matters can be resolved sooner rather than later. Soothing away worries with pretty fabrics and fine stitching is a wonderful way to distract yourself, although I know that the worries always lurk in the background.
    I read a little quote just yesterday and thought I'd share it with you, "God is my Father, He loves me, and I will never think of anything that He will forget, so why should I worry?" In the midst of worrisome circumstances, there is Someone watching over you.
    Take care.

    1. Thank you so much Lorrie x that is indeed a beautiful quote and I shall definitely try to remember it and live by it too
      love Jooles x x x

  12. That quilt is stunning - you definitely have a way with fabrics and colours - in fact, I love everything about this post: the garden, the quilt, the new baby mug and the firefly in a jar! Hope you feel better soon. x

  13. Wow that quilt is so beautiful, such wonderful colours and fabric just my cup of tea, sorry to hear you've not be to well, feel better soon.
    Clare xx

  14. Oh Jooles, how beautiful your patchwork is, lovely pinks and greens - my favourite colour combo. It will be a stunning quilt. I love the zinnia too, so delicate. Get well soon.
    Love Jane xx

  15. Hi Jooles- For some reason this post is just what I needed . . . all the beauty and love you are searching for right now has filled me up in turn- thank you.:)
    That quilt is just SO beautiful, it makes me want to weep for all the ways it is so special. And your new mug is just PERFECT. I'm glad there is beauty and quiet joy even in uncertain times . . . I pray your soul will find perfect peace beyond understanding and that JOY will bubble up from underneath all that is anxious.
    You are lovely and special. :)
    Thinking of you,

  16. Beautiful quilt and sugru looks pretty nifty, must get some. Great recommendation.

  17. ((HUGS))) sending you a big hug - sorry to read you have a few worries ((hugs))
    I love your ME quilt and what a wonderful idea to put in the embroidery and hankies - I've tucked that idea away. The fabric makes me swoon soo pretty. Love Leanne

  18. A very beautiful post J and thank you so much for all the lovely words about your purchase. So happy Honeythunder lives with you. I hope very much that you will be feeling better soon x

  19. Hello my lovely friend, do you realise we both had a delivery from Viv? I got her beautiful new scarf...we'll do a show-and-tell next time we meet...and hopefully I'll get to admire that absolutely magnificent quilt in person! Could it get any prettier? It is *perfect*!!! Cxxx

  20. Beautiful quilt Jooles! Hope you are feeling well again very soon. Take care of yourself .. Bee xx

  21. Big hugs to you, Jooles! Isn't it wonderful how, despite your worries, you create and find such beauty? Amazing lady.


  22. Hi Jooles!
    I just became your latest follower. I love your blog and look forward to visiting again!
    I am participating in a Blogland Tour and would love for you to be a part of it. I know many of my followers would love getting to know you and visiting here as well. I also would love to have other countries represented in my Blogland tour. Please reply and let me know if you are interested and I will send more details!

    1. Hello Kimberly!

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog x
      I am flattered that you'd like to include me in your blog tour and ordinarily I would love that, but I'm not so well at the moment and i feel that I couldn't give it the time it deserves.
      I shall certainly be popping over to your lovely blog for a read though!

      love jooles x x x

  23. Your quilt is beautiful and I hope that it provides distraction and comfort and that you are back on top form again very very soon. Hugs and all best wishes to you. xx

  24. So many beautiful fabrics in your quilt Jooles and it certainly does look like soothing work. I hope you are ok and that things will improve for you. Take care. Sending you hugs.xx

  25. Distraction in beautiful things is the very best thing when worries are nipping at your heels. I hope you take lots of pleasure and comfort from your beautiful garden (I am rather envious of your lovely neat beds) and from stitching such pretty and soothing projects. Treats are very good too and I can see why Viv's work makes you smile. Take care of your lovely self, thinking of you xxxx

  26. Oh dear Jooles I am worried about you :( Distraction are good though because there's probably not a lot you can do right now and worrying doesn't help (I know that makes me a hypocrite!) Absolutely love your quilt, it's so perfect and Junes firefly in a jar made me smile, how cute! If you don't get July done don't worry, skip it & do the others & you can do July at the end :-) x

  27. Oh Jooles, I am worried about you. :-( You sound sad and not at all yourself. I can't give you a hug as I live to far away but know that I am thinking of you and very much hope you are ok.

    The quilt is just beautiful and I know exactly what you mean about wanting to surround yourself with comforts when things are hard. Focus on the pretty, the soft, the lovely, the things that make you happy. xx

  28. Lovely Jooles I adore your work it is just perfect, you are such a talented and creative lady. I am thinking about you and have sent up some prayers asking for you to be looked after. Do keep in touch, the art work is divine, I do love your taste. Sending you my bestest hugs and loves

  29. Olá, amei seu blog. Cheio de coisas lindas e me deram muitas inspirações. Você parece triste? Isso as vezes acontece de estar triste, mas não deixe pensamento tristes se aproximar de você. Troque eles por pensamento de coisas lindas. Tu já fazes belíssimas artes. Tua casa é linda. Pense positivo que coisas boas virão.
    Tenha uma ótima semana, estarei orando por vocês.

  30. Ooh yes, we're big fans of Sugru here.

    I've just been catching up with all your recent posts Jooles, now that I'm back from my break from knitsofacto. I'm sorry to read you've not been well. Fingers crossed your docs can get you all fixed up really quickly xxx

  31. I adore the cross stitch, what a brilliant idea to do one little piece a month, yet another thing to add to my todo list .....


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