Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I'm still here .....

Hello my lovely friends
Sorry I've not been around for a while
I've been feeling rather under the weather of late
but your kind wishes have cheered me up no end

Thank you for so many wonderful comments on my kitchen tour post
I'm really REALLY so happy that you like it too
It's funny ..... sometimes when I've been out and then come back through my door
I'm quite thrilled at the beautiful kitchen sights that greet me
I almost forget that we have such a new PRETTY kitchen
 it's like seeing it again for the first time
I'm totally smitten with it.

My hospital appointment went fine thank you x
I've had some more tests
I'm waiting for my consultant to get get in touch
hopefully tomorrow
to see what happens next

The day of my first hospital appointment
was the beginning of a few days holiday for Mr Sweet and I
Dodgy timing ..... but I didn't want to turn down the appointment.

Our holiday was a bit of a non~holiday in the end
with appointments and pain
we did manage to make it to one of my favourite places

Ahhhhhh I love it there!

It's heaven having my Sweet Bee home
Oh how I love that busy girl
she has turned into a whizz in the kitchen since living away from home
She made a gorgeous bean chilli for tea last night
(it's so lovely to get a night off cooking)
and last weekend she made lychee and passion fruit panna cotta

I think it has to be my favourite dessert of ALL time
so divinely delicious.

She's been out and about .....
she managed to fight off millions of other graduates
(ok ..... quite a lot)
and got herself an internship over the summer
with the Hampshire Wildlife Trust
Guess what she's doing?

A BEE study!

It's so funny

She goes to a farm
where the farmer has treated strips of land next to his fields in different ways
in some the grass is left uncut
some have been sown with a pollen and nectar flower mixture
some with a wild bird seed mixture
there are more but I can't quite remember them all
you get the gist though .....

Sweet B and her fellow bee watcher
have to collect data to determine which strip encourages the most bees
they record the number of bumble bees on each strip
the species
and the flower they were feeding from.
All very interesting and worthwhile stuff
they walk for miles
she really loves it
and it couldn't be more perfect for her.

Well I shall be off for now
wishing you a lovely rest of the week

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I hope everything will be fine in the end Jooles.... good luck in hospital!
    I love those pink pompoms, never seen them before! What a beautiful garden....
    Lots of love, Mirjamxxx

  2. Your photos of perch hill are fabulous jooles, I've never been but it's not far away from me and now I've seen your pics I think I really must go! Sweet B's panna cotta looks delicious and how great she's got the bee study! Good luck with the test results, hope you get things sorted soon.
    Jane xx

  3. Beautiful garden, delicious looking panna cotta and a fun and entirely appropriate internship! Good luck with the tests. x

  4. Beautiful flowers and I really love your new kitchen.....ciao Alison

  5. Those flowers are unreal! Such incredible beauty! I'm desperate to visit there now...congrats to Sweet Bee with her internship, she's going places, that gal! Cxxx

  6. So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope that you get better soon. Perch Hill is beautiful - I've only been there once, but have plans to go again. Beautiful photos! I hope Sweet Bee has a lovely time in Hampshire. Best wishes, Pj x

  7. Such beautiful photo's Jooles , it looks a truly magical place. Your daughters Internship sounds fascinating - our middle daughter is off to get her Degree results tomorrow - eek ! Its lovely to see them moving on isn't it ?
    Have a restful weekend,
    Kate x

  8. Hope everything turns out well Jooles, nothing worse than feeling unwell. The garden is amazing I'd love to go one day! :) x

  9. Oh my word, that place is amazing. I need to visit there I think.

    Goodness me, passion fruit panna cotta? That sounds truly scrumptious. What a handy girl you have there! Well done on her internship too. That sounds incredible to be doing. Lucky her! You must be so proud!

    Have a super rest of a week and weekend my friend xxx

  10. Wonderful photos of Perch Hill, I enjoyed these so much!! How lovely that Sweet B is making such delicious things for you to eat, and her bee work sounds just perfect! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and have been suffering pain, I hope you will soon feel well again.
    Sending love and very best wishes, dear Jooles.
    Helen xox

  11. Hi Jooles, so sorry to hear you are suffering. I really hope the hospital can ease things for you.
    The garden you visited looks beautiful- glad you could have a nice day out.
    Well done to Sweet B- clever girl! Her work sounds really interesting. We really need to look after our bees:0
    Best wishes xx

  12. Thank you so much for posting these photographs. They're stunning. I'm now going to e-mail the link to this post to friends so they can enjoy them, too!

  13. What gorgeous pictures of a very special garden. I hope that you will soon be feeling better and on the road to recovery. Congratulations to Sweet B - what a lovely Summer she has ahead with such an interesting job. Take care and get well very soon xxxx

  14. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Sending you good vibes. Wow to Sweet Bee's endeavours - my degree was in Environmental Management and I worked with Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, Dartmoor National Park and English Nature back in another life ;0) I hope she finds it as inspirational as I did. I'm researching bumble bees myself currently (out of interest) and I'm sure the research she will do will contribute to greater understanding of how to protect them in future - such a worthwhile project. Take care, J9 x

  15. I do so hope things go well Jooles and will be thinking of you. Thank you for a lovely post, it was just so beautiful. Xx

  16. Pics I love so and garden are part of my life.
    Take good care of you.
    Miss xx

  17. Oh those flowers. Just gorgeous ... Bee xx

  18. Gorgeous pictures, I've never heard of this place, will place it on my to-go- to list I think :) You must Must MUST post thenpanacottacrecipe, it looks heavenly.
    Lots of good luck and stay well hugs for the hospital stuff

    1. Hi Jill
      It is VERY pretty there :o)
      There is a link for the panna cotta recipe just above the first photo of it, highlighted in violet ..... enjoy!
      love Jooles x x x

  19. Another dreamy post, Jooles. Thank you for sharing Sarah Raven's garden as I have not set foot in it yet and would very much love to. Aren't those poppy seed heads waving in the breeze just gorgeous?

    I am so glad that things are progressing for you healthwise. Take good care of yourself and I did smile when I found out about your lovely daughter's research on bees.


  20. Oh sweetie sorry to read that you are unwell, I hope that the hospital appointment helps and clears things up?! I am just a little speechless at the beauty of that gorgeous garden, wow, what I would give!! So happy for your little girl, it sounds like she has a beautiful and bright future ahead of her! Off to go and look at the kitchen now. Sending you much love xoxo

  21. ... Fingers crossed that your results come in okay, or that they find something which they can sort out nice and easily for you. You were right to take up the appointment, a slightly interrupted holiday is no price to pay for your wellbeing x

    Tell Sweet B I'm more impressed with her cooking than her First (ok, maybe not quite) I learnt to make lasagne at Uni but that was about it! And I LOVE that she's going to be working with Bees! I can imagine her doing really well, getting into researching something, PHDs... Ahh if only I could go back to uni! x

  22. Oh lovely Jooles, I'm sorry you've not been feeling yourself. I'm thinking of you, and hoping you feel better and that all is ok regarding the hospital appointments and tests. These things are horribly stressful, aren't they.

    That garden is just stunning. Are they poppies? I want to plant poppies everywhere in my garden after seeing that. I especially love the pink and purple ones. Sweet B is a flipping godsend! She makes pannacottas, she works hard, she had scored an amazing internship - what a woman. No wonder you are proud. xx

    1. Hello lovely!
      Thank you x
      Yes they are indeed poppies ..... what a sight there were, so many all together like that WOW! I want to plant my entire garden with poppies too!
      love Jooles x x x

  23. Lovely Jooles I hope things have settled down for you and I am so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, I have been away myself and am just catching up with everyone. Your photographs are just quite stunning - I could almost smell the fragrance of the blooms. I hope you take care of yourself Jooles and rest, have said a little prayer that everything will turn out just right for you. Sending you all my love, Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. I hope things pick up for you soon hospital appointments are always a pain, I have a medical appointment or test every day this week and two on Saturday, so exhausting, hope the result come back ok and you're feeling much better soon.
    Clare x

  25. I love the sound of your daughter's internship. My grandfather was a beekeeper, and I want to have bees someday too. (No yard at all right now, so: Someday.) :)

    I hope the rest of your summer is appointment/pain/stress-free.

    Your quilt in the newest post is lovely! ♥♥♥

    Best Wishes,

    Val :)


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