Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bedside Posy :: July

Gosh I only just made it!

Here is my July bedside posy
A simple, fragrant and Oh So Beautiful little jug of Sweet peas
what could be lovelier?

Bedside Posie :: May
Bedside Posie :: June

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Definitely a perfect bouquet for a sweet violet in July!! xx

  2. I love sweet peas- the scent is so pretty. How lovely to have it wafting through your dreams. Hope you are well.xx

  3. A lovely bouquet with sweet colours.

  4. How lovely, the scent must be heavenly! I've been meaning to follow your example with a bedside posy since you started them, I like the idea of waking up to fresh flowers, but so far have failed miserably! Have a lovely week Jooles.
    Jane xx

  5. Dearest Jooles,

    I simply had to pop in and congratulate you! Not on your VERY PRETTY posy but on your BEAUTIFUL daughter's graduation! I can imagine how thrilled you are.



  6. Beautiful! I wish I could smell them through the computer!!

    all the best to you lovely gal!

  7. Oh Jooles, your bedside sweetpea posy is so darkly rich. Love those intense colours.

  8. Your sweet peas are so beautiful and gorgeously scented, I can't even imagine how wonderful they would be to drift off to sleep to! Promise you'll help me grow some for next year! There's our autumn sorted... ;-) Cx

  9. Lovely sweetpea posy, perfect to scent your sweet dreams! Love the little jug too :)
    Helen xox

  10. So pretty. I love sweet peas, they're just so sweet smelling and soft to look at. I can't believe it's almost August. That feeling that summer is at and end is only just around the corner. Groan! x

  11. Oh yes, those are lovely, I should grow some.
    When I got married I told the florist I wanted white and blush roses, heather and other flowers you would find in an old fashion garden. He put sweet peas, they were perfect.


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