Sunday, 27 July 2014

Apologies in advance .....

Hello my friends
Happy Sunday to you!

As the title says ..... apologies ..... One Hundred apologies
This IS a Christmassy post

I'm terribly sorry (not really!)

I have been busy writing up my very first PDF pattern
I've been making and selling my Bunting Advent Calendars since 2010
goodness only knows how many cute little pockets I've stitched
and I still REALLY love making them
so I thought it was about time that I wrote a pattern
 so that you could stitch up your very own!

It has taken much longer than I had anticipated
possibly because it's my first pattern
and possibly because I'm a pernickety pernackerpan
(as my Mother~in~law would say)

Anyway it's ALL done now
and available to purchase and instantly download from my Etsy shop
if you fancy having a go at stitching one up!

It's certainly suitable for beginners
as I have written the pattern nicely detailed
as that's how I like patterns to be
Twelve pages in total
with all of my tips and tricks for a perfect finish
including little heart ends ~ with a whole page of templates on the back page
 and a 'How~To' on rubber stamping
It has colour Step~by~Step photos too
which I also love in a pattern

My dear little friend makes a special appearance too!

I have plans for more patterns in the future
may be even Percy Pecker ..... who knows!

and it goes without saying
 that if you have any questions about the pattern or have any problems
just drop me an email
I will be here to help.

* * * * * * * *
This pattern is however, for personal use only
make as many as you can for friends, family and loved ones
Go Bonkers!
 P.l.e.a.s.e  do NOT sell them
that would make me very sad indeed

(I have had a LOT of copycat issues with my advent buntings)

* * * * * * * *

Before I go I have SO many thank you's to say

Thank you ..... 
for all of your kind and wonderful wishes to my Sweet B
she LOVED all of the kind comments
she REALLY did.

Thank you .....
for all of your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers for me
you have given me more strength than you can begin to imagine
things have moved on
surgery date has been set for the 5th of August
I've had so many tests that I've lost count
and still more to come on Thursday
I look like a pin cushion
I'm still working on the art of distraction!

and lastly

Thank you .....
as even though I haven't been visiting you much recently
you have still been leaving me such beautiful and kindly words
You're fab
yes you truly are.
After the 'thing' that I can barely bring myself to think about 
I shall have lots of time to recuperate 
and I shall look forward to visiting you all and see what you've been up to
it will give me something positive to look forward to

I have a couple of posts that I'd like to share before the 'thing'
so I'll be back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. How lovely, and it has reminded me to get started on some christmas goodies for this year or I shall never get done :-)

  2. Awe best wishes lovely lady! :)
    V x

  3. It's so lovely, all best wishes for the tests and surgery, I'm right there with you with the pin cushion stuff and have appointments mon tue and weds this week, but we'll get there.
    Clare xxx

  4. Oh so lovely to think of Christmas on this hot and sticky summer day (G)!!!! Take care of you and thanks for YOUR sweet note on MY blog. I was honored that you came to visit. XXXX

  5. I hope that the pattern does really well, it sounds as though it is amazing. I understand you publishing it now too as people want to get thinking about Christmas and getting organised and it all takes time doesn't it. I hope that everything goes well for your think that you don't want to think about and that you have a good recovery. I will be thinking of you and continuing to send you good thoughts. Lots of love and hugs. xx

  6. Beautiful advent bunting, Jooles. Hope everything goes well on the 5th and every wish for a speedy recovery. x

  7. Congrats on your first pattern! I'm so excited to try it out...there's my autumn project sorted! Cxxx

  8. You mean 151 apologies, surely, since that's the number of days left when you wrote the post? Apology unnecessary; the C*******s word will be here quicker than we think.
    The bunting looks absolutely fabulous! I am soooo tempted; but I have too many advent calendars already! (perhaps I need to think of a friend with a new baby or little'un who would enjoy it......let me see.....)

  9. Well done on writing your first pattern, and it sounds a very thorough one at that too! I know what hard work it is to write a pattern complete with templates, tips and step photography, so can tell that you have been working very hard lovely Jooles!
    I will be thinking of you next week, and send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery after your surgery. With lots of love and a big hug. Helen xox

  10. Well done with your pattern writing! Gosh it comes around so quickly, I'm thinking of starting to get make ideas ready for family. I find the last 4 months of the year quite hard for me, so I need to be as organised as I can! I hope that you will be back to yourself again in no time after the surgery. Keep yourself busy until then in your brain, but take it slowly in your body! Have a super week my friend x

  11. Your advent calendar is wonderful. I'd been thinking about trying to make something similar so will have to check out your pattern. Thanks for sharing. Take care, thinking of you.

  12. Dear Jooles, Wishing you lots of love and luck for Thursday and also for the weeks ahead. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. It's so pretty and I hope has given your mind some peace. At difficult times in my life I have always turned to sewing and found that it has helped to still my mind and give it the space it has needed. Much love and take care Victoria xxxxxx

  13. Sending you best wishes for August 5th. Make sure you get lots of time to rest before and afterwards. x

  14. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

    Good luck for next week Jooles, keep working on that distraction but you'll be absolutely fine you know xxxx


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