Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Peaceful Ta~Da and a farewell for now .....

Hello my lovelies

I have finished my 

Peaceful Quilt

the perfect name I've decided
it has saved my sanity on several recent days
soothed my mind
and kept me peaceful
I miss making it already

It has some of my most dearly treasured fabrics
vintage Laura Ashley
Liberty of London
loved one's vintage hankies
and other, mostly small and adored pieces
all from my 'Treasure' bag

I did treat myself to just a few new treasures 
mostly from my lovely friend Sarah
whose shop is Dangerously luscious
(you've been warned!)

As soon as I'd finished hand stitching the binding 
I threw it straight in the washing machine
and after that, straight in the drier
that's possibly against the law
I just love how it makes it look
Loved and Cherished

I am over~the~moon in love with it

I'll be closing my shops tomorrow.

I have my pre~assessment tomorrow morning
and I will have my surgery on Tuesday
Tuesday the 5th August .....
that scary date that has not left my mind for more than a few minutes
since I was first told of it
I wish I was having a general anaesthetic
but I'm not
(I did ask the surgeon ..... actually I think I begged a bit ..... but NO)

so so so so so Scared

I've been told that I'll only need two nights in hospital
I hope so.

I will dream of being in my own cosy bed
surrounded by those I hold dear 
and snuggled under my Peaceful quilt
that should get me through, don't you think?

I wish I could be a brave person
I'll just have to try my best to pretend to be one instead.

I've recently had some lovely comments
from a few of you
also going through scary health times
I wish you lots of love and healing
and I will be thinking of you

Well I guess it's time for me to bid farewell for now
I'll be back when I can
I miss you already

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Your quilt is beautiful and I'm so glad it brought you the comfort you needed!
    Don't worry it will all be over soon, take care lovely lady!
    V x

  2. Your quilt is truly lovely, Jooles. All those soft colours just speak peace. I'll be thinking of you and praying for courage and healing. Think lovely thoughts.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful - so pretty and springlike, and it looks so cosy and snuggly!
    Good luck for Tuesday - will be thinking of you.
    Maria x

  4. Agree it is a gorgeous quilt, good luck x

  5. Good luck for the 5th! How lovely a quilt was that to make?

  6. It's absolutely beautiful. Such lovely colours. Keep looking forward to snuggling in it when you get home. Take care - I'll be thinking of you. x

  7. Your quilt is incredible...beyond beautiful...a true heirloom! Take it to hospital, snuggle it and it will bring you peace. Nearly done, you'll be so much happier afterwards! Let's plan our next quilt morning so you have something lovely to look forward to - I'll make the cake this time! Cxxx

  8. You quilt is beautiful - I love scrappy quilts. Bach flower remedies can be very helpful with scary situations. Helps greatly with emotional worry and scariness. Mimulus is a good one for a known fear aka going in for your op. Wishing you all the best

  9. Your quilt is lovely. You did a wonderful job! You're in my thoughts.

  10. I am in awe of the quilt and what it means to you. Take care until next time a very inspired Jo x

  11. Your peaceful quilt is beautiful in many ways, and I hope that it brings you peace next week and that all will go well and that you will be up and about and fit and well in no time at all. Sending you love and hugs and all the best thoughts. xx

  12. Oh lovely lovely quilt! Thank you for linking back to me, you are a sweetie. I'll be thinking of you and sending massive happy thoughts......... it will be soon be over. love Sarah xo

  13. Such a beautiful quilt, which I'm sure you will cherish for many years to come. Good luck with your op, you'll soon be home again and tucked up under your quilt. Liz x

  14. Hugs to you. I wish you all the best with your operation.

  15. Thinking of you Jooles ... wishing the time passes quickly for you until you are snuggled up in your beautiful quilt after your operation ... Bee xx

  16. Oh sweet Jooles. I have missed something. What surgery are you having. I know how stressful it is ........the waiting. I had surgery one month ago. I was sure my sarcomas had returned. Thought I was having two small lumps removed and had 7..........but they were not malignant. It took some time for my mind to readjust my thoughts. Goodness your mind can take over when you don't know your outcome. I survived....Yeah....I didn't quit breathing like I have before and I get to keep my leg. Now I am hoping happy thoughts for you. As soon as you wake up from surgery you will feeling a big weight is less lifted. Love your quilt. Perfect fabrics. Sending prayers for you. Please keep us informed. Hugs

  17. Utterly beautiful; I adore those colours and patterns. Is that machine or hand quilted? I'm just about to start quilting my first quilt and am a little daunted by the task. The squares are not all the same size so, unfortunately, I can't copy your lovely parallel lines and I have a feeling that mine won't look so beautifully neat from the back! I'm also worried that the first time I throw it in the wash, bits will shrink! We'll all be thinking of you on the 5th and I'm sure that your 'Peaceful Quilt' will help you make a speedy recovery. x

  18. The quilt is beautiful (how does it fit in the washing machine?).
    Sending you all my best wishes. It will be over soon and you'll be back home with a nice cup of tea. xx

  19. Get well soon and have faith, you'll be ok sooner than you expect.

  20. The quilt is quite beautiful. Hope your hospital stay goes well x

  21. Your quilt is just so, so beautiful & truly lovely. I think you should take it with you & snuggle under it when you're feeling scared, just to remind you that you are so loved. Hope it all goes well - sending you hugs & happy thoughts, love Gilly xx

  22. Good luck jooles. Make sure you take thongs to distract like audiobooks. Nothing we can say really to make it any better! Shame you can't take you absolutely gorgeous quilt. Xx

  23. Take care, thinking of you. Take your own pillow in with you also lavender oil on a nice hankie to sniff.
    Works for me :)

  24. Beautiful quilt! Hold tight to the thought that your op will soon be over and you will soon be snuggled up under your quilt. Thinking of you. Best wishes, Pj x

  25. sending positive vibes Jooles. Your quilt is just so beautiful and I wish I could master it but we can't be good at everything can we. Amanda x

  26. Your quilt is truly beautiful. I wish you well and may God be with you on Tuesday most especially.

  27. Your new quilt is sew beautiful!! I love all the soft shades of green and pink, and the lovely binding. I can imagine how anxious you feel, dear Jooles...but it will soon be over. Your pretty quilt and your own bed will be waiting for you.
    Sending love and hugs.
    Helen xox

  28. Big hugs being sent your way. We'll all be thinking of you & wishing you the best for a speedy recovery <3
    Love, DianeM

  29. Wow, that quilt is absolutely beautiful! You certainly have a way with fabrics.
    I wish you a quick procedure and a simple recovery :-)

  30. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful, Jooles. So many pretty fabrics- a real treasure. I'm sorry you have an ordeal to go through. I think it's OK to feel scared & even to tell the hospital staff & let them comfort you. Keep those lovely thoughts in mind to help you through. Very best wishes & much love.xx

  31. Your 'Peaceful Quilt' is absolutely stunning Jooles. Just so, so beautiful. Peaceful thoughts my friend. I know you won't feel calm until after the 'op', it's only natural to have this worry, but soon it will be over and you will be feeling so much better for it. Take care my lovely xxxxxxxxxx

  32. Jooles- That quilt is a work of art. I see each square as a window into who you are . . . really special. Really lovely.
    Praying for courage! And peace to cover you just like that quilt!!
    Hopefully it will all go so quickly and you'll be home in your own bed in a blink!

  33. firstly - loads Loads LOADS of luck for the hospital xxxxx
    secondly - wow that quilt, sooo gorgeous, love the cololurs, peaceful indeed. And I love how the washing has softened it all up, it looks so snuggly. Love some of the angles of your photos , was any lying on your back on the lawn involved ???

  34. Dear Jooles,

    Your quilt is amazing. I love the fabrics and all the bits and pieces you used. I hope all goes well for you. I will be praying for you. Take care and try to stay calm. God will watch over you.

    Love and best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  35. Lovely colors on your beautiful quilt! Try not to worry too much and make yourself sick. Good luck!

  36. I think of you and hope everything will be great for you after the surgery.
    Your quilt is beautiful and so soft! like you.
    Miss xx

  37. My favourite square is the vintage embroidered flower (rose?) but I love them all. Gorgeous fabric, patterns and colours. I've been thinking of you lovely lady, and hope Tuesday goes as well as it can. Take care. Xxx

  38. See you soon Jooles. It's ok to be scared, surgery is a scary thing but they know that they're doing, they'll take good care of you and so will your family :-)

    Your peaceful quilt is absolutely stunning, just think about how lovely it's going to be when you come home and get to snuggle up into it. Those 2 days will be over before you know it. Lots of love and best of luck for a speedy recovery xxxxx

  39. Hi Jooles Your peaceful quilt is absolutely fabulous & will speed up your recovery. I expect the two days in hospital will pass quicker than you think as you will probably be groggy from the anaesthetic & pain killers. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you on Thursday.. Love & best wishes Claire xxx

  40. Jooles, May you feel our love and best wishes from across the miles. I hope your quilt will give some comfort after your hospital stay. See you soon!!
    Much love, Anne----PlumCreek22

  41. Your quilt is really lovely!!
    I understand you being anxious but I'm sure everything will be ok.
    I enjoy your blog a lot, post by post (in silence, yes, because of my poor English...).
    A big hug and besos from Argentina! Come back soon with your wonderful posts.

  42. Hi Jooles - I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Hope everything goes OK and you are home snuggling under your beautiful new quilt as soon as possible. xxx

  43. Hope all went well jooles and your resting up now at home xx

  44. I love your quilt sooo .... beautiful fabrics in lovely colours and patterns. Hope you are recovering well!
    Pat xx

  45. Such a beautiful, beautiful quilt Jooles, and it has clearly been such a much needed therapy for you at this time. Look after yourself and get back to full health as quick as you can.
    Hugs, Kate x

  46. Hope your after surgery is going well and you are healing nicely. The quilt is nothing short of marvelous!

  47. Just catching up after being off bloggy land for a while. I hope it all went smoothly and you were able to pretend to be brave for as long as you needed to and that you are now snuggled up under that most gorgeous blanket xxx

  48. I could have sworn I'd commented here when you posted. I just popped in to see if there was news of how you're doing. Here's hoping all went well and that you're snuggled under that lovely quilt and feeling much, much better xxx


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