Friday, 20 June 2014

My Little Shelf Of Joy .....

..... as arranged by Sweet B

I adore that simple little shelf ..... it brings so much joy
it has to be one of my favourite things EVER.

BIG News Flash .....

Sweet B got the results of her zoology degree yesterday


FIRST class honours!

We were on the champers last night :o)

I'm so proud I could literally burst into one million trillion bits

Happy weekend my dear friends

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Fabulous news! Congratulations to Sweet B!

  2. Many, many congratulations to Sweet B!
    V x

  3. Your little shelf is always so beautiful! Many congrats to Sweet B, you must be super proud of her!! All that studying obviously paid off along with your cakes to keep her going :0) xxx

  4. Congratulations to Sweet B! Hooray. I love your little shelf. That pale pink rose makes my heart ache with the beauty of it.

  5. Big congratulations to Sweet B! I hope she's enjoying a well-earned rest. Your flower shelf is so pretty Jooles, fabulous pics, made my heart sing. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  6. wonderful wonderful shelf of delight! and a HUGE congratulations to Sweet B- that's fantastic news!!!

  7. Wow, that looks beautiful - so perfectly arranged, I love it! And congratulations to Sweet B - fantastic news!
    Maria x

  8. what a pretty shelf with all those lovely coloured flowers....congrats to Sweet B.........wonderful result

  9. Congratulations to Sweet B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is really fantastic news and a great achievement!!! I hope that whatever the future brings it is all wonderful, just like your flowers! xx

  10. Great news congratulations to sweet B
    Clare x

  11. hugely amazing wonderful congrats to your daughter, to get a first, sooooo brilliant :)

  12. Such gorgeous photos Jooles and such fantastic news! Lots and lots of congratulations to Sweet B - I bet you're fit to burst with pride!!!

    Heather xx

  13. Champers again today I should think!!!!....huge congratulations Sweet B! Gorgeous shelf and such pretty flowers. So thrilled for you all Sarah xo

  14. Congratulations to your Sweet B ..... wonderful achievement Jooles!!! ..... and of course you are proud ...rightly so!!!
    Wonderful photos of an original flower arrangement.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  15. Hugs and congratulations to all - you must be soooo proud! Jane x (oh - and did I say - your shelf looks beaaauuutiful!)

  16. Yay, congratulations sweet B., well done!!!
    I love your flower shelf Jooles... I'm thinking of making something similar here :-).
    Love, Mirjam.

  17. Many congratulations to Sweet B. A first! Wow, it doesnt get any better than that.
    Loving the shelf and the flowers Jooles, I love picking the odd flowers to display from our garden, its all lavender at the minute though but smells divine!

  18. Happy days, my friend, happy days!!!!! Cxxx

  19. Congratulation to your sweet B, very good.
    Your shelf is again most beautiful, love the different colours and shapes of the flowers in the bottles.

  20. Congratulations for sweet B. My daughter has the same price in her class this year and we are so proud to have good kids!!
    Have great summer holidays.

  21. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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  22. That is wonderful, you must be so proud x

  23. Blooming heck B nice one! That really is fantastic, you must have worked super hard. I got a 2-1 a few years ago and that was hard enough! Definitely a good call on the champaign Jooles ;-)

    So forgive me for being really silly but I'm guessing having a Zoology degree does mean you just go and work in Zoo, but I guess it does mean working with animals in some respect. I'm really interested what Sweet B has in mind! x

    1. Hi Nicole

      thank you so much for your lovely message! Sweet B was thrilled x

      No you don't have to work in a zoo, i thought the same a few years ago when she told me! She is hoping to get into conservation of some kind, at the moment she's doing an internship on the preferred habitats of bees ..... that girl and bees, it does make me giggle!

      Congratulations on your degree BTW x
      love Jooles x x x

  24. Big congratulations to Sweet B!
    Your shelf & the flowers on it are lovely :) Such pretty soft colors <3
    Smiles, DianeM

  25. Just a new follower and off for a nosy of your blog :-) - huge congrats to Sweet B x

  26. Congrats to Sweet B!! That little shelf of yours is adorable indeed.

  27. Congratulations!
    I can imagine how proud you must be, happy days :)

  28. Dearest Jooles,

    Oh my goodness! I am beside myself with delight for you and your family. CONGRATULATIONS to your clever, wonderful daughter AND to you all for raising such a fabulous young woman.

    I can imagine how joyful you must be. And so, so proud.


  29. Lovely Jooles what fabulous news, no wonder you are all excited and happy, wonderful! Big celebrations on the way I am sure. I adore your shelf and the gorgeous display of your perfect blooms - so easy on the eye and I bet they small adorable. Have a fabulous week, am sure you will all float through it. Big hugs and loves

  30. Hello! Your shelf looks so pretty and it must be a real joy to look at such a lovely selection of summer blooms. Very big congratulations to Sweet B - what a wonderful and well deserved achievement. You must be an extremely proud family. Have lots of fun celebrating! Much love Victoria xx

  31. Congratulations Sweet B - all your hard work has paid off! My daughter is just going into her 3rd year of her primary teaching degree - She has her dissertation to do this year....

  32. Wow, congratulations to Sweet B, that is a fantastic result! Just love that shelf, thinking of asking my huby to try and make me one!

  33. Amazing, just AMAZING!! Well done to Sweet B, I am so happy for her and for you. Gosh you must be proud! And happy belated birthday to you as well my friend. There has been so much to celebrate for you lately. xxx


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