Sunday, 8 June 2014

Girls day out .....

What a day I had on Thursday
Oh it was such fun!
My dear friend Chrissie and I jetted off to London for the day
it was my 'Birthday Outing'
We've already planned our next trip and declared it our new tradition
(Oh yes!)
Chrissie is a whizz about town and I just did what I was told

Our day started off like this .....

Our train journey went by in a flash
SO much chattering
and a teensy bit of crochet
between mouthfuls of dulce de leche cake

Firstly we headed to The Royal Academy of Arts
Summer Exhibition
I'd never visited before
It was totally fascinating to me
there was every type of art you could imagine
even people sitting on stools with headphones
(well I think that was 'art' but who knows)
some of it I LOVED
most I liked
and some, well ..... just a little bit odd
but I guess that's art for you

Here are some of my favourites .....

We even had Pimms

Chrissie treated me to lunch in a fabulous Japanese restaurant
Look at my bento box
SO delicious and VERY pretty, I feel it should've been in the art exhibition

After lunch and feeling rather stuffed
we headed here .....

Ahhhhhhh .....

They had an Arts & Crafts exhibition running
we'd both been very keen to see it.
It was pretty small
such beauty
and the craftsmanship was astounding
I took lots of photos but they didn't come out very well I'm afraid
(I left my camera at home and used my phone instead)
here's a tiny taster though

I'm in love with the shape of that rose.

I've been lusting after one of these beauties for a Looong time
it became a birthday gift to myself

Thank you my sweet friend for a magical day
I'm already looking forward to the next

This week on Instagram .....

Wishing you all a beautiful new week ahead

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Wow!!! What a perfect day out for you two! Thanks for sharing a bit here... i enjoyed it!
    I love that little jacket in the exhibition, by the way :).
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  2. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you and Chrissie had a wonderful day out together.

  3. Oh that looks looks like the most wonderful day out....PLEASE can I come next time!!!!! I'll be very good and do exactly as I am told!!! S xo

  4. Happy birthday, it looks like you had a wonderful day.

  5. Dear Jooles,

    What a lovely, lovely post! Happy belated birthday to you wonderful lady! And, thanks to you I will be drooling over that scrumptious cake you have shared with us!

    The picture of the three black rabbit heads at the Summer Exhibition reminds me of the last work of art Vanessa from Do You Mind If I Knit? shared with us on her blog over a year ago. Except her rabbits were white.


  6. Happy belated birthday Jooles! Ah Liberty's! What a wonderful place to celebrate... and the Bento's box, I had one of these last Friday! Have a wonderful week x

  7. Happy Birthday and lucky you - that looked like a fantastic day out; I'm very envious! x

  8. That's just THE perfect birthday treat of a day! Oh, and I want to come next time too :-) Especially if there is more of that deeelicious looking cake!
    Happy new week,

  9. What a lovely day out and filled with so many beautiful things. Belated Birthday wishes.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! What an amazing day out :)
    The rose that you like is a Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose - very iconic. He was a famous Glaswegian artist. Worth a google. I love the Rennie Mackintosh Rose, in fact I had it on my first wedding stationery! We got divorced though (its all fine and years ago dont worry) so that kind of spoilt the rose for e because I do love the shape.

  11. What a lovely day out! And that cake looks amazing! I too had a birthday this week. Strange how a few of the bloggers I like to follow have all had birthdays ths week or very recently!!

  12. What a fab birthday and so nice to share it with such a lovely friend. I love the look of the exhibition at Liberty - I just know that if I walked through those doors though I would have to leave my purse at home! Jane xxx

  13. sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday.............and the icing on the cake was the visit to Liberty

  14. It sounds like a perfect birthday treat day out with a friend!! What a wonderful time you had. The cape that is all embroidered is my favourite thing that you showed from the exhibition, but gosh, that birthday cake looks fabulous!!!! Happy Birthday to you Jooles!! xx

  15. I think we've started the perfect tradition! I had such a fabulous day, there is nothing like shopping at Liberty with YOU! Mark the calendar for six months' time, I won't mind aging if I have days like this to look forward to... ;-) Cxxx

  16. Happy birthday Jooles ... it looked like the best day out ... Bee xx

  17. It looks like you had the most perfect day out, such loveliness in one post :0) Hope you have a lovely birthday that involves lots of cake!! xxx

  18. Oh Happy Birthday Jooles! Looks like a fab day out was had. I'd love a day out in London doing what I want. It's usually with the Bears and involves museums all day! A bit boring I whisper!

    Gorgeous pics too.....and the last one with the colourful roses in your Mason Ball Jar.......oh Dreamy Dreamy Dreamy!

    Have a super week lovely


  19. What a wonderful birthday outing you and Chrissie had!! I loved seeing all your photos! What a great day...seeing the RA Summer Exhibition, a special lunch and a visit to Liberty's were the perfect birthday treats I think, and your new sewing basket is soooo pretty!
    Wishing you a Happy belated Birthday, dear Jooles.
    Helen xox

  20. I"m so glad you had such a wonderful birthday outing! Aren't those just the greatest? I adore a day with a girlfriend who shares the same enjoyment of things that I do! :)
    That cake looks AMaziNinG! Yum Yum- Happy Birthday dear Jooles, Happy Birthday to you!

  21. Every little bit of your weekend sounds like fun fun fun. I wish somebody would take me to London for my birthday.


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