Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Birthday Cakes & Flowers

Hello my dear friends

It's been birthday season here
It's been fun
but now I'm quite exhausted!

A beautifully wrapped gift
for Me
 all the way from Australia
from my bestie
A very cute notepad & pen to keep me organised
 ~ My lovely Angie knows me so well

My gift from Mr Sweet .....

isn't he just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
I absolutely ADORE him
I have a little collection of these dear fairies now
four in fact
they are painstakingly handmade
 by the uber~talented and very lovely Samantha Bryan
they're inspired by Victorian Gadgetry and Invention
and are both funny and charming beyond belief
just look at his little podgy bottom

I keep feeling the urge to give it a teeny tiny squish
..... completely irresistible
Mr Sweet blew me away with this little guy

They are quite an investment
but to me, they are priceless
given the choice of expensive jewellery or a dear little fairy
I know my choice in a blink of an eye

I also received .....
some brilliant pink Tweezerman tweezers from my lovely boy
this little Bertie Blue from Sweet B

AND a token for a CAKE of my choice 

From my lovely Mum, I have a Liz Earle facial to look forward to
these are Soooo indulgent
 and the most relaxing thing that I have EVER experienced
Bliss .....

My birthday breakfast
My one and only birthday rule is .....

Cake For Breakfast 

otherwise it's just not birthday ~ Full Stop

You'll all be relieved to know 
(I was ;o)
Mr Sweet bought me a cake this year
A luscious chocolate cake
no photos, but take my word for it
 it was YUM.

I had a quiet birthday ..... 
no complaining here, that's just the way I like them
I feel like a VERY lucky girl indeed

I made Mr Sweet a
Coconut & Lime cake

and my mum an
Almond & Orange Syrup Cake
(both from Rachel Allen's Cake book ..... I'm addicted to it at the mo)

 It has been lots of fun here lately
especially as my Sweet B is home to stay
and that ..... 
makes me heart~explodingly happy
(even though she arrived with more washing than I have EVER seen in my life)

But such is life ..... it has to balance out I guess
and I'm going through my fair share of stressy bits too
it certainly hasn't been all 'Cakes & Flowers' here lately
and to be honest I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed

..... breathe .....

..... of course roses from the garden help .....

Thank you so very very much for visiting me here
and for all of your sweet comments
it's always such a pleasure to read them
and your'e so kind to take the time to write them
I'm sorry if I've not managed to repay the compliment recently
I've been missing popping by to see you 
hopefully life will calm down one day soon
but until then my friends, I may not be a very good return blogger
a BIG sorry in advance

Back Soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Feliz aniversário querida amiga.Saúde e paz.Valéria.(Brasil).

  2. wow what a lovely blog post, full of colours and cakes (yummy) and your little bunting on Mr Sweets cake is just the cutest thing I've seen. Amanda x

  3. Another fairy! I'm so jealous! Didn't Mr Sweet do well this year! ;-) looks like you we're deservedly spoiled...hope life settles down soon, cxxx

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday Jooles, glad you were able to take time out to enjoy it. Love your little fairy, he's so sweet and the roses from your garden are so beautiful - and those yummy cakes!. Have a good week, hope things calm down soon.
    Jane xx

  5. I just love those fairies & like you would much prefer to receive one than an expensive necklace. How lovely your daughter is back for you now. Hope you have a lovely week.

  6. Happy birthday :-) Cake for breakfast on one's special day is a very good idea... I may well adopt that too!
    How lovely to have your daughter home.
    Tracey xxx

  7. Happy belated birthday - what a lucky girl you are, that fairy is just fab and all those yummy cakes...sigh..
    Hope the stressy bits sort themselves out soon, hugs xx

  8. Gosh, it really has been birthday time in your family! All of the cakes look delicious. I love your new fairy! So lovely that Mr Sweet knows exactly what you like. xx

  9. Happy Birthday everyone ;-) They always come at once don't they! Hope life gets a little calmer and less stressful for you xx

  10. Happy Birthdays. Such a cute post. Love all your sweet gifts. Love the sculpture. So adorable. Hope things get less stressful. If it does share your secrets.

  11. So much yummy cake! Glad you have had a good time. The gifts are wonderful- I love Samantha Brian's fairies:)

  12. That fairy is ADORABLE *_* and the cakes look sooo yummy (almond & orange... I could kill for it, haha :D ) Love the great tit, too (what is it made of?)
    Those rose... must be * sniff sniff * ... aahh... pure joy :)
    Big hugs x x

    1. Hello lovely Manu :o)
      the little bluetit is actually made of metal ..... he is very cute!
      love Jooles x x x

  13. Happy Birthday looks like you had a wonderful day, fairies all the way for me too, love the little birdie too
    Clare x

  14. Cakes and flowers and fairies - what a wonderful birthday season you've had.

  15. :) xxxxxx so happy you liked your gift!

  16. Those fairies are so special and original! What a wonderful gift....
    Wish you all the best and take care, love from Mirjam.

  17. So much gorgeousness Jooles ... a really happy read and I especially love your little fairy ... Bee xx


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