Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bedside Posy :: June

My bedside posy for June smells like  H E A V E N
I wish I could send you a sniff or two

Just two things in my little vase
Rose ~ Teasing Georgia
and my next door neighbour's Philadelphus
which dangles over my path 
what a treat!

If you'd like to play along 
I'd  L O V E  that
Please be sure to send me the link to your post though
that way we can enjoy each other posies

Bedside Posy :: May

Thank you so
V E R Y   
much for all of your heartwarming birthday wishes
they were so special
I had a beautiful day

I'll write a little birthday update next week
It's Mr Sweet's tomorrow and my mum's on Saturday
that's a LOT of cakes!

Back Soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. How lovely Jooles, this is the best bedside posy yet. The rose is beautiful and it's the perfect partner to the white Philadelphus that your neighbour has been so kind to share :o) Enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful weekend.
    Jane x

  2. Oh how pretty. Such a beautiful post, and perfect colour combination. Xxx

  3. Your bedside bouquet is lovely Jooles. Happy Birthday to Mr Sweet and your Mum!! xx

  4. So pretty. I love yellow roses, they're my favorite of all.

  5. So cute!
    The Yellow is so tender.
    Miss xx

  6. This must be a lovely way to ensure sweet dreams! I have a blousy pink rose blooming in the garden that I'll put by my bedside later...Cx

  7. Such a pretty yellow! Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

  8. Beautiful posy! Happy Birthday to your husband and mum. xxx

  9. Oh, how pretty that rose is. We no longer have roses in the garden - I suspect I've mentioned that before - and it does make me sad.

  10. Beautiful! I imagine the scent is heavenly, as we have some philadelphus in our front garden that smells divine.

  11. Your bedside posy is beautiful and inspiring. I made one yesterday and put up a photo on my blog ( at the end of the post). Lots of birthdays being celebrated around you. Such fun!

    1. It's so pretty Lorrie, the white rose in GORGEOUS, it feels like such a treat having flowers by your bed doesn't it?
      thanks for joining in :o)
      love Jooles x x x

  12. Happy, happy birthday Jooles, I hope you are having a wonderful time. Your photographs are just divine as they always are. Sorry for not visiting for a while the old day job has been keeping me very busy! Wonderful to read your blog Jooles, always good fun. Big hugs and loves, Dorothyxxxxx

  13. I love your posy Jooles ... the yellow rose is gorgeous ... Bee xx

  14. Hope you had a lovely birthday Jooles .... I can smell the scents from your divine posy here in my crafts room in SA !!!

  15. Such a gorgeous posy, Jooles! I can just imagine that delicious combination of scents! Hope you are having a happy week.
    Helen xox


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